Sunday, September 13, 2009

Silver Screen Sunday {Niagara}

Most people seemed rather keen on the Silver Screen Sunday idea, so it’s back again this week with Henry Hathaway’s 1953 film Niagara.

I love Jean Peters 'good girl' look in this film - she looks very cute and wholesome which, of course, is the point. I found so many wonderful items that I felt this character would have worn but I settled on creating one outfit to share with you.

This cute as pie 1980s does 1950s gingham dress can be found here on etsy. Not only is this dress cute but it looks like it would be super comfy - the perfect vacation dress!

This pink cardigan will keep you nice and warm on the chillier evenings.

I found these shoes on the payless website, but sandshoes like these are super easy to come by - I got mine (which are white) at K-Mart just a couple of weeks ago. Wear them as is or pair them with a cute pair of bobby socks, like Jean does in the film (top left picture of the collage).

Marilyn's blonde bombshell look is a stark contrast to Jean Peters' (which you can see in the middle shot when they are together) but if you're going to conspire to kill your husband, you may as well look fabulous! Her look is all wiggle skirts and strappy stilettos. I just love it - although, it's definitely not as practical on holiday as Jean Peters' look is.

This beautiful reproduction of the dress Marilyn wears in the film can be found at Big Beautiful Barbara Brown - it comes in black or red. I love the sweetheart neckline and the keyhole just under the bust.

I hope you've enjoyed this second Silver Screen Sunday because I'm sure having a lot of fun doing it. It's not quite as detailed as the previous, I think, but that's because I've been having internet trouble, again, so getting things to load is a nightmare!

Andi B. Goode


  1. I adore this film fashion series of posts, such a wonderful idea, Andi dear! I like your choices of items this week so much, especially that racy little red frock at the bottom, very vixenish! :)

    Oodles of hugs,
    ♥ Jessica

  2. This is a great idea Andi... I think
    I'll have to watch this movie finally"

  3. Jessica: I'm so glad you're enjoying them! Yes, I just adore that dress.
    Angel: Thanks so much! =D

  4. I also think this is a great idea Andi. The clothing looks great too.Considering the times, everyone is getting back into vintage clothing, and older styles. Every decade from the past seems to be represented by someone these days. From the 20's to the 90's, I see someone everyday who looks like they jumped right out of a movie screen. Keep up the good work, and i look forward to seeing new, old things.

  5. Thanks! =D That's so true. I think it's great.

  6. Loving your silver screen sundays! :)

  7. Una: Thanks! I'm glad to hear it. =]

  8. I finally watched this film earlier this year! (I know... and I call myself a classic film fanatic! I blame it on years of having an aversion to Marilyn Monroe... haha!) I really liked Jean Peter's outfits the best; they seemed so wearable--like things I would love to have in my closet! ;) I love all the things you found based around the characters--how fun!

    I need to get a pair of simple tennis shoes like the ones you showed.

  9. This is a great series Andi ... very inspirational. And I do love this film. Marilyn looks absolutely gorgeous in it.

  10. Casey: Oh, that's OK - there are so many classic films that I've yet to see =] I've never had an aversion to Miss Monroe but I certainly used to underrate her terribly.
    Jean's outfits are sure great! =D
    Louise: Thanks - I'm glad you're liking it =]

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  12. I love this film, Marilyn is stunning. This is the movie that made me want a lucite bag :) she has one near the end of the film and i just fell in love with it :)


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