Saturday, September 19, 2009

Buddy! The Buddy Holly Story

Last night my friend, Stef, and I went to Her Majesty's Theatre to see Buddy! The Buddy Holly Story. It was positively amazing! It combined two of my all-time favourite things: musical theatre and rock 'n' roll music. Huzzah! The young man, Scott Cameron, who plays Buddy is fantastic - he sounds so much like him and he's a brilliant guitarist, too. He's only 22 as well, which makes him only a year younger than myself though clearly far more accomplished than yours truly. Never mind. It also makes him the same age Buddy Holly was when he passed away, which is a little bit scary in a way.

I'm sure they took a fair bit of artistic licence and I will admit that some of the costumes left something to be desired, in my opinion, but overall it was fab! I also thought the way they handled his death was very good but, as I don't want to 'spoil' anyone who hasn't seen it I shan't say anything.

We had front row seats and a question I have pondered for quite some time was finally answered: can performers see the audience clearly from the stage? The answer was yes, which I found out when I had my programme signed by the bloke who played the bass player, I think, and 'Buddy' himself.

So performers obviously can see the audience quite clearly! I wish I wasn't so shy and had had the courage to ask for a photo with them as some people in front of us in the line did. Oh well - I still had a marvellous time! And, of course, I got dressed up for the occasion:

Outfit details: Cat-eye glasses - a costume store in New Jersey somewhere; faux pearl necklace - Hero Vintage; dress - Antique Market; stockings - vintage nylons, Antique Market; shoes - Rubi Shoes.

Of course I had to wear some glasses - I saw a musical about Buddy Holly! (I'm also wearing the dress I bought a few weeks ago.)

Image found here.

I've been listening to Buddy Holly pretty much all day, today. I shall leave you with one of my favourite songs:

Andi B. Goode


  1. Me and my fella went to see this in London a couple of years ago and had a ball. I agree with what you said about the costumes etc, but it doesn't detract from the show which made us want to dance in the aisles! A fab night out. Plus if you not already obsessed with Buddy before you watch this then you will be afterwards. Now you just have to watch the film 'The Buddy Holly Story' with Gary Busey as Buddy, which is definately one of the best musical biography films ever. Glad you enjoyed it Andi, and you looked fab of course! xxx

  2. I heard briefly about The Buddy Holly Story show. Sounds great!
    I like your outfit, especially the shoes ;) and i really love those stockings with the seam down the back, ive been seeing them more and more.


  3. Yesterday Girl: Oh, yes, for sure. I've listened to Buddy all my life but this has fuelled a bit of an obsession. Hehe. And thanks, doll! =D
    Rose: 'Twas great! Hehe, thanks ;] Oh, I just love seamed stockings! They're the best kind.

  4. I love cat-eye glasses. They look fantastic on you! The only pairs I have are costume, I'm going to need to be on the lookout for a real pair. The sad things is I have a bunch of real 50's/ 60's eye glasses that were my great aunt's but they are all in horrible condition, mostly because she wore them till they broke.

  5. I loved Buddy! too! Such a great musical. And how cool that they saw you in the front row!

  6. That sounds like such fun! How cool that they noticed you too ;) I was on the same plane as the boys on a trip from Perth-Melbourne about 2 months ago, but wasn't game to say anything since I haven't actually seen the show haha

  7. That's the best autograph ever!

  8. Cheri: Thanks! I always worry about the glasses. =] That's a pity about your aunt's, though.
    Andrea: I'm glad you enjoyed it, too!
    Harbourmaster: 'Twas fun! =D Aw, well, it's cool you were on the same plane. hehe.
    Wendy: I was sure happy with it! =D

  9. My uncle owns a few posters from the Winter Dance Party showing Buddy's face as well as the Big Bopper's and Ritchie Valens.

    Also, I was born and raised not too far from where the plane went down. Pretty sure to this day, they still have a Winter Dance Party at the Surf in honor of all the singers that died that night.

  10. When people started playing their records for us on youtube I shed some tears of joy. It's the only way I've ever experienced them!

  11. What an amazing dress, I just adore the cut and cheerful hue. You look so gorgeous honey!

    Thank you so very much for all of your fantastic comments, I always love hearing from you!!!
    ♥ Jessica

  12. Audrey: Oh wow, that's amazing. Thank-you for sharing that story.
    Eyeliah: I know what you mean! Youtube has opened up the possibility for a lot of music that would remain otherwise unknown to be shared and remain alive.
    Jessica: Thanks so much, honey.

  13. what a great night! I don't know HOW you didn't ask "Buddy" for a date. I can never resist those boys with the Buddy Holly specs ;)

  14. Baroness: Hehe, I know what you mean - I'm a sucker for boys with those specs, too. ;]


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