Friday, July 24, 2009

I think it suits you!

I just adore women’s suits from the 1930s and 1940s. I remember watching On the Avenue not too long ago and almost weeping from sheer want of the gorgeous suits in that film. Alas, I cannot find any images from that film but I do have some pictures of other lovely suits for you all to look at.

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These two images are from Gosford Park. The costumes in this film are absolutely gorgeous and actually what I enjoy most about the film. These two images are, if I recall correctly, from a scene when all the ladies are sitting around before a day of riding or possibly waiting inside whilst the men are out riding!

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This is the beautiful Lolita Haze in a suit she made (her blog is Vintage Starlet - if you aren't reading it, you should be). I think this was one of the first times I really took notice of suits and realised that I absolutely love them - especially in fabrics like this. I think it's because this kind of colour, especially in a suit, makes me think of tweed.

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Photo on the left from The Library of Congress, not entirely sure where I got the image on the right. Oops!

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Photo on the left from scanned from The Sketch, photo on the right scanned from a True Romance magazine.

#1: Classic 50s ladies suit from tammym1972 #2 1950s tweed suit from purevintageclothing #3 1940s-1950s women's suit from glamorousvintage #4 1940s black skirt suit from vintageveronica

I suppose I really oughtn't start talking about suits and not at least mention Coco Chanel! And mention is all I shall do because many a better informed person has written about her before me but what an amazing and influential woman! (Queens of Vintage have had a few articles about her, of late - my favourite is the top 10 iconic designs).

So many lovely suits! And now, by golly, I have my very own! This absolutely gorgeous suit was made for me by my wonderful mother. She used one of Simplicity's Retro Patterns (3688) which you can find here.

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Hat: Vintage, 1970s, Exclusive Vintage Clothing
Faux pearls: Hero Vintage
Top: Deborah K
Suit: Made by mum!
Stockings: Love Kylie
Shoes: Big W, these are the ones I bought the other day.

My friend, Cally, said I looked like Carmen Sandiego - she said it was the hat. I do like to make characters up for my outfits but I couldn't really decide on one for this. Maybe a reporter or a detective - something fun and romantic like that! I'm so happy with my suit. Huzzah! I think they're a winter must-have for any vintage wardrobe.

Andi B. Goode

P.S. Forgive the terrible 'punny' title.


  1. Ooo, I like this!!

    I'm going to a vintage fair in Brisbane next week, and I totally thought of you when I heard about it. :D

  2. Talented mother xxx she's very clever, you lucky gal!!

  3. I love Gosford Park, they never look bad in that movie!

    I have one suit, from the late 40's i guess with 2 matching skirts. but they're a bit too small for me so i only use the jacket. This is how it looks:

  4. Sonya: Thank-you! =D Aw, I'm glad you thought of me. Have fun at the fair!
    Miss Matilda: Thanks - she is indeed!
    Betty Lou: They really don't!
    Oh, I love your suit. It's a pity the skirts don't fit properly but the jacket's still lovely!

  5. Oh, you found some gorgeous ones there!
    I am a real sucker for 40s suits, especially since watching the Notebook. The red 40s style suit the main lady wears in that is my favourite. (There is a picture in this post:

  6. Shallow Mallow: Thanks. =] Oh my, the red suit is lovely!

  7. Love the ladylike suit- and the stockings! You look wonderful! Great suit post. My grandmother was married in a pink suit in her living room, her waist was as big as my ankle I think.

  8. Oh, my goodness so much eye candy! I just love vintage suits from the 40s, they are just classy and stylish. I always long for one when I watch old movies and see some of the beautiful ones that the actresses are wearing and it makes me want some of my own.

  9. What a beautiful and inspiring post!!
    I love 30s/40s suits as well... and all of these are perfect. I also love Dolores Haze, she is so amazing!

  10. Lemondrop Marie: Aw, thank-you! Oh, wow, that sounds wonderful.
    Lizzy: I'm glad you enjoyed it. And I know what you mean! My biggest wish is to go on a shopping spree through classic cinema. ;]
    Aya: Thank-you - I'm glad you liked it! =D And, yes, Miss Haze is just wonderful!

  11. What a splendid post, I'm positively wild for vintage suits (and skirt suits in general), too. I don't always have the best luck finding dresses that fit my figure (petite but curvy), yet can often find a lovely skirt suit (or skirt and smart looking blazer) that do work (or work with minimal tailoring). I would adore finding a vintage suit that fit me, but in the meantime will happily make due with modern, vintage looking pieces.

    Again, a marvelous post, I enjoyed all the photos soooo much!

    Wishing you a gorgeous week, my dear!
    ♥ Jessica

  12. I think women should be more willing to mix and match colors with their skirt suits!

  13. Your mom rocks! I love your suit, the style really does suit you! haha

  14. Jessica: Thank-you, darling. I'm glad you enjoyed it!
    Darrah: Well, yes, I like to do that. =]
    Reilly: Hee, thank-you! =D

  15. Awww thanks for the little mention! Yoiu are so kind. And there is nothing wrong with Carmen San Diego! LOL. I loved that show! And the game.

  16. You're very welcome, Lolita! =D I've never played Carmen San Diego but I bet I'd enjoy it. Haha.


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