Friday, October 16, 2009

Another Outfit...

Solanah mentioned the other day how she thinks of things to blog about through the day but when she gets home all she can think of is 'here's what I wore today.' Well, I have to admit, I feel the same. Only, here's what I wore on Wednesday when I just had to go out and buy Disney's Snow White on DVD:

Outfit details: scarf - hand-me-down (or, rather, I claimed it as my own) from mum; blouse - church op-shop; vest - Valley Girl; trousers - Target; shoes - a shoe store somewhere near Melbourne.

This is what I like to 'do' to my hair when I can't be bothered doing anything - hide almost all of it under a head scarf and add some faux bangs to the mix (which I used to do to the side, without a rat). It still looks vintage (a little bit of land girl chic, perhaps) and is dead easy to do for lazy ladies like myself.

These are actually the only full length pants I own - I'm not terribly keen on trousers on myself but there are just some days that I can't be bothered putting on stockings, etc. so wearing a dress seems like a chore. Plus, they're good for my dance lessons! (For anyone who's interested, I started Lindy Hop the other night and was absolutely terrified but had fun, anyway).

Oh, also, one of my LiveJournal friends has started a fashion blog - à l'allure garçonnière. I'm really excited about it; if you want to find out what it's all going to be about read her post entitled 'why we need feminist fashion blogs' because I don't want to try to explain myself.

Andi B. Goode


  1. Of course you need Snow White on DVD :) I havent seen that movie in too long!
    Its the first time ive seen you in pants, they look fine, better than on me. I much profer dress or skirt too, thats why i cant wait until the warm weather! What is wrong with Adelaide!?
    Hrmm I watch So You Think You Can Dance, i think they did Lindy Hop on there once, although I cant really remember what its like.


  2. Hi Andi,

    Thanks for the comment. I love that waistcoat! Trousers suit you.

    Love the hair!


  3. you look lovely! i need to get Snow White too :D I love Disney!

    Your bangs are so great! i do mine to the side always, too lazy to do something else

  4. Movely outfit... when i see you i regret that pants are awful on me !

  5. adorable! I love your hair! I need to start being more interesting with my hair :o)

  6. i hate trousers, too (wearing them, not the look of them) but those are so splendid! they look great on you.

    once, a few of my friends saw a picture of me in pants and didn't recognize me! i thought that was too funny.

  7. You look adorable, as always. Love love love that vest!

  8. Thanks for reminding me! I need to go get a copy of that as well! Such a cute DVD shopping outfit!!

  9. i love love love this outfit. and i love lazy day hair. i did one of those myself today hehe.

  10. Rose: Thanks. Ugh, I know! I'm sick of the cold weather. =[
    Angel: You're welcome. And thanks! =D
    Betty Lou: Thank-you. =] Disney is the best!
    Marie M: Thank-you. =D Aw, I'm sure they're not awful on you at all.
    Q's Daydream: Thanks. =D Oh, playing with your hair is so much fun - it's almost the most satisfying part of putting an outfit together.
    Julia: Thank-you. =] Haha, that is funny.
    Gabriella: Thank-you. =D I love my vest!
    Ms. B: You're welcome. ;] Thanks.
    Screen Siren: Thanks, doll. =D Lazy hair days are definitely great.

  11. Inspiring as always, you manage to look vintage and feminine even wearing black trousers and a common white blouse! Gah, I hate you! :)

    Your hair are gorgeous. Do you use some kind of tool or the bangs are just wrapped on themselves?

  12. Gorgeous! I love your hair too! And how fun is Lindy Hop?! (The squinty b gooode caption made me laugh) :D

  13. Ohhhhh, I absolutely adore your hair like that! I would never have thought it was your "can't be bothered to do anything else" style, it's really fantastic!

    Big hugs, darling!
    ♥ Jessica

  14. PaperDoll: Aw, haha, thank-you! I hope you don't really hate me ;]
    esme and the lane way: Thanks! I just love Lindy Hop. And I'm glad you noticed the caption. ;]
    Jessica: Thanks, sweetie. =]

  15. oh you look so pretty in trousers ! why not wear them more often ?


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