Saturday, July 4, 2009

Shopping Day with Dad

Yesterday my dad and I had a ‘daddy-daughter’ day – we had lunch at the 24 Hour Bakery on O’Connell St, which was nice (I had a gourmet vegetarian pasty and a blueberry Danish) and, as often happens when we have these days, he bought me a few lovely things! I suppose he does rather spoil me but it’s nice.

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#1 – I think this is a 1960s dress; I got it from the closing down sale of Gymnasium Vintage for only 10$. The tag inside reads: Fashioned by Gina of Melbourne.
#2 – This is possibly the best bargain I’ve ever got – it was only 2$ from the Gymnasium closing down sale. 2$!! It’s a 1960s dress, too, and I’m not usually too into the 60s but it’s gorgeous, in perfect condition, fits me like a dream and was such a bargain that I’m willing to make an exception! The tag inside reads A Stanley's of Melbourne Creation
#3 – Not too sure about this. I’d say it’s no older than the 1970s but I thought it had a bit of a 1930s feel to it. 5$, Gymnasium
#4 – 1950s bathing suit, Red Ruby Vintage, 48$. I’ve wanted a vintage (or vintage styled) bathing suit for ages so, when I saw this, I knew I had to get it. It is absolutely gorgeous – looking at it makes me salivate just a little bit. The tag inside reads: Ada of California
#5 – 1960s two-piece bathing suit, Gymnasium, 5$. Just after I picked up the other bathing suit at Red Ruby, I found this at Gymnasium! I don’t usually like purple, and was thinking of getting this to possibly pass it along to someone else, but once I tried it on I knew I couldn’t part with it. I wish it were summer!
#6 – Sun hat, Salvo’s, 5$. Isn’t this hat gorgeous? I’d been looking for one this style and size but in plain black for a while – I still want a plain black one but the polka dots are so lovely and fresh. I have a white dress with black polka dots that I think this will look lovely with. Again, I wish it were summer!

My outfit for the day:
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Cardigan – Myer
Blouse – op-shopped
Earrings – Good Will
Faux cameo – Gilles Street Markets
Skirt – Part of a suit made by my wonderful mum. The jacket is still in progress but I couldn’t wait to try the skirt out!
Stockings – op-shopped
Shoes – Shoe Shed

When I went into Red Ruby Gale, the lady who owns the store, told me I looked like I’d just stepped out of the 1940s! That made me very happy, indeed. I love going in there - not only are all of the clothes beautiful, but it’s lovely to have a chat! The lady at Gymnasium commented on my hair, as did a fellow customer. I love compliments but I always get a tad embarrassed. I hope I accept them graciously, though!

Thank-you to those who commented on my post, yesterday!

Andi B. Goode


  1. That skirt looks awesome! I can't wait to see the jacket that goes along with it, I wish I had a mum who knew how to sew like that! :(!!

    I really like the $2 60s dress too, lovely colour and what a bargain. I'm sure you'll rock it.

  2. It's great having a mum who can sew - she's going to teach me, as well!

    Thanks! I sure hope I do. Hehe. =D

  3. Aw, my dad and I used to do the same thing too back when I was in high school. We'd go to a book store practically every weekend and he'd basically buy me any book or magazine I could come up with some sort of justification for (which was pretty much every thing I laid my hands on). We also used to go to Goodwill, and I'd look for vintage dresses while he picked up pretty much the exact same polo shirt every time. It's so awesome that your dad supports your vintage clothing love!

  4. You look gorgeous! And all of these finds, wow!!! What an amazing find day :D

  5. You always find the best clothes ^_^
    I have to ask, do you use those foam hair rolls for your bangs?
    If so, where do you get them? I've wanted to put my hair in victory rolls for ages but can't seem to find the hair rolls.
    Any help would be good :) xx
    Congrats on the new blog too, love it!

  6. Catherine: Hee, that's great! Yeah, both of my parents are really supportive of it.
    Aya: Thank-you! =D Oh, it was indeed a day of wonderful finds!
    Skye: No it's all just my own hair. I tease it a little bit and then basically just roll it around my fingers and pin it. A lot of ladies do use rats, though. I'll try to think of a better way to explain it or find a tutorial for you!
    And thank-you!

  7. What a marvelous sounding day, awwww!

    (BTW, I adore your outfit, I want to mimic that style all autumn and winter long when this dreadfully hot summer is finally over.)

    Oodles of hugs,
    ♥ Jessica

  8. Jessica: It was indeed a marvellous day!
    And thank-you! =D That's a lovely compliment. I'm personally looking forward to summer. x


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