Sunday, July 19, 2009

Rocking at Hogwarts

On Saturday night my mother and I went to see Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince. I, of course, saw it as an opportunity to dress up (to tell the truth I see most things as opportunities to get dressed up!) and decided my outfit needed a Harry Potter flavour to it. I had also just re-watched The Delinquents (I plan on making a post about the fashion of this film sometime soon so keep your eyes open!) and was feeling in a rather rock and roll mood. Thus, my Rock and Roll Slytherin look was born! (Although, I have a feeling rock and roll isn’t a particularly Slytherin kind of music - I've a feeling they would go for something more 'refined' - but my wardrobe seemed to accomodate a Slytherin look better than any of the other houses.)

{Click to Enlarge}

Cat-eye glasses: a costume shop in New Jersey
Cardigan: Myer
Belt: op-shopped
Dress: made by mum
Petticoat: vintage, Dress-Ups on Unley Road
Stockings: Leg Avenue
Shoes: Big W
Brooch: Over the Moon Antiques
Bracelet: I can’t remember where I got this from but it’s a snake, which is why I wore it.

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Just me being a little bit silly. I couldn't resist!

I wish Narcissa Malfoy had had more screen time – she is a lady who has great style, in my opinion. To tell the truth, most of the Slytherins have fabulous style. It’s strange that, in contemporary cinema or television at least, the ‘baddies’ seem to have far more style and flair than the ‘good guys’. There was definitely a bit of a vintage feel to Narcissa's costume but I find, as with most fantasy despite the era in which it is set, a lot of Harry Potter costumes have an old-timey quality to them.

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I must say that I love her coat and her hairstyle has a slight vintage feel to it, as well, I think.

I was going to say that I haven't the time at present to catch up with all of the things that need to be caught up with but that's not quite true - time, I have, but download limit I do not. It's nearing the end of the billing month but my download limit is practically gone and, as I get charged per megabyte over the limit, I daren't look at anything much at present! So, in a few days, I shall have an awful lot of catching up to do! I hope this post finds everyone in good health and I shall be back when my download limit is renewed.

Andi B. Goode


  1. You're looking good.. for a dirty Slytherin! ;-)

  2. Did you like the movie? I did-
    Good job with old Cissy's look montage there! She did have some vintage style. I was surprised at her hair, the books make a big deal about how blonde she is (in contrast to Bella)
    I love Helena B Carter who played Bella, she is great in all of her scary roles!
    Like your post!

  3. i wanna see it!!! but have to wait until sometime in august when i'm back in stockholm, the movietheatre here in pajala is closed for the summer...

    i too always take every opportunity to dress up, last week i was rockin at the car-bingo night :D

  4. You look absolutely gorgeous! Andi dear, this quote sums up how I feel so often too, "to tell the truth I see most things as opportunities to get dressed up!"

    Life is too short not to dress up for anything that brings up joy!

    Have a splendid week, honey!
    ♥ Jessica

  5. i really love your outfit for harry potter. i wanted to go to the midnight one and dress up but ah, next time for sure.

  6. Oh you look perfect! You'd fit right in at Hogwarts, I think :) And I didn't realize it when I saw the movie but I agree, Narcissa has such great vintage style!

    P.S. I'm hosting a WeLoveColors tights giveaway on my blog if you fancy such things!

  7. Your outfit looks so nice! :)

    I went to see Harry Potter on Friday with some friends and I thought it was really good! :D

    Hope you enjoyed it!

    Love Kirsty .x.

  8. You look great! I loved Potter, migt have to go see it again with my mum soon!

  9. I love it--"rock and roll Slytherin"! :D

  10. hello! i just found your blog and i just love your style! this outfit is so perfectly appropriate for your trips to the movies! i love it! ;)

  11. Megan: Thank-you! =]
    Shallow Mallow: Hahaha, thanks ;]
    Marie: I did enjoy it! Yeah, I love Helena B Carter, too. She's always great. I just have a bit of a thing against Bellatrix because she killed my favourite character, Sirius. ;] And thank-you.
    Jill: Thanks.
    Betty: Oh, that's a pity. =[ Car bingo? Like the Jens Lekman song?
    Jessica: Thanks, doll!
    Bethany: Thanks! Yeah, I want to go to the midnight one, next time. I wish we could go together!
    Mars: Hee, thank-you! =D
    Kirsty: Aw, thank-you. =D I did enjoy it! I'm glad you did, too.
    Fleur: Thanks. =] Seeing it again sounds like a grand idea!
    Casey: Thank-you! =D
    calivintage: Thank-you. =]


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