Friday, October 9, 2009

It's only been two days!

Sorry for the absence (although I now see it's only been two days...feels like longer!) but I've been teaching myself how to play the ukulele! I can play You Are My Sunshine, Moonlight Bay and We'll Meet Again. So, I've been busy focussing all of my attention on my ukulele (well, that and playing Professor Layton and Pandora's Box on my DS) and not thinking quite so much about blogging. I have a couple of questions that were asked of me which I will answer very soon plus a couple of other things planned, like what inspired me to take up the ukulele.

Until then here's a ukulele song I love:

Oh, and I thought it might be a good idea to let you know where else you can find me on Ye Olde Internets, if you're interested:
I'm andreajade at - I've had this account for a few years, now, so it's not 100% accurate as a reflection of my current taste in music and I don't want to reset the charts
I'm neverreal at livejournal - my journal is friends-locked so if you have an account just leave me a comment here and I'll be sure to add you back!
You can find me here on flickr.
And here on twitter.
I've also just joined Goodreads and you can find me here.
Edit: I forgot about Queens of Vintage - you can find me here.

I do have a multitude of other accounts at other places but these are the ones I use somewhat do I ever manage to get anything done in 'real life', I wonder? Oh dear.

Andi B. Goode


  1. I PLAY THE UKULELE TOO!!! haha I love it. So many good sites online, too. :)

  2. Margaux: Hurrah! =D It's a lot of fun. I've found a few sites, so far...

  3. That's awesome! I think you'd love my friend Uni and Her Ukelele:

    I love her songs, and she's a great performer.

  4. Well done, Andi! I think it's an excellent idea to make the effort to learn new skills. So many folks are encouraged to be passive today & just watch life go by. Unfortunately the media, rather than getting folks off the sofa, tends to sensory-overload them by showing thousands of avenues of pleasure available 24 hours a day whereas in The Fab 50's at least there was no-transmission periods which forced people to get up off the sofa! Anyway, have yourself a really fine day.

    I am, &c.
    Alexander Dyle

  5. Congrats on the ukulele! Keep up with it, I hope you become really good :)
    I love the ukulele... my fav song to play is Over the Rainbow, haha :P

    Oh... I can't keep up with Real life either e:'(

  6. Hooray for the ukulele!! I adore mine and I'm sure you look adorable playing yours (which is really the most important thing- hehe!). I've loved for chords and tips.

  7. Oh wow, thats great that you can play the ukulele. Love to hear what inspired you to take it up!
    I thought i had a lot of accounts hehe, i dont know how you manage to keep up with them all :)


  8. I suggest,, and Those are my favorites. :)

  9. my boyfriend wooed me by playing ukulele. i am tempted to learn but that is just a whole other project to take on! You should record and post videos.

  10. You are such a joy of a soul, Andi, it's so neat that you took up the ukulele! :) It's certainly a cool instrument - and one that seems so perfectly suited to the modern-vintage world.

    Wising you a fantastic weekend, sweetie!
    ♥ Jessica

  11. how awesome! you make it sound so easy. :)

  12. Mary: Thanks! Oh, yes, one of my friends told me about her - she's wonderful.
    Alexander Dyle: Thank-you - I agree completely with you. =D
    Aya: Thanks. =D Aw, I bet Somewhere Over the Rainbow is great to play!
    artisterin: Thanks. =] Haha, that's very true. ;] And thanks for the link.
    Rose: Thank-you. I don't know how I keep up, either.
    Margaux: Thanks for the links!
    Screen Siren: Aw, did he? That's lovely. =D
    Jessica: Aw, thanks so much, sweetie!
    Hannah: Thanks! =] Well...I used to play guitar so I don't know if it helped but apparently ukulele is one of the easiest instruments to play? Don't know how true that is...

  13. What other DS games do you have?

    Love, geeky McGeekbrain


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