Wednesday, August 12, 2015


Gosh, it's been a long time, hasn't it? I've been (slowly) working on a post to talk about a couple of things that have been happening with me, but I keep putting it off as it's a bit personal and I'm not really one for sharing that sort of thing. I'll keep chipping away at it and see how I go. One thing that happened, though, is that I turned 29! So, I shall share a little of my birthday experience (OK, my presents, mostly as I totally forgot to take photos of anything else) as seen via my Instagram snaps. Above is the outfit I wore out for my birthday lunch. Below are some of my presents from, in order: my mum; my best friend and her husband; my sister and her partner and last, but definitely not least, the very lovely Jane, who has her own super cute blog. (For anyone wondering the Sandy/Rizzo nightie is from Peter Alexander and the X-Files socks are from Foot Cardigan).

Saturday, June 13, 2015

World Doll Day

I'm a little late for World Doll Day (well, it's still World Doll Day here but it's the end of the day) but I wanted to share something for it on my blog. Dolls are one of my biggest passions and I want to share that more often. Life is rarely easy for me but collecting dolls has brought me a lot of joy (and helped me connect with like-minded people, too).

World Doll Day was established in 1986, with the intention of giving a doll to someone else. As I only learnt about the day this past week, I didn't have time to organise giving a doll to anyone, so I just got some of my favourite dolls together and took a group photo. I'd like to do something bigger to celebrate it, next year, though. I'm not sure what, yet, but I do have 12 months to think of something!

So, happy World Doll Day to all the doll lovers out there. And to those who don't collect but support those who do, thank-you. Here's to many dolly adventures in our future!

Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Library/Doll Room Tour

Hey, everyone! I finally have the room tour video of my library/doll room up. I've been meaning to film this since I posted my bedroom tour, last December, and now it's finally done. Huzzah! I hope you enjoy seeing this glimpse into my second favourite room. I'm hoping to do some more videos soon, if I can think of ideas.