Thursday, November 5, 2009

An Outfit, New Dresses and Tikis

Excuse the very lazy photos - as I mentioned the other day I'm very busy this week as well as getting to the point of utter exhaustion.

Outfit details: cardigan - Valley Girl or Temt; 1930s crepe skirt - Red Ruby Vintage; stockings -; shoes - Big W.

Despite being busy and exhausted (and really rather poor) I've managed to do a fair bit of op-shopping this week. I bought a cute plaid skirt and some striped shorts at a Salvos store on Tuesday but I didn't take any photos. Then, yesterday, I got 4 new dresses, a 1960s bathing suit (not photographed), a Frank Sinatra EP (not photographed) and 3 Tiki pendants. I was lamenting the fact that I've never come across any Tikis in all of my op-shopping and vintage shopping experience and then, yesterday, I found three!

I just need to find something to hang them on so I can wear them. Hurrah!

This 1970s/80s dress cost me 10$ from the Salvos. I'm not sure about this dress. I love the colour and think it's really cute but do you all think I can fit it into my 1940s-1950s style?

This gorgeous 1950s style dress cost me 4$. It's absolutely perfect.

This 1940s style dress only cost me 63 cents! What do you all think of it with the shoes and socks? I need dresses I can wear (swing) dancing and, as I'm still only a beginner, flats seem to be the best thing to wear. I'm also taking the sleeves up.

I think this 1980s dress feels quite 1930s. I really like long dresses!

Apologies for looking so down in all these photos but they're part of a project for my course and I was getting fed up with changing every two minutes, hence the expression.

Andi B. Goode


  1. Lovely finds, especially the little pink number - gorgeous colour.

  2. I love the dresses, my favourite is deffinately the pink one! I bought 4 last month (yet to take up!) but never 4 in one day :) well found.


  3. The pink dress is great. I love a pussy bow. You can definitely make it work with your look.

  4. You can make most outfits look vintage what ever there era, as long as you get the hair and make up right...Love the pink one and the floral one...

  5. I think I'd like the pink one more if it didn't have the pussybow - normally I love them, but I can picture it looking a lot nicer on you as a shirtdress where the cinched waist is the centre of attention. I think you can definitely work it though! I think the first outfit is my favourite - that cardigan is so snazzy, reminds me of some 40s knitting patterns I've seen. Your thrifting mojo seems to be really good lately!

  6. I love that cardigan!

    The dresses are cute too; I especially like the pink and blue ones.

  7. Gorgeous jealous...and I am so jealous of your tikis...those would look really great in *my* collection!! ;)

  8. Great finds Andi! I love the sweater you are wearing in the first pic! So cute....


  9. I LOVE the baby blue dress, so pretty!!

  10. Ooh, your tikis remind me of the Brady Bunch.

    I love your first outfit! That cardigan is so sweet.

    I think the pink dress could pass as late 50s! All your new dresses are cute, and I hope you get a break soon from your business!

  11. I think that pink dress is TO DIE FOR. I guess I can see your hesitation but I think the pink makes it look 50s/60s and it fits you too well to pass up.

    Sarah Louise

  12. oh wow you literally found maori tiki thats quite cool, If you want more I'm sure I could find you some, they are in all the local tourist stores here.

    XX Rosina Lee

  13. Oh your dresses are so cute! I love the blue 50's one!


  15. I think that little pink dress- prob 70's? Is so very cute. But I am vintage spastic, I enjoy so many eras!

  16. Ooh, Snow White print!

    I miss op-shopping here in Paris

    Adventures of a Sequin Cat

  17. Such amazingly pretty finds! You are the loveliest gal vintage gal, Andi sweetie, thank you for sharing all these inspiring snaps of your beautiful outfits with us.

    Oodles of hugs!
    ♥ Jessica


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