Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Outfit Post

Gee, my poses are so varied!

Outfit details: sunglasses - vintage, Salvo's; cardigan - Cotton On; dress - vintage, church op-shop; stockings - Myer; shoes - Spend-Less.

I think this is probably a 1970s dress but I thought it had a bit of a 1940s secretary feel to it. I like the little lace collar. When I first wore it I somehow got the impression that it was too short but when I tried it on again I realised it was a fine length, after all!

Outfit details: beret - from my mother; faux pearls - Hero Vintage; dress - church op-shop; stockings - stockingshq.com; shoes - Spend-Less.

I wasn't terribly keen on this dress when I first got it but it's grown on me.

Andi B. Goode


  1. I think it's great. Demure but a little bit naughty secretary dress. Too cute.

  2. I love love love both of those dresses! I dont know how you manage to find them, ive been looking in a few opshops lately and theres either barely no dresses at all or all ugly or modern ones :( maybe youve bought them all LOL :)
    Your shoes are adorable too, i havent looked in spend-less for a while.


  3. Love it! Oh, and do I love the shoes you have on! :o)

  4. Both outfits are so lovely! I really like the beret look on you x

  5. You look lovely as usual. I love the colour of your cardigan, and your glasses are super cute. Keep rockin' those outfits lady! xxx

  6. oh yes, i just adore that little lace collar on the first dress. and i just can't get over how much i love your hair!

  7. I especially love the first dress. Your hair always looks so perfect! So accurately vintage. :)

  8. Louise: Hee, thank-you. =D
    Esme and the Lane Way: Thanks, love!
    Rose: Thank-you. =D I think church run op-shops are the best!
    Q's Daydream: Thanks! =D And those are my favourite shoes.
    Frances: Thank-you so much. =D
    Yesterday Girl: Aw, thanks, doll. =D
    Fleur: Thank-you! =D
    calivintage: Isn't it sweet? Aw, thank-you.
    Amanda: Thanks ever so. =D

  9. pretty!
    i love the whole 50's looks. very classic and nice!

  10. Wow, I love the blue dress with the red cardigan! Really lovely.

  11. Poisoned Amour: Thank-you. =]
    Sofie: Thanks a lot, doll. =D

  12. Both outfits are darling! I agree with Rose, you always get amazing finds :)

  13. Both outfits are really lovely! I especially love the charming red bow tucked into your hair in the first outfit - so pretty!

    Tons of hugs, hon!
    ♥ Jessica


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