Wednesday, July 15, 2009

My name is Andi and I'm a shopaholic

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I know boater hats have been quite a popular trend (well, they seem to have been, anyway) and I’ve looked at all these pictures of girls wearing them on wardrobe_remix and I’ve thought ‘Golly, aren’t they cute? But boater hats…are they for me?’ Then I was flipping through an old issue of The Sketch that I have floating about and I saw this fashion spread in which some of the ladies are wearing boaters (pictured above)! That was the moment I knew I must have one. I never thought my search, as it were, would be as easy as it was, though! Sunday, Mum and I made an impromptu visit to the Fisherman’s Wharf Markets at Port Adelaide and one of the first things I set my eyes upon was a Boater Hat! The night before, I had ordered a bracelet from etsy and promised myself it would be my last purchase for a time. Of course, this was not to be - not only did I buy the boater hat on Sunday, I bought other things yesterday, as well!

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Boater hat from Fisherman's Wharf Markets, 15$; vintage look lace-up oxford heels from Big W, 20$; my favourite shoes in the entire world from Big W, 11$; vintage look peasant top from Big W, 20$; a whole bunch of great CDs from Salvo's for 2$ each; pink glass urn type thing from Fisherman's Wharf Markets, 4$; strawberry vase from Salvo's, 3$.

I have the perfect skirt to wear with the peasant top - Mum and I just converted a dress I picked up at Goodwill a few months ago into a very cute skirt! I'll have pictures soon. And I plan on wearing the oxford heels (they're 4 inches, by the way, which I was going to say makes me a little bit taller than the average Australian woman but, according to google, I'm already average height!! I always thought I was a shorty at 5'3"/160cm but, then again, google could always be wrong. I hope it is - I liked thinking I was shorter than average) with a suit Mum has made for me.

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My outfit from yesterday-
Blouse: op-shopped
Vest: op-shopped, this is actually part of a twin-set
Trousers: Target.
Wing-tips: a shop I can't remember the name of in Brunswick Street.

I'm usually not the kind of girl who likes to wear trousers - I adore them on other women but I always feel like I've stepped out of the house wearing my pyjamas when I've got them on! However, every now and then I'm in a trousers kind of mood and yesterday was just one of those days for me.

Also, a lovely lady - from Melbourne - I met through Queens of Vintage has just started up a blog: A Stitch in Time (Or...This Vintage Life) which I'm very excited about!

Andi B. Goode


  1. I love love love those brown brogues, I have some green ones just like that! x x

  2. Tam: Oh, awesome. I bet they're great in green.

  3. I feel weird in trousers too. you wear them nicely!

  4. You picked up some great stuff. The shoes and the boater are my favourites! I've also told myself I'm not allowed to spend any money for a while but etsy is so hard to resist..

  5. LOL! I know what you mean about telling yourself enough is enough. Yeah! that never works when it comes to Vintage! I can totally relate!


  6. Lo: Thanks!
    Hannah: Thank-you. Oh, yes, etsy is just too hard to resist sometimes!
    Syd: It's good to know it's not just me! =D

  7. Such incredible finds, Andi dear! No one could blame you for a moment for taking those treasures home! :)

    Wishing you a splendid day, honey!
    ♥ Jessica

  8. i like your shoes. are they a pair of oxford shoes?

  9. i'm jealous of your oxfords/brogues! you're going to look super cute in a boater

  10. gosh, i just love your blog :D! i looove those caramel oxford-y type shoes. and your hair here is DARLING! i've seen you on flickr before and i'm so glad you have a blog now :D!

  11. Hi Andi, I have tagged you on my blog for a small award, hope your having a great day

  12. Jessica: Thank-you, love. =]
    Zefa: The ones I'm wearing? They're wing-tips which are a type of oxford shoes, also known as brogues in the UK (so the internet informs me).
    Bethany: Hehe. Thanks, doll! =D
    Rosina: Oh my - thank-you! =D

  13. love the pants!

    i'm 161-162 cm and in sweden i'm under average because it's 165 :(

  14. Betty Lou: Thanks! =]
    Hee, well, my mum always says 'good things come in small packages'. I thought that's about what it was here, too - I think the internet might be wrong! ;]

  15. I love your outfit!!! :)

    Boaters have been something I've been keeping an eye out for. I've seen some lovely ones only (Etsy and such), but am hesitant to buy one without trying it on. Hats can be such finicky things!

  16. Congrats on the boater hat! Especially during the early Spring, they were hard to obtain and expensive to boot! I really enjoy mine, but I actually prefer the woman's boaters better... but they seem hard to find? I guess I just feel my boater swallows my head a little.

    Can't wait to see you wearing your new finds :)

  17. the perfect boater and brown oxfords!

  18. Great purchases! I've been seeing a lot of boaters around lately too and now I also have a hankering for one- I hope I can find one as easily as you!

  19. hello darling girl...
    your blog is looking wonderful & big thanks for the mention of mine... i've sent you a correspondance through QoV so i hope you're still interested in getting on board as adelaide correspondant!
    x a

  20. Casey: Thank-you! =D Oh, yes, I agree - I like to try things on first, too!
    Aya: Thank-you. =] Ah, yes, I understand what you mean about 'swallowing your head' - they certainly are big hats.
    Marcine: =D Thank-you. I love them.
    Laura: Thanks! I hope you can find one easily, too.
    Analiebe: Thanks, dear! I have limited internet access until tomorrow so I will be getting back to you, then. Sorry for the delay!


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