Saturday, September 26, 2009

Feeling Uninspired

I've been a little bit uninspired in terms of my blog, lately - I think my assignments have sucked all of my energy out of me, but I'm on a two week 'break' so hopefully I'll regain some of what seems to have been lost. So, today, I just thought I'd share with you some of my op-shop finds of the past week or so.

These two 1970s/1980s dresses cost me $2.50 each from a church run op-shop not too far away from my house. I'm not sure if I'm sold on them, yet - what do you all think?

Kodak Brownie Starflash
On the same day, I found this lovely camera for $1.50. Kodak Brownie Starflash Camera. c. 1957-65, made in USA.

These two skirts came from the Salvo's; the one on the left was $5 and the other was $7 or $8. The one on the left has a metal zipper but the tag doesn't seem to be all that old so I'm not sure of when it was made (except it seems to have been made in Italy as the writing on the tag appears to be Italian); the one on the right is probably from the 70s.

And, today, I found this little top (for $1) and this 1980s does 40s/50s dress ($7) from another Salvo's.

I also found these stockings - which appear to never have been worn - for $1!! I was very excited because I never find stockings in op-shops let alone nylons that have never been worn!

Oh, I also signed up to twitter the other week (you can find me here) but I'm still a little bit confused about the whole thing. I'm bound to get used to it sooner or later, though.

I hope everyone has a fab weekend.

Andi B. Goode


  1. Im on a 2 week 'break' too, I think I seem to have more work to do in the break than any other time! What are you studying?

    Great op shop finds. My favourites are the pink/red dress and the beige dress!

    Ive stayed away from Twitter, I thought one less computer related thing to consume me the better! I will probably eventually give in to it lol.

    Hope you have a nice weekend too :)


  2. I love the red dress you got! Beautiful shape. And the nylons are a sweet deal.

  3. the red dress in the first set of pictures is great

  4. Rose: I know what you mean about the work.
    Yes, I was going to stay away from Twitter but I gave in. Hehe.
    Antonia: Thanks! =] Yes, I was super excited about the nylons.
    Corinna: Thank-you =D

  5. I particularly like the red dress on you too, very chic.

  6. Yes Target is dangerous for me, I always spot at least one thing I want.
    A friend of mine also studied photography at TAFE a couple of years back! You must be SO excited finishing your degree in only 6 weeks time :) I dont finish mine until mid December.
    Thanks for your comment too :) I forgot to tell you how fantastic the camera you found looks! Can you use it still?


  7. I get like that too about my blog sometimes. But I really think your blog is fantastic and very inspiring!
    I love your finds too

  8. More love for the red dress from me!

  9. The red dress is both a timeless colour and a gorgeous fitting! Hope you enjoy your break!

  10. You have an extremely good idea for a bargain lady! Good shopping, especially the nylons...what a find! x

  11. I get into those uninspired moods every and then, too. It's bound to happen, especially when you're at university!

    Ah, I've only once found unused nylons at that kind of a shop. Two pairs, actually, and in the original Schiaparelli box! Unfortunately they are much too large for me (size 11), but I had to buy them anyway.

  12. harbourmaster: Thanks =]
    Rose: You're welcome. I can't wait 'til I finish!
    Frances: Thanks so much - that means a lot.
    Oranges and Apples: Thanks =]
    Pink Flower: Thanks. And I am enjoying my break =D
    Yesterday Girl: Thanks, doll =]
    Elsie: That's so very true.
    Wow! That's still a great find - I love the boxes stockings came in, anyway, as objects on their own.


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