Monday, September 28, 2009

A Day at the Roller Derby

As I mentioned on my previous post, I spent yesterday at the roller derby. It was a very long day, but a fun one. The Adelaide girls played against both Sydney and Brisbane - and we won both bouts! Huzzah for Adelaide! There were lots of stylin' ladies (and a few snazzy gentlemen, too) but everyone shall just have to take my word for it as I only snapped photos of myself before I left the house (and I'm not brave enough to ask others if I can take their photo).

Outfit details: hair scarf - mum; faux pearls - Hero vintage; cardigan - Cotton On; peasant-style top - op-shopped, Myer; bracelet - etsy; belt - The Way We Wear Fair; skirt - Salvo's; stockings - Love Kylie; shoes - KMart.

I mentioned the other day that I was feeling a little uninspired which seems to happen to quite a few of us and, as one comment mentioned, it’s totally understandable especially when you’re busy with something else like studying. But maybe you could all help me out a little – is there anything you’d like to see more of? Or maybe something you’d like to see that I haven’t done before? Any questions you’d like to ask me, etc.

Andi B. Goode

Sunday, September 27, 2009

Silver Screen Sunday {Pin Up Girl}

For today's Silver Screen Sunday, I'm going to take a little look at the 1944 film, Pin Up Girl. As you can see from the poster, it stars the most beautiful Betty Grable as 'Lorry Jones' a pin-up girl with a penchant for stretching the truth. One comment on calls it 'somewhat entertaining fluff' and, whilst I must agree with that sentiment at least, I do not agree that the costumes are 'ridiculous, distracting and very unflattering'. The costumes are what made this film for me! That and the fact that watching Betty Grable is just a delight in itself. Oh, and did I mention the unearthly amount of fabulous hairstyles?

Whenever I watch this film I get a terrible case of hair envy – I remember screencapping it and staring longingly at all of Betty’s magnificent ‘dos, knowing I’m far too lazy to dedicate the proper amount of time necessary to perfecting some of the styles. Some of them are quite outrageous! Within the first minute there are, at least, six fabulous ‘dos (all of which, literally, have a cherry on top).

And here are some of Betty's styles, which, of course, leave me equally envious.

And some of her fabulous outfits. I don't know what I wouldn't do to have a dress like that first one - isn't it just too lovely?

Betty looks equally as cute in her secretary ‘disguise’. I also wish I’d paid more attention to Martha Raye who plays Lorry's friend Molly - who, sadly, doesn't appear in any of these pictures - when I was doing the screencaps because she’s such a cutie!

This pretty little lace dress reminds me of the dress Betty wears in the first club scene. You can find it here, at Blue Velvet Vintage.

Or stop by this etsy shop and pick yourself up a pair of fab vintage glasses to get Betty's secretary look.

This dress, by Stop Staring, (which I found here at Unique Vintage) is somewhat reminiscent of Betty's green and yellow suit.

And this gorgeous halter kneck dress by Queen of Heartz (found here) makes for a simpler alternative to Betty's full-length gown.

Fancy having a go at Betty's famous updo? The lovely Miss Amanda Lee aka the Jitterbug Doll, did a tutorial for Queens of Vintage, which you can find here.

Her tutorial provided the source of inspiration for my own (far inferior) 'do, today (which I inevitably I only took terrible photos of).
Not too bad for a first attempt, I thought. It was also the first time I used a rat to do the faux bangs (and I am aware that the bobby pins are visible).

I hope that was an enjoyable post for you all! I am very sleepy as I spent most of the day at the Roller Derby (watching, of course) which I shall most likely post about tomorrow.

Andi B. Goode

Saturday, September 26, 2009

Feeling Uninspired

I've been a little bit uninspired in terms of my blog, lately - I think my assignments have sucked all of my energy out of me, but I'm on a two week 'break' so hopefully I'll regain some of what seems to have been lost. So, today, I just thought I'd share with you some of my op-shop finds of the past week or so.

These two 1970s/1980s dresses cost me $2.50 each from a church run op-shop not too far away from my house. I'm not sure if I'm sold on them, yet - what do you all think?

Kodak Brownie Starflash
On the same day, I found this lovely camera for $1.50. Kodak Brownie Starflash Camera. c. 1957-65, made in USA.

These two skirts came from the Salvo's; the one on the left was $5 and the other was $7 or $8. The one on the left has a metal zipper but the tag doesn't seem to be all that old so I'm not sure of when it was made (except it seems to have been made in Italy as the writing on the tag appears to be Italian); the one on the right is probably from the 70s.

And, today, I found this little top (for $1) and this 1980s does 40s/50s dress ($7) from another Salvo's.

I also found these stockings - which appear to never have been worn - for $1!! I was very excited because I never find stockings in op-shops let alone nylons that have never been worn!

Oh, I also signed up to twitter the other week (you can find me here) but I'm still a little bit confused about the whole thing. I'm bound to get used to it sooner or later, though.

I hope everyone has a fab weekend.

Andi B. Goode

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Incident at Martindale Hall

Photo taken by me, earlier this year.

“ … It was 7.10 am on a grey, bleak morning in Mintaro. The wind was howling outside as Inspector Percival Plodd poked at a few dying embers in the hearth, dreading the necessary sprint to the woodheap to collect some firewood. The Mintaro Police Station was a one person affair, and he cursed not having a Constable to send out for the wood. Suddenly, the mood was broken by the shrill ring of the telephone. “Mintaro Police Station and Holding Cells, Inspector Percival Plodd speaking,” he answered. The operator, Maude Ford sighed. Percy was always so formal, even when he knew it would be her. “An urgent call from the Hall, Percy”, she said. Inspector Plodd stiffened and stood up. The Hall, he thought – must be important. “…an Incident ‘as occurred at Martindale ‘all!”, the voice shouted down the line…”

Earlier this year, my parents and I went for a weekend away to Burra because I had expressed an interest in returning to Martindale Hall which is actually in Mintaro but not very far from Burra. Now, Martindale Hall is a gorgeous old house (or, rather, mansion, I suppose!) of the Georgian era, which was used in Peter Weir’s 1975 film, Picnic at Hanging Rock. It also hosts murder mystery nights and, ever since I found this out, I have wanted to go on one! I think I would spend the entire time imagining I was in an episode of Poirot or Marple and would probably be waiting for one or the other to pop up somewhere.

Unfortunately, not only do I not have 9-11 friends (to make up a group of 10-12 people) at all, let alone that many who would be interested, I recall the cost is rather pricey! Alas. I would also be quite spooked about spending a night in such an old house, especially when it makes me think of Picnic at Hanging Rock, which is one of the eeriest films I have ever seen.

But let us put lack of friends, dinero and courage aside – all of these things can’t stop a girl from dreaming, can they? And they sure can’t stop a girl from thinking about what one might wear on such a trip!

I looked around the internet for a while but I think these two gowns from reVamp vintage would be absolutely perfect! Not, perhaps, the most affordable but this is all pure fantasy, anyway.

(Picture removed by author)
The Mercedes Gown by reVamp Vintage.

(Picture removed by author)
The Zelda Gown by reVamp Vintage.

And I think this would be the perfect hairstyle for either of these gowns -

Other murder mystery essentials -

A dark and stormy night, of course, to set the mood

What’s your poison? I doubt many would answer ‘strychnine’ when faced with that question but a murderess could easily slip a bottle like this into her purse and dispose of it once the deed is done! And doesn’t ‘strychnine’ have such a lovely sound when you say it out loud? (I would just like to note that I am clearly not advocating anyone going about bumping people off with strychnine).

A detective, of course. I chose Poirot because he's my favourite vintage detective.

And some mood music, too

If you're in the mood to host your own mystery, there are many companies which make packs, these days - I think the best known is 'How to Host a Murder' by Decipher. A few years ago I hosted 'The Chicago Caper' (you should be able to see a few snaps from the night here - let me know if it's not a public album) and had a blast!

And if even that’s too much for you, but you’re still in the murder mystery mood, brew yourself a pot of tea and curl up with a good whodunnit.

The Moving Finger by Agatha Christie c.1961

Hope everyone enjoyed this post!

Andi B. Goode

P.S. I'm still having a lot of trouble with my internet, which accounts for the sporadic blogging from me of late.

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Silver Screen Sunday {Dirty Dancing}

Today I had planned to look at another film but then, during the week, something very sad happened, which I’m sure you are all ware of: Patrick Swayze passed away. I was incredibly saddened by this new so, instead of the planned Silver Screen Sunday post, today I am looking at one of my all-time favourite movies, Dirty Dancing. The fashions in this film, set in 1963, aren’t any of my particular favourites but I think I can make an exception this one time.

My favourite 'look' in this film is definitely Johnny's - I've always loved that greaser look and Swayze pulled it off so well.

While Baby doesn't have an authentic 1960s look, she does have a few very pretty dresses.

I also think Baby's sister, Lisa, has a really cute look - I like her thick fringe (bangs) and pretty dresses.

This hairstyle definitely doesn’t fit my usual look – and looks far more 80s than 60s – but it’s one that I’ve always loved and it served as the inspiration for when I went to an 80s night at Jive a few months ago:

This is not an environmentally friendly 'do!

If you're reading to do some dirty dancing of your own, I've found a couple of dresses to help you on your way (you're going to have to find your own dreamboat, though):

This dress can be found here on etsy from Small Earth Vintage. I can definitely picture Lisa wearing this.

And this divine dress reminds me a little of the flowy dress Baby wears in the finale. It can be found here on etsy from The Vintage Vortex.

And this is not vintage in any way at all but, well, it sure would be fun to have!

Found here.

Sorry if this is a little brief but this week is the last week of term so I'm a little swamped with assignments. Next week will be back to authentic vintage fashions in film.

Andi B. Goode

Saturday, September 19, 2009

Buddy! The Buddy Holly Story

Last night my friend, Stef, and I went to Her Majesty's Theatre to see Buddy! The Buddy Holly Story. It was positively amazing! It combined two of my all-time favourite things: musical theatre and rock 'n' roll music. Huzzah! The young man, Scott Cameron, who plays Buddy is fantastic - he sounds so much like him and he's a brilliant guitarist, too. He's only 22 as well, which makes him only a year younger than myself though clearly far more accomplished than yours truly. Never mind. It also makes him the same age Buddy Holly was when he passed away, which is a little bit scary in a way.

I'm sure they took a fair bit of artistic licence and I will admit that some of the costumes left something to be desired, in my opinion, but overall it was fab! I also thought the way they handled his death was very good but, as I don't want to 'spoil' anyone who hasn't seen it I shan't say anything.

We had front row seats and a question I have pondered for quite some time was finally answered: can performers see the audience clearly from the stage? The answer was yes, which I found out when I had my programme signed by the bloke who played the bass player, I think, and 'Buddy' himself.

So performers obviously can see the audience quite clearly! I wish I wasn't so shy and had had the courage to ask for a photo with them as some people in front of us in the line did. Oh well - I still had a marvellous time! And, of course, I got dressed up for the occasion:

Outfit details: Cat-eye glasses - a costume store in New Jersey somewhere; faux pearl necklace - Hero Vintage; dress - Antique Market; stockings - vintage nylons, Antique Market; shoes - Rubi Shoes.

Of course I had to wear some glasses - I saw a musical about Buddy Holly! (I'm also wearing the dress I bought a few weeks ago.)

Image found here.

I've been listening to Buddy Holly pretty much all day, today. I shall leave you with one of my favourite songs:

Andi B. Goode

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Cinema Outfit

Last night my friend Jacoba and I went to see Hipsters (Stilyagi) as part of the Russian Resurrection Film Festival. The movie was just fantastic! Super colourful and a little bit silly (but intentionally so, I believe) and the costumes were simply amazing. The girls costumes were great but the boys costumes were just phenomenal! It was about stilyagi, members of a youth culture that existed from the late 1940s until the early 1960s in the USSR.

Don't they all look fabulous?

And here's what I wore:

Outfit details: 1950s blouse - The Way We Wear Fair; red pencil skirt - op-shopped; bracelet - etsy; stockings -; shoes - Rubi Shoes.

And I just found out that I won a giveaway hosted by one of my favourite artists, Sunny Buick!! I can hardly believe it. Her work is amazing - you should all go check it out if you don't know of her already.

Andi B. Goode

Sunday, September 13, 2009

Giveaway Winner

Congratulations to Reilly of Cici Speaks - you won my giveaway! Send me an email at I got my mum to draw the name out of my sailor hat.

Thanks to everyone who entered - I wish I had something for everyone!

Andi B. Goode

MaryDeluxe's Giveaway

Just letting you all know about another giveaway at another fabulous blog - MaryDeluxe of Welcome to DeluxeVille is giving away this gorgeous clock.

Just head on over to this post and comment to enter. I shall be drawing the winner of my giveaway very soon, ie probably later tonight, so keep a lookout.

Andi B. Goode

Silver Screen Sunday {Niagara}

Most people seemed rather keen on the Silver Screen Sunday idea, so it’s back again this week with Henry Hathaway’s 1953 film Niagara.

I love Jean Peters 'good girl' look in this film - she looks very cute and wholesome which, of course, is the point. I found so many wonderful items that I felt this character would have worn but I settled on creating one outfit to share with you.

This cute as pie 1980s does 1950s gingham dress can be found here on etsy. Not only is this dress cute but it looks like it would be super comfy - the perfect vacation dress!

This pink cardigan will keep you nice and warm on the chillier evenings.

I found these shoes on the payless website, but sandshoes like these are super easy to come by - I got mine (which are white) at K-Mart just a couple of weeks ago. Wear them as is or pair them with a cute pair of bobby socks, like Jean does in the film (top left picture of the collage).

Marilyn's blonde bombshell look is a stark contrast to Jean Peters' (which you can see in the middle shot when they are together) but if you're going to conspire to kill your husband, you may as well look fabulous! Her look is all wiggle skirts and strappy stilettos. I just love it - although, it's definitely not as practical on holiday as Jean Peters' look is.

This beautiful reproduction of the dress Marilyn wears in the film can be found at Big Beautiful Barbara Brown - it comes in black or red. I love the sweetheart neckline and the keyhole just under the bust.

I hope you've enjoyed this second Silver Screen Sunday because I'm sure having a lot of fun doing it. It's not quite as detailed as the previous, I think, but that's because I've been having internet trouble, again, so getting things to load is a nightmare!

Andi B. Goode

Saturday, September 12, 2009

Friday Night Dress

Yes, it's another outfit post. I couldn't help myself, though, because I was just so excited when this dress arrived, yesterday, that I had to wear it straight away! So, I did - I wore it out, last night, when I went to dinner with a friend. I think it's just one of the loveliest dresses. I really ought to have taken a close-up of the pattern.

Outfit details: 1950s linen hat - etsy; faux pearls - Hero vintage; 1940s dress & jacket set - etsy; gloves - Salvo's; stockings - Love Kylie; shoes - KMart.

And, this isn't entirely related, but I wanted to share a song with you all that has just captured my heart. I copied it off a CD I borrowed from the library a few months ago but never really listened to it properly, until today, and I've been listening to it on repeat. It's a medley of The Way You Look Tonight and A Fine Romance, both of which were featured in the film Swing Time - I think there's something very touching about this medley.

I hope everyone is having a swell weekend!

Andi B. Goode