Monday, October 19, 2009

More Outfits & Some Shopping

Yesterday, my mum and I went down to Pt. Eliot for the day so I could take some photos for an assignment. The weather was gorgeous, luckily, unlike the rotten weather we'd been having for weeks beforehand. As it was Sunday, I had rather despaired of finding any interesting shops to go to but there were a few little places open and I got myself some gloves and a couple of retro postcards.

I got mum to take a photo of me down there, to make a difference from my usual backdrops.

I wore one of my favourite (repro) dresses. It's a lot of fun to twirl about in.

We stopped in Victor Harbour on the way home and I popped into a little op-shop and managed to pick up the sweetest little blue nightie (it's nylon, so it won't be good to wear in the really hot weather).

The weather was even lovelier today (I didn't need to wear a cardigan at all) so I was very happy to be able to wear a skirt I picked up at the Goodwill, last week. It's not vintage but I just love the Hawaiian style print.

Please forgive the not-so-glamorous background - I was in a hurry! Also excuse the haughty expression.

Outfit details: necklace - from mum; top - op-shopped; bracelet - etsy; skirt - Goodwill; stockings - Love Kylie; shoes - K-Mart.

I popped into Red Ruby Vintage to ask the owner about borrowing some dresses for photos I'm going to be taking next week and I ended up spending more money! I got a very lovely 1930s navy blue crepe skirt (which I didn't photograph) and I put this 1940s Rayon suit on lay-by:

(Please excuse the garter bumps.)

I know I mentioned I'm not really a pants/trousers girl but I have never come across anything like this and it fit me like a dream! Plus, suits can always be broken up and worn with other pieces.

I hope everyone had a swell weekend and that you're all feeling refreshed for the week ahead!

Andi B. Goode


  1. AAAAH, the suit! Absolutely gorgeous and you look stunning.

  2. Thta's exactly what i was going to say - the duit is perfection!

  3. The suit is fabulous, it fits so well! I'm excited to see how you wear it once you've picked it up.

  4. Oranges and Apples: Thanks. =D
    harbourmaster: Thank-you! I can't wait to pick it up. =]

  5. Ohhh im SO jelous of your pt Elliot/victor trip! Maybe I will go this weekend if the weather is good, my bf loves it there. Of course the last few weeks have been horrible weather, this week i started placement and out comes the sunshine :( aghhh
    I bought some of those vintage postcards last time we were there, isnt it the cutest shop-they have lovely ribbon there too.
    I love your blue and white dress, i can see why its a favourite :)
    I do like the suit you bought, it suits you, i think i like that it has a belt with it.


  6. The suit is fab. And I love your haughty expression too. No excuse necessary.

  7. i love that yellow suit, a great color for you!

  8. wow, that yellow suit is amazing!!! :o)

  9. I love the suit! I'm not really a trousers kind of girl, either... but I might make an exception if I find something truly awesome, too! I also have similar gloves... they are a thicker, nubby knit like the ones you found.

  10. What a beautiful 1940's suit! I love anything yellow!


  11. Oh I love everything and that suit looks wonderful on you!!

  12. That gold suit is absolutely sensational!! An outfit like that is showstopper! (And the repro dress is so, so lovely!)

  13. love that suit (and the other goodies you scored)!

  14. Hey there endlessly stylish gal, huge congrats on being featured on Queens of Vintage! I just about squealed with happiness when this week's lady in the vintage fashion spot light was you! :)

    Tons of happy congrats & hugs!
    ♥ Jessica

  15. Oh good lord, how you make me want to vintage shop!

  16. That little suit is amazing! I would love to find one just like it!

  17. Oh, love the blue repro dress. Lovely!

  18. Thanks so much to everyone for the lovely comments. =D

    Catherine: It's all about making exceptions, isn't it? Hehe.
    Syd: Thanks! I'm quite the sucker for yellow, myself.
    Jessica: Thank-you! Aww. That's so lovely you were that happy!

  19. Unrealted my dear, but I think you'd dig this site if you haven't discovered it already:

    Bisous from Paris

  20. Thanks for the link - that's awesome!

  21. yes the suspender bumps are showing, lol...! that's why i use to wear and recommend pantyhose under trousers: no suspender bumps, no visible panty line !

  22. karin: I was trying that on in the change room, which is why I was still wearing my suspenders. I don't even bother with pantyhose under trousers - far too uncomfortable.

  23. yes i must admit, that pantyhose under trousers can be uncomfortable sometimes ! so how about those cute little knee high nylons ? those are very popular with trousers here in germany. many women prefer them !


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