Wednesday, July 22, 2009

School days, school days (Outfit post)

On Monday I bade farewell to the holidays as I saw myself back at TAFE for the first day of my final semester. It’s all a bit daunting, really, but it didn’t stop me from putting on a lovely frock! I had planned on wearing the suit Mum made for me but it was such a lovely sunny day I decided to wear this dress, instead.

{Click to Enlarge}

Glasses: 2$ Shop
Faux pearls: Hero Vintage
Dress: 1940s linen day dress, Dress-Ups on Unley
Shoes: Shoe Shed

In the photo on the left I am ever-so-cleverly covering up the loveliest detail on the pockets of my dress but here's a close-up of (one of) the gorgeous pockets.

{Click to Enlarge}

Now, this is one of those dresses that are a little tricky to get off – I find that tends to be the case with dresses that zip up on the side. I remember mentioning how those kinds of dresses are so difficult to take off to Gale who runs Red Ruby Vintage, one day, and she gave me a little tip, which makes it easier to get out of them. Basically, she told me to bend over as though I was diving into a pool and pull the dress off over my head that way. So, whenever I find myself a little bit stuck in a dress that’s what I do! I make sure that I pull it up so that it’s under my arms before I ‘assume the dive position’ and then I ease it off over my head that way. I have to be gentler with some dresses than others, depending on their condition.

Hopefully that was helpful (and actually made sense) but I have a feeling I’m just an awkward silly billy who never thought of the most logical way to get out of a tricky dress!

I would also like to take the time to thank both
the lovely Rosina Lee and the also lovely Jessica of Chronically Vintage for passing on the Badge of Honour and Kreativ Blogger Award to me, respectively. I didn't foresee the internet problems I would be having so, as it stands, I haven't the time to pass these on myself. Hopefully I will be able to soon, if not I am happy just to say thank-you and to urge anyone who isn't read either of those blogs to do so! From tomorrow, my internet should be sorted and I shall be able to catch up on everyone else's blogs from the past few days. Hurrah!

Andi B. Goode


  1. You look lovely! I too have often found myself wrestling with a side-zippered vintage dress (the worst is when I'm at a vintage shop, in a teeny-tiny dressing room without much room for my acrobatics! lol). Like you, I have found the best way is the "dive position". hehe! Although I have been doing a lot of side zippers lately on my own sewing--but I'm sure to make them extra long (so the dresses can be taken off! Oh, the novelty!). ;)

    p.s. I featured you in a style inspiration post I did today... ;)

  2. Yes you're right 'dip and wriggle' is the only way to get out of some dresses. Lovely pocket details.

  3. Lovely blog! (I stumbled across it a while ago, but finally commenting)
    I just love the dress. 1940s styles are just the greatest, and the detail on the pockets just makes it even cuter!

  4. beautiful outfit! love your hair also

  5. I LOVE the detailing on that dress. Amazing!
    I'd also nominated you for the Kreativ Blogger award, but I see that other people have already recognized your awesomeness. I look forward to seeing your seven things. I hope the Internet problem gets sorted out soon (how annoying that must be)!

  6. ooh, dress envy! I definitely have some vintage dresses that involve complicated maneuvers to get on and off, and I agree with Casey's comment above, that it is absolutely horrible when you find that the very delicate dress you are trying on will not come off and you have to hop around silently in embarrassed anguish in the dressing room.

  7. That's a handy trick to know! I have felt stuck before too. I'll remember to DIVE!

  8. Rosina: Thank-you.
    Casey: Thanks, hun. Oh, gosh, yes - those tiny dressing rooms can be a nightmare! I actually got stuck in a dress once at a festival - so I was in the loos - because the zip was broken! It took about four people to get me out of it. Luckily, I found the whole situation hillarious. And thank-you for putting me in the inspiration post! That was so lovely.
    Miss Rayne: 'Dip and wiggle'! That's the perfect description.
    avintagespirit: Oh, thank-you! =D 40s dresses really are grand.
    Miss Matilda: Why, thank-you! =D
    Catherine: Hehe, thanks! =D Yes, I should be getting around to doing it soon.
    40sfemme: Oh, yes, I know that feeling! Sometimes I feel almost on the verge of hysterical laughter when I picture how silly I must look.
    Marie: I'm glad it was helpful!

  9. Struggling quietly in changing rooms getting to the point where you consider asking for help as soon as there is no way you'll ever see the sun again other than through fabric..

    My breasts aren't even very large at all, but hell they DO get in the way..

  10. Such a sweetly wonderful frock! The cut looks so beautiful on you.

    I love that helpful tip, thank you, it made perfect sense to me, and I can definitely foresee myself putting it to good use (both with modern and vintage dresses). So useful and clever!

    Thank you very much for your lovely comment, sweet heart. I really hope you're having a splendid week.

    Big hugs!
    ♥ Jessica

  11. Shallow Mallow: Oh, yes, I know what you mean!
    Stéphanie: Thank-you!
    Jessica: Thanks, hun! And I'm glad it was a useful tip for you. =D

  12. I really love your dress :)


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