Saturday, November 28, 2009

Wednesday Night Tiki

On Wednesday night I went along to Lucky Seven's Tiki Night at the Adelaide Casino. It was held outside and, unfortunately, it rained but I suppose it was wet like a beach, then! That's some consolation, right? Luckily, there was shelter so I didn't get wet at all.

I'm wearing one of the Tikis I bought a couple of weeks ago and my Mahjong tile bracelet which, of course, isn't on theme but it is the Lucky Seven bracelet so I think it's fitting.

A rather poor photo I took of the band. I need a better camera. Note the pith helmet.

I think there should be more Tiki themed events. Tiki culture is so much fun! For those of you in London, Fleur de Guerre is hosting a Tiki night - I think it is tomorrow would be tonight if it was in Australia but I think the time difference makes it tomorrow for London...too confusing! - which I wish I could attend but it is a little too far to just pop over.

And a little piece of Exotic music to get you in the mood, perhaps...(This certainly wasn't the kind of music Lucky Seven were playing)

Quiet Village by Martin Denny.

Andi B. Goode

P.S. I seem to have a mild case of blogger's block. I have plenty of ideas but nothing's coming out, at the moment. So, I thought I might take a leaf from Solanah's book and see if any of you have any questions for me until I can get my brain back into gear. Anything at all that you might want to know about me and I'll try my best to answer.


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