Saturday, October 10, 2009

Outfit Post

Just a brief outfit post. My mum and I took my nephew out for pizza tonight so I decided to wear a dress I bought ages ago but haven't had the chance to wear, yet. I also tried out the bun ring I bought to use as a rat (for the faux bangs) after watching Fleur's tutorial.

Outfit details: dress - 1980s, from Salvo's; stockings - Love Kylie; shoes - Big W; bracelet - etsy.

I think I kind of love this dress - the print makes me think of licorice all-sorts. But I'm also not sure if it's a little ridiculous - although that could be a good thing!

Last Night's Hair

Last night my friend and I went to the Lindy Lounge - our first social (swing) dance night! However, we neither danced nor socialised - we are both of us incredibly socially awkward and spent two hours sitting in a corner yelling at each other (so we could be heard over the music). Perhaps we shall be brave enough to venture onto the dance floor next time (so long as someone actually wants to dance with us, of course). My hair turned out well, though! Hurrah.

Andi B. Goode


  1. i really need to pick up a rat. your bangs are amazing!

  2. Miss Matilda: Thanks! =D
    Screen Siren: Thank-you. A rat helps SO much.

  3. I love your hair like that!

    That's exactly what we did on our first swing dance! We did dance one dance right at the end, and I did one stroll, but apart from that, just sitting and admiring everybody. I didn't look half as cool as you though!

  4. I love faux bangs on you! They look great.

  5. The hair looks brillo! That's a great tutorial isn't it? I always wondered how she got her hair so perfect, but now we know ;)

  6. yes! it's a good n plenty dress! and your hair looks so good!

  7. Oranges and Apples: Thanks! =D Oh, I'm glad we're not the only ones, then. Hehe.
    Cheri: Thanks! =D
    harbourmaster: Thanks. =] Yes, it is! I knew she used a rat but I had no idea what to use or how to secure it properly.
    calivintage: Thanks, love. =]

  8. Your dress reminds me of all-sorts too! Your hair looks awesome, maybe i should try it from Fleurs tutorial(it might look funny on me though!) where abouts do they sell bun rings?
    Oh the swing night sounds fun! i bet it was fun watching even if you didnt get a chance to dance. I said to my bf tonight... we should go to a swing class through the WEA, and he changed the subject HA! I mite try again when hes in a really lovely mood :)
    Hey you should ask someone to dance, im sure they would be flattered, i mean you really look lovely in that photo!


  9. You always look so phenomenally lovely, Andi! That first dress in particular is so stellar.

    I couldn't imagine anyone in their right mind not wanting to dance with you - the best dressed gal in town!

    Big hugs & joyful Monday wishes,
    ♥ Jessica

  10. Your bags turned out fabulous! What a good job little lady, you could have fooled me that it was your first time!


  11. Rose: Thanks. =] I think I shall just email you about the bun rings, etc.
    Bree: Thank-you! =D
    Jessica: Aw, thanks, honey. Hehe, I don't know - I usually only attract the strangest and creepiest people. ;]
    Syd: Thanks so much, doll! =D


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