Monday, August 10, 2009

A Musical Interlude

So, I'm super chuffed to have been named Blogger of the week by Aya of Strawberry Koi Vintage. Thank-you ever so - it's, well, a bit of an honour, really! Not least because I absolutely adore Aya's blog - she's certainly a great inspiration to me!

Today I bought a bunch of CDs for 2$ each, one of which was the music of Louis Prima, an astonishing showman, I must say! And the music - it's all full of this wonderful energy that's entirely infectious.

I've found a couple if videos for you all (if you're interested, there are a lot more on youtube to be found)

I think this is definitely one of his most famous songs - a medley of
Just a Gigolo and I Ain't Got Nobody

And here he is singing with Keely Smith, with whom he appears to have performed many duets.

Andi B. Goode


  1. I absolutely love Lousi Prima and this style of music! $2 is such a bargain ;)

  2. Such a fun buy! I've never heard of Louis Prima, but this music is so fun!
    Congratulations on being Aya's Blogger of the Week! You deserve it :)

  3. I just love your blog! I'm so happy Aya named you blogger of the week!

  4. I really enjoyed the music! louis prima is now on my list of good music..
    you have a wonderful blog ; )

  5. Oooohhh, how awesomely fantastic that you were Aya's feature blogger of the week. You - and your incredibly lovely vintage style - deserve the spotlight so much!

    Big hugs, sweetie!
    ♥ Jessica

  6. congratulations on being blogger of the week at strawberry koi!

  7. Oh I love Sam Cooke who I think originally did 'Another Saturday night' otherwise known as 'I ain't got nobody' that kind of music is magic!

  8. Frances: He's just fantastic! I agree. =]
    Lizzy: I'm glad you like it! And thank-you =D
    Q's Daydream: Thank-you!! =D
    Line: Glad you enjoyed the music. And thanks! =D
    Jessica: Thanks, darling. =]
    Amanda: Thank-you! =D
    Bucca: Sam Cooke is great (and I love 'Another Saturday Night' - one of my favourite songs) - 'I Ain't Got Nobody' was a different song, though - it was a jazz standard which Louis Prima incorporated with 'I'm Just a Gigolo' to make his medley. =D

  9. I love how deadpan Keely Smith is all the time, just looking at Louis like, 'Oh, please.' Cracks me right up. He's like a puppy trying to get her attention.

    And congrats on blogger of the week!

  10. Nancy: Yeah, they're great together! And thanks =D

  11. I haven't heard of Louis Prima but I'm looking forward to sampling more of his music. I love 40s and 50s music... particularly Cab Calloway. He had such an amazing voice!

  12. Catherine: I'm glad you like him! I love Mr Calloway, too! =D

  13. Yep! Louis Prima is definitely a fave!


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