Friday, September 11, 2009

Two Outfits + More Finds

I swear I heard someone yell out 'widgie' after me as I passed by a pub when I was wearing this! I didn't turn back, though, lest I encourage any untoward characters.
Outfit details: cat-eye sunglasses - stall at Rock 'n' Roll Rendezvous; pink gingham dress - made for me by my mother; sand-shoes - KMart.

At the top, there, you can see a little travel case, I guess, which you put your stockings in - it comes complete with a travel washing line and mini-pegs so you can wash your stockings and dry them on your travels! At the bottom, on the left, is a really cute apron I picked up from Good Will and on the right are a bunch of vintage knitting books I got from Red Ruby Vintage.

I was promised a sunny, warm day and it was mainly cloudy and windy (but warm, I must admit) while I was actually out and about. Oh well.
Outfit details: faux pearls - Hero vintage; dress - 1940s-50s day dress from Exclusive vintage; bracelet - etsy; stockings - Love Kylie; shoes - KMart.

Pardon the awkward photos of yours truly - I always seem to be half asleep when I take them, these days!

I'm ever so sleepy, right now, but remember to enter my give away if you haven't yet - you only have until Sunday!

Andi B. Goode


  1. Oh your mum is great at making dresses! What a lovely pink colour.

    You certainly found some nice things, that travel case lovely.

    Wasnt the warm weather nice, despite the wind as you said. Fingers crossed tomorrow is a little less windy. I looove that dress in the last photo! The colour is gorgeous, it reminds me alot of a mustard colour top i own.


  2. Can I have the apron when you're done with it? pretty please! ;-)

  3. Rose: Thanks. She's sure great!
    Fingers crossed indeed! Oh, neat. =] Mustard is a great colour.
    Oranges and Apples: Hehe. It is cute, isn't it?

  4. Love the turquoise shell case and the apron. I wish I could find stuff like that near where I live.

  5. Scientific Housewife: Thanks. =] I'm actually pretty lucky with the vintage places near me. But the internet is always a great place to search for stuff.

  6. The Sea-shell travel case is to die for! And I love the day dress too! I am such a sucker for day dresses

  7. Beautiful outfits, & great finds!

  8. Ok, the pink outfit was cute, but the green dress is even *cuter*, if that's possible! Sweet!

  9. Lovely outfits, the pink dress is so cute =)

    xoxo Bettie

  10. Adorable outfits! I love them both, especially that blue day dress it so lovely!
    Have a great weekend.

  11. I want a mummy like yours! Looking fab as always Andi! x

  12. I love the Shell Shaped Travel Case thing... and the blue/grey dress is amazing!

    Don't worry if you look asleep... I always look angry :S I can't get the balance right yet.

  13. That grey dress in the last photo is gorgeous! I also love the stocking traveling case! How adorable. You have great taste.

  14. I had to look up widgie there. Sadly I only ever got an: "Oy! The seventees are over!" yelled at me across a supermarket car park. :-)

    Both dresses are lovely and that travel case is fabulously odd. I am quite taken with the concept of carrying a washing line and pegs.
    Although unfortunately that has just reminded me of my accumulating hand washing. Argh..

  15. Cheri: Thanks! Oh, yes, I love day dresses too. =D
    Bree: Thank-you! =]
    Nancy: Aw, thank-you ever so.
    Bettie: Thank-you, doll =D
    Lizzy: Thanks so much - hope you have a great weekend, too. =]
    Yesterday Girl: Aw, hehe, my mum sure is great. And thanks! =]
    Angel: Thanks. =] Hehe, it really is difficult taking photos of yourself.
    Amanda: Thank-you so much!
    Shallow Mallow: Oh, oops, I did mean to link back to the post I did where I mentioned 'widgies'. Sorry! Aw, haha, some people are silly.
    And thanks! =D

  16. Louise: Thanks. I can't wait to use it now!

  17. You look so immensely wonderful in both outfits! I adore how, like myself, you fancy dressing from the 40s and 50s with equal love for both decades.

    Thank you so very much for all of your fantastic comments, Andi honey, I hope you have a marvelous weekend!!!

    ♥ Jessica

  18. Jessica: Thanks so much. =D I like loving more than one decade equally - I feel like I have a lot more choices with what to wear. Haha.

  19. What great finds! The stocking travel case is so sweet. I would love to find something like that. And the blue day dress is to die for. Such great details!

  20. Love the apron! I never find aprons in the Goodwills around me, haven't found any up in Indiana either!

  21. Mary Van Note: Isn't it cute? Thanks =D
    Ms. B: That's the first time I've ever found an apron at a Goodwill store. =]


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