Sunday, November 1, 2009

Andi B. Goode's Halloween

Like many others, I have a soft spot for things of a spooky or macabre nature but I haven't really done the Halloween thing since we had a couple of parties when I was a child. So, I was very excited that I had not one, but two Halloween events to go to this year!

The first was last Wednesday, at the Casino, for Lucky Seven's special Halloween themed night. Having just over a week to put a costume together, I was a bit stumped as to what I could do. So, I appealed to my livejournal friends for their help and one gave me the idea of going as Elizabeth Short aka The Black Dahlia. She reminded me of a photoshoot Miss Dee Ahoy (you can see one of the pictures here) had done so I used that as part of my inspiration. I also took some inspiration from the film by Brian De Palma because I felt very ill looking at pictures of the real Elizabeth Short (I suggest you do not google image search her if you have a weak stomach and haven't seen the pictures before - they are actually quite disturbing), although she was a very beautiful young woman.

Costume details: Black hair flower - Diva; Cream hair flower - cheap shop; Top/dress - Salvo's; Belt - gift; Skirt - Salvo's; Stockings - Leg Avenue; Shoes - Spend-Less

I was told that my costume was 'intense' and 'scary', which I thought was a jolly good reaction. Someone else told me that their friend had seen a picture they took of me and said it was 'disgusting'. Not the usual reaction I like to get when someone looks at my face but, in this instance, I shall take it as a compliment.

This was the first time I'd ever tried to do spooky Halloween make-up. So, what do you think of my 'Glasgow smile'?

Materials used: liquid latex, tissue, foundation and fake blood.

The second event took place last night (on Halloween) and was the Swing Sesh grad dance and I had a jolly good time. I danced a little bit but not much - I'm proud that I danced at all, to tell you the truth as I'm still rather terrified of social dancing. It was still great to watch everyone. There were some performances - a group of ladies did a blues routine, which was very hot, a Jedi and Darth Vader did a routine together to L-O-V-E and another lady did a feather fan dance. There was a Jack and Jill competition which was a trick-or-treat style so the leads and follows were picked randomly from a pumpkin, so boys ended up following and girls ended up leading, etc. I tried to take photos but my camera isn't particularly flash so it was a miserably failed attempt.

My costume for that was actually just my make-up - I went as an Angelique Houtkamp painting.

I didn't go as a specific painting, but tried to just get the feel of her work in my make-up. I think I did a fairly decent job, considering that I am, by no means, an expert at applying make-up.

Costume details: hair flower - Diva; faux pearls - Hero Vintage; rose earrings - Diva; dress - ?; belt - gift; stockings - Love Kylie; shoes - Big W.

I hope everyone else who celebrated had a smashing Halloween! I now have a whole heap of costume ideas so I think I'm going to start an inspiration folder on my computer for next year.

Andi B. Goode


  1. So fun! You did a great job on both costumes!

  2. great costumes!, I also used Angelique Houtkamp for my make up inspiration.

  3. Awesome ideas for the costumes. And since you told me not to - I DID google Elizabeth Short. Icky.

    And I'll just gloat that I met Angelique Houtkamp and her partner a few weeks ago :-) Along with Tara Macpherson! Teehee :-)

  4. Love the costumes, you look fantastic! What a brilliant idea with the Angelique style makeup - if by some miracle Halloween next year isn't smack bang in the middle of uni assessment time I'm totally going as that!

  5. You look excellent in both costumes. You did an amazing job on the makeup, the first one looks really real! I wish I got to dress up for halloween this year...maybe next year.


  6. Both of these are fantastic! I'd never heard of Angelique Houtkamp, but I love that painting you included. Your Black Dahlia costume reminds me of theater camp... we had a special effects make up class, and for fun, I stuck a safety pin through the latex part of a fake scar I'd built up on my hand. Fun times :-). Happy Halloween!

  7. You did such an outstanding job with both costumes!

  8. Gorgeous idea for the costume! Your Black Dahlia combines a vintage feel and a chilling story, for a great result, both stylish and... creepy!

    Of course, even if you told us not to, being a Contrary Mary I googled "Elizabeth Short" straight after reading your post... Well, the next time, I assure you, I will listen to your advice - although hers is actually an enthralling story! :)

  9. the black dahlia! how creepy! i loved the movie...i hadnt heard about the actual crime until i watched it. it was really sad that the actress playing the black dahlia was dead the whole movie because i like her a lot. especially as turned-out psycho lez on the l word. one of my favorite shows ever.

  10. Both your costumes are really impressive! I love Angelique Houtkamp's artwork (in fact I have a poster up in my room advertising her new book!) and I think you did really well on capturing the look. I love the little "cut here" detail.

  11. wow, this is definitely one of the most chilling halloween costumes that i've seen this year. in many ways, it's very subtle, but incredibly effective.

    i read the wikipedia page and now i am wrestling with whether or not i should google image search her. yikes!

  12. Such wickedly wonderful costumes, you look fang-tastic, my dear! :D

    Wishing you a joyful month of November!
    ♥ Jessica

  13. Oh wow! You did a superb job on both costumes! I have to admit: the first one is really disturbing--I mean that in the most complimentary way, of course. ;) Fantastic!


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