Monday, October 12, 2009

Janet Klein, Ukulele Chanteuse & Style Icon

I suppose when I said I was going to write about 'what' influenced me to take up the ukulele I really ought to have said 'who'. First, we have to go back in time just a few months to when the Adelaide Cabaret Festival was on. It was the first year I made an effort to go see some of the shows that were put on and one act, in particular, stole my heart: Janet Klein and Her Parlor Boys. Janet Klein is simply marvellous! ("Much too marvellous for words...")

And she's a lovely person, to boot - I bought a CD and got her to sign it for me after the show and she told me I looked nice or lovely or something like that and she and the bass player both said if I was ever in LA I should go to the Cicada Club. That’s all entirely irrelevant, really, but I suppose it just added to my impression of how wonderful she is.

Could she be any cuter?

So, after the fantastic show and lovely meeting I decided I wanted to be like her - who wouldn't? She's lovely and adorable (has great style, I should add) and keeps these amazing old songs (that would most likely never get the same kind of audience) alive.

Now, I love a lot of music that either has ukulele in it or is performed solely on ukulele but I would definitely say it was my wish to be a ‘ukulele chanteuse’ like Janet Klein that more or less convinced me to finally give it a bash! (She doesn't always play ukulele herself or for every song)

And here's a video of her actually playing the ukulele...

I shall attempt this one day but only when I’m confident enough to tackle a song with 7 chords…plus, I don't have a capo and I would have to tune my ukulele differently. It's not a lot of effort, I know...I do have a Hohner Melodica that my dad gave me a while ago that I can use to tune it (but I've been using one of the websites I've found to tune it, so far). But I shall wait until I buy a capo.

You can listen to some songs on myspace, too, and there are a few live videos floating around youtube.

So that, more or less, is what inspired me to take up the ukulele!



  1. Janet IS amazing! I am lucky enough to have had her nearby for years. My friends perform with her often. She's truly phenomenal...and super cute!

  2. Hanne: I'm very jealous! There's nothing quite so cool anywhere near me. Hehe.

  3. ooooh thanks for the tip! it's great!

  4. Isn't she charming? I admittedly picked up the uke because of Marilyn Monroe in "Some Like It Hot!" :)

  5. She was one of my inspirations in taking it up, too! That's so cool that you got to see her and meet her.

  6. Betty Lou: You're welcome. I'm glad you liked her.
    Q's Daydream: Isn't she just?
    artisterin: She sure is! =D Oh, neat, that's equally awesome.
    Margaux: Hurrah! =D

  7. i had never heard of her before! she is magnificent, definitely listening to her myspace right now. thanks for sharing!

  8. Julia: You're welcome. I'm so glad you like her!

  9. Janet is so fantastic, she really has that "transported straight from the past" look down to an art (as do you!). Thank you for sharing this wonderfully lovely source what inspired you with us, sweetie!

    Hope you have a stellar Monday & week ahead,
    ♥ Jessica

  10. Jessica: Aw, thanks, doll! =D I'm glad you like her!

  11. We had so much fun down in Adelaide! Hopefully we'll get back to Australia soon, until then!

    Marquis (Janet's bass player)

  12. Marquis: Thanks so much for the comment. I'm glad to hear you had a great time in Adelaide - we'd certainly love to have you back! =D


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