Thursday, August 27, 2009

Country Shirt

Yesterday, in the midst of taking photos for my graduation work, a package arrived containing a shirt I bought from etsy a little while back.

I was super excited to get it and was anxious to wear it - not least because it matches my skirt almost exactly - luckily it was somewhat sunny today so...

It may have been sunny, but I wasn't brave enough to take my cardigan off outside, this morning. Brrr!

Sunglasses - Stall at Rock 'n' Roll Rendezvous; Cardigan - Deborah K; Sheriff Badge unknown toy shop {I thought it'd be a bit of fun to wear this, today, because I felt a bit cowgirl-esque}; Shirt - 1950s, from etsy; Belt - Gift; Skirt - refashioned from vintage (1970s) dress; Stockings - Love Kylie; Shoes - Big W

But I took some photos inside where it was warmer...

I think it's something Wanda Jackson would wear, or maybe even Patsy Cline! I certainly felt like I could be a country singer - although maybe not quite as outlandishly dressed - I need something with some fringing on it for the quintessential Country look. I think I may have to take a look around for some more country/rockabilly inspired vintage threads, now.

Andi B. Goode


  1. Ready for a square dance ????

    Wonderful !

  2. Mademoiselle Coco: I sure am! =D Thanks.

  3. oh awesome!!! you're all geared up and ready for the best ho-down in town!

  4. Love the skirt! And the top does really go well with it ^^

  5. I adore this! I have a couple country skirts, but I need some more rhinestones to make it fully Wanda Jackson!

    -Amelia (sevenblades)

  6. That is gorgeous. I thought it was a dress with that skirt! Now that is brilliant luck to get something that matches so well.

  7. Meaghan Kelly: Thanks. Hehe, I sure am! =D
    Jamie: Thank-you =D
    Amelia: Ah, yes, rhinestones! Another country essential. Hehe.
    Angel: Thanks. I know! I was very excited. =]

  8. I love it! That colour is so great on you!

  9. Looking great! :) I went through the photos and was thinking "Wanda Jackson", before even reading the text...

  10. Frances: Thank-you =]
    Una: Hurrah! Thank-you. I'm so glad you thought that. =D

  11. Absolutely wonderful shirt, sweetie! It reminds me of the amazing costumes women wear at an annual square dancing contest that's held each summer in the town I grew up in.

    Thank you sweetly for all of your wonderful comments, it is always a total joy to hear from you!

    Huge hugs & jubilant weekend wishes!
    ♥ Jessica

  12. Jessica: Aw, thank-you! =D The same goes for you - your comments brighten my day. =D

  13. What a fun outfit! I especially love the addition of the sheriff pin on the sweater. I love little amusing touches such as this.

    Thanks doll,
    The Glamorous Housewife

  14. The Glamorous Housewife: Thanks! I'm glad you appreciated the sheriff's badge. =D


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