Saturday, July 11, 2009

Australian Pin Up Girls

The other day, I mentioned I was really excited about watching Paper Dolls: Australian Pin Up Girls of WWII and, after watching it, I certainly wasn't disappointed! It was lovely and actually quite touching. Some of the women who had been pin up girls were interviewed, there was a lot of original footage, both of the girls and actual war footage, as well as still images. One of the women interviewed was still clearly very upset when talking about how the battalion she had been in correspondence with basically didn't survive the war. She said she wasn't a 'very good mascot' for them. Although some parts were a bit upsetting, it was so lovely to see this kind of history of my own country for a change.

As it seems virtually impossible to find images on Ye Olde Internets of Australian pin up girls of the time, I did a little bit of screencapping. (You can see more images in this set on my flickr - I don't usually upload so many things at once on there but, well, these were all too lovely!)

I'm itching to get my hands on some of those magazines, now. I hope these are enjoyed! And if anyone gets the chance to watch it, do!

In other news, I have been longing for some saddle shoes for ever so long. Alas, they are not to be found in old South Australia and, when I have seen them (at rock and roll festivals) they are made of leather and I boycotted leather shoes a while ago, now. So, when I found these online I thought they were perfect! Unfortunately, they don't ship outside of the United States. Woe! And so, my search continues! But I can still look at the picture and dream about them, can't I?

Lastly, I leave you with another image of yours truly, taken yesterday before afternoon tea with Mumsy, Dad and his lady, Babs.

This is one of my favourite coats - I got it from Target last year. My dad thought it was actually vintage. I think this kind of red is perfect for a gloomy winter day.

Andi B. Goode


  1. Have heard on the grapevine that

    will be doing saddle shoes. xx

  2. Miss Matilda - Thanks for that. I shall keep an eye out! =]

  3. Loving the coat! I debated buying that last year! It does look rather vintage-y.

  4. What is your shoe size? I can look at Payless here, if you like, and look at shipping size.

    -Amelia (sevenblades on LJ)

  5. Check out, they have saddle shoes and ship outside the us! i bought my pair from there, comfy!

  6. Thanks for posting about those fabulous pin-ups. I've said it before, but I really like your style. That coat is really especially lovely! Great post all around!

  7. You look so lovely!
    I hope you find your saddle shoes soon... they are some of the funnest shoes to wear :)

  8. i love that shoes! =)
    simply pretty! =D

  9. Those are swell pictures!!


  10. Sonya: Thanks. Yeah, I was looking for a red coat for the longest time and then I found that one!
    Amelia: Oh, neat. I have to check (shoe sizes are different here) - I'll let you know on LJ. =] Thanks.
    Betty Lou: Thanks! I'll take a look. =]
    Land Girl: I'm glad you enjoyed it! Thank-you =]
    Aya: Thanks! =D I hope I find some soon, too.
    Velo: Thank-you =]
    Syd: Thanks! Glad you enjoyed them =]

  11. i'm buying you those shoes.
    give me your size, and i'll buy them once i get my check in and mail you a big box of awesome.

  12. your coat is so adorable :) and i watched that doco too, certainly was an eye opener about parts of Australian history !

  13. Bethany: You're amazing!! Thank-you!!
    Pigtails: Thank-you! Yes, it was, wasn't it?

  14. Ohh, I'm going to have to look for that video! Lovely blog, I'm going to add you to my blog roll!

  15. So glad you've started a blog blossom!

  16. I have forever been longing for a pair of flat black & white gangster spats (like Audrey wears in Twin Peaks.. that character has to answer for a lot of my fashion cravings).

    They are elusive althouh the high-heeled version sits in every shop window as if to taunt me ;-)

    Good luck on your hunt!

  17. Glamoursurf: I hope you can find it! Oh my, thank-you =D
    Gabrielle: Thank-you! =]
    Shallow Mallow: Thanks. Good luck on yours, also!

  18. ah, I had the exact same problem with saddle shoes... hehe. I ended up finding a pair on ebay and got them for only around $40! I was sooo stoked. They do have some on there now but they are much more expensive, i got a bargain :)


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