Sunday, November 22, 2009

A Grey Dress for a Grey Day

Yesterday, Mum and I set out early (for a Saturday, anyway) to a vintage garage sale but I ended up only coming away with a parasol, which is better than coming away with nothing, I shall admit. However, on the way home we decided to pop into Exclusive Vintage at Prospect so I could have a little look around for a white frock for the Swing Sesh White Christmas Ball.

I didn't find a white frock but I tried on a 1940s strapless sundress, which, unfortunately, wouldn't zip up all the way, a silver cocktail dress which I wasn't too fond of and a 1940s crepe grey dress, which I ended up buying. Fern, who owns the shop, said that it was very small but, if I wanted it anyway (maybe even as decoration) she'd be willing to sell it for half price, which came to 25$. So, I toddled off to the change rooms and tried it on and, to my surprise, it fit almost perfectly.

As you can see it's a wee bit too small in the bust and, you can't see this, but it needs a little bit of mending (some of the seams need fixing). I was a bit anxious to wear it, though, while the weather would allow (our heatwave has been replaced by rainy, grey days) so I popped it on when I got home and wore it to see The Imaginarium of Dr Parnassus, which was rather an enjoyable film.

I always seem to look a little miserable in my outfit shots, lately, so I thought I had better throw in a smile.

And this one's for Casey, to show off the bag I won from her! It's absolutely lovely and fits everything I need plus more in it!

Outfit details: 1940s crepe dress - Exclusive Vintage at Prospect; hat brooch - The Way We Wear Fair; velvet bag - giveaway prize, won from Casey; stockings - Love Kylie; shoes - KMart.

I don't know any songs about gloomy Saturdays but I'm listening to Billie Holiday so Gloomy Sunday will have to do (besides, it's Sunday now and still grey and rainy).

Andi B. Goode


  1. Hello Andi - sorry its taken so long for me to get back to you - the heatwave from SA has finally hit NSW and all I want to do is lie on the floor eating frosty fruits.

    That grey dress is a fantastic find - its so hard to find greys that don't make one look dead or overly corporate. You look splendid :)

    ps Congratulations on being the winner of Amanda's portrait giveaway. I am so very very excited!!!!

  2. Madeleine: That's OK. I completely understand that.
    Thanks! I know exactly what you mean about greys. =D

  3. oh love it! The bag adds a nice pop of colour, too!

  4. Lovely gray suit, so glad that you found it! I can look a little grim in my shots too-I have to remind myself to smile. I think we are concentrating:)
    Marie @ Lemondrop ViNtAge

  5. I think the dress looks great - grey is a difficult colour to pull off, but you do it wonderfully! I love the little brooch too, adds a great interest point.

    (This weather is crazy - playsuits one day, long sleeved dresses another! I don't know what to wear anymore!)

  6. Your dress does match the weather at the moment, although today wasnt too bad. It suits you well though. I love the bag you won from Casey, its just gorgeous!


  7. Fantastic dress! You look amazing. I love your bang, too!
    And how crazy is the weather? I am in tights and a big wool cardigan now!!!

  8. Even though it may be a grey Sunday in the weather, that is a lovely grey dress you bought!

  9. In reply to your comment: I am sure they are just intimidated by your amazing-ness!

  10. FrivolousFlapper: Thanks, love. =D I thought that about the bag, too.
    Marie: Thanks! Yes, it must be concentration. =D
    Miss Emmi: Thank-you, doll. I know - I'm so confused by the weather, too.
    Rose: At least the weather's a nice break! Thanks =]
    esme and the lane way: Thanks, dear. =] Blah, I wish the weather would make its mind up! Thanks =D
    Zombie Dimples: Well, I hope that's all it is Haha ;]

  11. That soft, pretty grey is such a warm, lovely colour on you - it compliments your hair so nicely, too (lucky brunette gal, you!).

    Many wishes a splendid week ahead, honey!
    ♥ Jessica

  12. Jessica: Aw, thanks, doll! =D I do like being a brunette but I wish I could pull off other hair colours, too ;]

  13. Wow! You are the master of those bangs!

  14. Hi Andi

    Since Africa's a whole continent, it's hard to give an average temperature. ;) In my country, Zimbabwe, though, it's usually between 30 and 40 degrees centigrade in summer and between 20 and 30 degrees in winter.


  15. (And of course there are days when it gets into the high 40s, but then you just want to die.) :)

  16. What a score! Very cute dress, and you should smile most often! You have a gorgeous smile Andi!


  17. What a pretty dress--great find!
    You always look fabulous and you have a lovely smile!

    By the way, I gave you a blog award—check out my blog for details :-)

  18. Gosh, your hair is always so cute! I have hair envy!

  19. Looove it! And your hair is so perfect, I'm so jealous! And also you are like the queen of winning giveaways!


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