Monday, October 5, 2009

Andi B. Goode Goes to a Punk Rock Show

Last night I went to one of my old ‘haunts’ – Enigma Bar – to see a friend’s brother play his first ever show! He’s a solo act so he was very nervous – I can’t think of how to describe his music but if any of you are familiar with Against Me, then it’s a little like that. It was a good show, but Enigma Bar is one of my least favourite places to be – as I mentioned I used to ‘hang out’ there all of the time in my younger years watching local hardcore bands and the like. But now I just stick out like the proverbial sore thumb if I so much as set a foot inside! For what does a vintage loving gal where to such a place? Why, the same thing I always would.

Outfit details: dress - 1980s does 1940s Katie's from Salvo's; belt from another dress; fishnet stockings - Love Kylie; shoes - Big W clearance table.

I was actually very proud with how my hair turned out! I set my hair in hot rollers (using a heat setting spray) and, once they were cool, took them out, misted my hair with hairspray and put them in sponge rollers to set the curls better. This was the inspiration (I saved this picture off of Betty Lou’s blog a while ago) – no mugshots of me, though!

I got a few strange looks and I think I overheard someone talking about me as I was waiting to be picked up but all I caught was a guy standing nearby with his friends say something about ‘that chick’ and look in my direction. A girl did come over to me to tell me I looked like Dita Von Teese!! I know that’s really a generic kind of thing to say to a vintage gal these days (isn’t it?) but that doesn’t make it any less flattering!

There was also a Celtic punk band playing, called The Thieves, and they were jolly good! They clearly have a dedicated following as the crowd got a bit rowdy (and sweaty, no doubt) and some crowd surfing was done and quite a few shirts came off (of the girls as well as the boys) but, from a safe distance, the music was quite enjoyable. It was, however, a bit too loud for me – my ears clearly aren’t used to that kind of show anymore! I must admit I was half wishing that I was at home curled up on the settee with a nice cup of tea, watching Midsomer Murders. Ho hum.

I want to leave you with this video of my favourite Celtic punk band – the seminal act, The Pogues! I know it’s not my usual sort of vintage (but I suppose it does count as a kind of vintage because their heyday was back in ye olde 1980s) but if it’s not your thing, just ignore the video and look at me instead!

Andi B. Goode


  1. ooh dita!
    what a wonderful compliment!
    love your outfit and especially your hair, gosh

  2. Phebe: I was certainly flattered! Hee, thanks. =D

  3. Well done on spotting those fab shoes in Big W. You've definitely got the eye.

  4. great shoes! fantastic hair! and the Pogues are vintage musical goodness, too.

  5. I like your red shoes, yay for Big W shoes :)
    I havent been to the Enigma Bar before. And you should be proud, your hair looks great! I cant wait until you do your hair tutorial :)
    Dont you hate when you half hear something someone says about you...thats happened to me before. Im sure it was something nice though because you looked fab!


  6. Oh I know that feeling, but you look lovely in your outfit! And how wonderful with a comment like that. =D
    Keep doing what your doing because you are a inspiration for others!
    Love Jenny.

  7. Good job on the hair looks absolutely splendid! x

  8. Love the Pogues, and fabulous shoes! Go Big W!

  9. very cute look, I think you would stand out a lot in the punk rock crowd! :-)

  10. Or one could look at you and listen to The Pogues, I like my cake and eating it too.

  11. What a glamorous mugshot!! I love your outfit, your red shoes are so cute!

  12. Loving your red pops on that fab dress!

  13. Fantastic, great job with your hair, too! And those shoes – wow!

  14. Land Girl: Thanks! And I'm glad you like The Pogues. =D
    Stéphanie: Thank-you! =D
    Rose: Thanks =D Oh, you're not missing out on anything not going to Enigma. ;]
    Jenny: Thanks so much! =D
    Yesterday Girl: Thanks, doll. =]
    Frances: Hurrah for the Pogues! Thanks. =]
    Eyeliah: Thanks. Hehe, I did - lots of flannelette shirts and tight jeans. ;]
    Eriu: You could indeed! =D
    Ms. B: Thanks. =D
    Marie: Thanks, love!
    Esme and the Lane way: Thank-you, doll! =D

  15. Madeleine Miranda: Thanks. I was rather proud of it. Hehe
    Margaux: Thank-you! =D

  16. Awwww, you look so pretty, that dress is really lovely.

    I think it would be so cool to have someone tell me I look like Dita, but not being a brunette, I'll have to settle with the occasional "you look a bit like [I love] Lucy". I think you're every bit the amazing vintage fashionista Dita is, honey!

    Big hugs,
    ♥ Jessica

  17. Jessica: Thanks so much for the lovely comment. =D


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