Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Six Little Things

I was tagged by Shallow Mallow for 'Six Little Things That Make Me Happy' (I've just realised now it was 'little' things). And here they are! (If you count the images, there are seven, but I've counted 'Merlin' and 'Being Human' as one under 'TV shows' or 'TV shows which are slightly silly and certainly not realistic but funny things happen in them and there are cute boys - very cute boys in my opinion - too').

I know I'm meant to tag other people but I'm rather awful at that so consider yourself tagged if you are reading this!

A few other things in this rather brief post:

I wrote this little piece on vintage shopping in Adelaide for Queens of Vintage.
The lovely Miriam wrote a little about me on her blog. I was rather chuffed when she asked me if she could on flickr!
And both Chronically Vintage and Letters from the Home Front listed my blog for the Water Cooler Wonders award. How lovely!

My tea shall be getting cold if I don't eat it soon, so I shall leave you all with thanks for the support I've been getting with my blog - I didn't expect it would do this well so soon! And I hope anyone who reads this is well.

Andi B. Goode


  1. Mmmmm... milkshakes. Cherry or hazelnut or just plain chocolate. I want one now :-)

  2. Fun tag! Loved reading your answers! ^_^

  3. What a delightful list of six little things! You've rather inspired me to ponder half a dozen of my own interests and come up with a post some time soon (thanks!).

    Thank you very much for mentioning Chronically Vintage, sweet heart! Your blog (and fashion sense) is stunning!

    Wishing the loveliest of days, honey!
    ♥ Jessica

  4. Shallow Mallow: I always want milkshakes! Haha.
    Aya: Thanks! =D
    Jessica: Aw, thank-you! =D I look forward to seeing yours. =] And you're very welcome.


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