Thursday, September 3, 2009

New Dress, New Hats

On Monday I had a long (read: 5 hour) break between classes so I decided to toddle off to the Antique Market and see if I could find anything interesting. In the past, I haven't often found anything in the way of clothes that interests me and I thought that this would be another one of those occassions. That is, of course, until I found this:

(Please excuse the chair - I was doing some work in the studio, today, and decided to take advantage of the decent lighting and camera and take photos of my dress, the chair was just a bizarre prop I thought I'd use because the pink looks pretty next to the blue).

Isn't it just the prettiest colour?

Outfit details: Hat - etsy; dress - 1950s, Antique Market; gloves - Salvo's; stockings -; shoes - Rubi Shoes.

I also bought a couple of pairs of vintage nylon stockings (one pair in a cute flocked, orange box) and some vintage photos but I forgot to photograph those. Oh well.

These lovely treasures are the hats I won from Vintage Angel's giveaway - they arrived on Monday and I was so excited to get them. I can't say I've ever really won anything before. I was also excited because I've never got anything in the post from Israel before! Thank-you so much to Angel - the hats are gorgeous and I sure love them.

Andi B. Goode


  1. I love the hat, i am looking for a red pillbox one myself!

  2. Oranges and Apples: Thanks! =D Oh, that'd be cute! I'm sure you could find one on etsy.

  3. Thanks for the mention Andi. The hat looks amazing on you x

  4. That dress is fabulous, both the color and the cut- so flattering. I like the little studio setup with the chair for the photos! Came out great!

  5. Marie: Thank-you! =D I'm glad you like the set-up, too.

  6. Oh what a great way to spend a break! The dress is beautiful!! xx

  7. that dress is fantastic! and the hats too! bravo :)

  8. That blue dress is... is... like -er- What I was trying to say...Well - I'm speechless.

    I mean... Wow. I love it, I really do. And I don't even try to speak about the hats!

  9. Oh, heavens, that brownish-hat! I'm jealous!

  10. Dusky Ledoux: It was indeed. Thanks =]
    Poke Salad Annie: Thank-you. =D
    Bettie: Thanks
    Jitterbug doll: Thanks! =D
    Paperdoll: Hehe, thank-you =D
    Margaux: Aw, thanks. =]
    A Cat of Impossible Colour: Aw, thank-you =]

  11. oh the colour of that dress is lovely!

  12. oh my gawd. your 2nd outfit! lovvee!

  13. Helen: Thanks. I think it's ever so pretty!
    sunday mornings: Thank-you! =D
    Marie M: Thank-you. =]

  14. Ah yes, vintage shopping between classes, I definitely do that too (used to be easier when I lived in LA, there was a Goodwill Thrift Store two blocks from my school!)

    Love the style and colour of your dress, fab find.

  15. Leilani: It's great isn't it? It's quite easy for me, luckily (or maybe not luckily? Depends on whether or not you think spending lots of money is good haha).
    Thanks! =D

  16. Howdy, you have such a lovely blog. Im in love with your vintage style :) Especially your gorgeous dresses. Have you tried making your own dress from a vintage pattern before? ive been looking on the net lately and thinking about making my own.


  17. Rose: Thank-you so much. =D I'm not much of a sewer myself but my mum makes things for me, mainly from re-issued vintage patterns, though. =]

  18. Such an deeply gorgeous outfit, it really is a sparklingly fantastic hue, I agree!

    You look so amazing, sweetie! Congrats on your awesome finds!

    Big hugs,
    ♥ Jessica

  19. Jessica: Thank-you so much, love. =D

  20. Great find.! I really like your dressing style. Well, I am too a big fan of vintage trend and your dress is truly awesome.

  21. Love your new hat and dress!! Both are really fabulous!!


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