Sunday, October 18, 2009

Silver Screen Sunday {Carnival of Souls}

Today's Silver Screen Sunday was done in a little bit of a rush because I haven't been home all day. This time, I'm looking at a movie that actually scared me - in fact, I gave myself the creeps when I was doing the screencaps, yesterday! So, without further ado, I bring you Carnival of Souls, directed by Herk Harvey in 1962. (Don't let the poster mislead you - it's an American film, but this poster happened to look the best.)

I'm absolutely in love with Candace Hilligoss' hair in this film - it reminds me a little of Elizabeth Montgomery's hair in the early '60s.

I couldn't find a picture of the exact style I meant, but this is still quite similar.

She also has some very cute, and very simple outfits - mainly dresses - so I looked around etsy a little and here are a few of my favourite 1960s dresses.

Found here on etsy.

Found here on etsy.

Found here on etsy.

Found here on etsy.

I love when you actually get to see shoes in movies; I thought these were very cute. I also like the way she wears her scarf. I've always been enamoured of that style - I suppose it's because it brings country drives in a cute little sports car to my mind.

And you'll need some spooky spectres to follow you about, too!

Personally, I think I’d prefer this little guy hanging around me than the creepy ghouls in Carnival of Souls.

I picked this film up for 2$ on a DVD that had 5 old horror films on it but I think it would be easy enough to find to watch on the internet for anyone who's interested. I don't watch films online, so I don't know where to direct you.

As always, I hope everyone enjoyed this edition of Silver Screen Sunday.

Andi B. Goode


  1. I love those hair styles too! I like your etsy finds, especially the 2nd and 3rd ones.
    I think the movie looks scarey too eeek :)
    Have a great week Andi!


  2. It is a rather scary movie! I'd also rec the original Night of the Living Dead. Barbara has awesome hair.

  3. Hahaha, it was wery confusing to read the poster since it is in my she swedish was my thought before i read that it was just the best poster...:)

  4. Great movie, very freaky! The organ soundtrack is wonderful.
    And I like the last Etsy dress the best!

  5. I love the research and lovely attention to detail your wonderful Silver Screen Sunday posts are always chocked full of. Wonderful Halloween season post, sweetie, I really enjoyed it!

    Tons of hugs,
    ♥ Jessica

  6. Rose: I'm glad you like it! Oh, yes, it is scary. Haha. Thank-you. =]
    Sonya: Ooh, yes, I love that one, too.
    Cathla: Yes, unfortunately the American posters weren't as colourful.
    Elsie: Yes, I love the soundtrack! Organ music is very eerie.
    Jessica: Thanks, doll! I'm glad you really like them. =]

  7. ooo! this actually looks like a creepy old movie! Old horror films tend to be so cheesy (well horror films in general are cheesy), but this one actually looks spooky! The only old horror movie that has ever actually scared me was The House of Usher with Vincent Price. Freaked me out! For a laugh though I always watch The Brain that Would Not Die on halloween and then The Terror With a very young Jack Nicholson, both are absolutly horrible. I'm going to add this one to my Netflix queue!

  8. I love that movie! Definitely one of my favorite scary films.

  9. I went and bought that little blue plaid number. So thanks for showing it to me! i've been looking for a cute plaid shirt dress all year.

    You are the best, and i love this film, too.


  10. Ashley Louise: I think there are quite a few spooky old films but a lot of the B-grade ones sure are cheesy. I just love Vincent Price in general. Hehe.
    Danielle: It's great, isn't it?
    Devon: Awesome! I'm so glad to have helped. =D


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