Sunday, September 20, 2009

Silver Screen Sunday {Dirty Dancing}

Today I had planned to look at another film but then, during the week, something very sad happened, which I’m sure you are all ware of: Patrick Swayze passed away. I was incredibly saddened by this new so, instead of the planned Silver Screen Sunday post, today I am looking at one of my all-time favourite movies, Dirty Dancing. The fashions in this film, set in 1963, aren’t any of my particular favourites but I think I can make an exception this one time.

My favourite 'look' in this film is definitely Johnny's - I've always loved that greaser look and Swayze pulled it off so well.

While Baby doesn't have an authentic 1960s look, she does have a few very pretty dresses.

I also think Baby's sister, Lisa, has a really cute look - I like her thick fringe (bangs) and pretty dresses.

This hairstyle definitely doesn’t fit my usual look – and looks far more 80s than 60s – but it’s one that I’ve always loved and it served as the inspiration for when I went to an 80s night at Jive a few months ago:

This is not an environmentally friendly 'do!

If you're reading to do some dirty dancing of your own, I've found a couple of dresses to help you on your way (you're going to have to find your own dreamboat, though):

This dress can be found here on etsy from Small Earth Vintage. I can definitely picture Lisa wearing this.

And this divine dress reminds me a little of the flowy dress Baby wears in the finale. It can be found here on etsy from The Vintage Vortex.

And this is not vintage in any way at all but, well, it sure would be fun to have!

Found here.

Sorry if this is a little brief but this week is the last week of term so I'm a little swamped with assignments. Next week will be back to authentic vintage fashions in film.

Andi B. Goode


  1. Hey Andi
    Did you watch Dirty Dancing on TV last night? I actually havent seen it before but bought the movie a while go, I must watch it SOON!
    I love that white dress you found, so gorgeous, certainly something I would wear.


  2. Rose: Hey! I saw a little bit of it but I've got it on DVD so I didn't need to ;] hehe It's such a lovely dress. =D

  3. i think they did a really bad job with the hair and some of the clothes. it's soooo 80's! my boyfriend have always thought it was set in the 80's because of how the look.

  4. Betty Lou: I know what you mean - a lot of films in the 80s were like that. =[ But it's still an awesome film. Hehe.

  5. LOVE that white dress and your hair looks fab in that style.
    Patrick Swayze was so hot in Dirty Dancing; I think I need to rewatch this one soon.

  6. Oh, I love Dirty Dancing! I must have seen it over 100 times by now. Great pick :)! So sad to hear about Mr. Swayze though :(

    I love the inspiration you drew from her hair style! Haha. It looks spot-on!

  7. Louise: Thanks! It was a fun way to wear my hair. =D He sure was hot!
    Mars: Me too! =] Hee, thanks. =D
    Land Girl on the Home Front: Thanks, sweets. =]

  8. Such a fantastic, heartfelt tribute to Patrick and DD, honey. Thank you very much for veering into the 60s/80s for this post, you did an awesome job! :)

    Huge hugs & joyful Tuesday wishes,
    ♥ Jessica

  9. Hey! You are correct! When I was looking for a video for the song, wikipedia says it's in Cry Baby. I didn't remember because I've only seen the film once and wasn't all that crazy about it.

    I got my prize! ;) Thanks again! The brooch is so cute.

  10. Jessica: Thank-you. I'm just glad it was enjoyed. =D
    Reilly: I've seen that film a million times! And I'm so glad you liked the prize. =D


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