Wednesday, January 20, 2010

I'll Get By With a Little Help...

So, I have this dress and it is beautiful and I feel like a princess (of the Disney variety) when I wear it but I also feel very much like a little girl. This is not something I am particularly fond of but I don't feel as though I am ready to get rid of it. I think this dress deserves one more chance from me. So, I come to you, dear blog readers, in hope of some suggestions. What can I do to make myself feel more like a woman and less like a little girl going to a birthday party when I wear this dress?

Disney Princess

I was thinking of wearing different shoes. Maybe the ones I'm wearing here or even the ones in this photo. And I would most definitely wear my hair down and curled, like I usually do, now. But any suggestions would be very much appreciated. I'm reluctant to part with this dear dress as I bought it when I was in San Francisco in 2006, so it has a lot of good memories attached to it.

Whilst I’m asking questions, I’d also like some feedback. I’d like to know what you all like about my blog, what you might not like so much, what you’d like to see more of, etc.

Would you like to know more about my forays into swing dancing? Other things I like about the eras I love? I do post about movies, obviously, though never critically and I occasionally post about music, too. Would you like more about the music I like? My style icons? My vintage swoons? More about where I shop in Adelaide? Maybe to take a look at my vintage family photos?

Last time I asked something similar a few people suggested tutorials but I was kind of stuck as to what to do. There already seem to be tutorials for most of the styles I do (or, at least, similar) but if there is anything specific you’d like a tutorial on, I could give it a bash.

I think my problem is that I have so many ideas I don’t know where to start!

But here are a few post ideas I’m working on…it’d be great if you let me know what you’re most interested in:

The cost of vintage, with specific reference to Adelaide and etsy
What to wear when summer makes you feel lazy
A little ‘review’ of different stockings I’ve bought
Vegan friendly vintage inspired shoes

I also had a request to do a post showcasing my hats, which I'm more than happy to do, as well.

Forgive me if this is a lot to process but I’m kind of feeling as though I’ve come to a bit of a standstill and keep posting the same things over and over.

Thanks to anyone who took the time to read this and hopefully you can help me out. It’s very much appreciated.

Andi B. Goode


  1. Sexy shoes with that dress with perhaps some seamed stockings.

    You should post old family photos!!

  2. I'd put a crinoline underneath it, and a contrasting waist belt: probably red. Red Shoes and maybe a red flower in your hair.

    But if you fancy selling it let me know :D!!!

  3. Amy: Thanks for the suggestions. =D
    Angel: I was thinking red. But no has a drop waist and I don't really like wearing belts with drop waist dresses! But red could work. =]

  4. I actually really like how you're wearing now - with strong shoes and an updo. I personally think hair down and the silver shoes might add to the 'princess' vibe? How bout with short black gloves and a cluster of vintage diamante brooches to one side of the neckline?

    I enjoy hearing about your outings and activities, as well as outfits of course. I'd like to see more of your artwork, the Cluedo cards you did were great!

  5. i would suggest accenting it in white. it's a gorgeous dress and compliments your figure well! go with the princess feeling! white heels, pearls, a thin belt (wait -- you say it has a drop waist? it doesn't look like it from that angle, my bad), and gloves with a netted hat would set it off. a little tapestry bag would go well too. make it a springtime/summertime party dress.

    red could work, but a purse that ties it all together nicely would be good.

    there's my two cents! love it!!!

  6. I think a post with vintage family photos would be awesome! As would posts about hats (I am a hat addict, after all). I love your blog and I haven't gotten tired of it or your clothes. :)

  7. Oh no, I had planned to do a 'stocking review' as well, but I don't want to seem like an ideas thief! I'd love to see old family photos - I think 'everyday' women are a great source of style inspiration because they weren't movie stars. They didn't have professional hair or makeup but still managed to look fabulous, and that shows us that we can too!

    Dresses like that can go either way - sweet sixteenth or total ice princess, a la Grace Kelly. Your hair is a little long for the pageboy look, but I think curls like that are more glamorous and less frivolous? It could all be in the attitude too - turn your thoughts of being a little girl princess into telling yourself you're Princess of Monaco!

  8. I don't think you should change a thing!

  9. I think the silver shoes would look great, perhaps with a silver hair barette or necklace. And I don't think you look like a little girl in the dress ... youthful but womanly.
    I'd love to see hats!

  10. Ooh yay Andi! It's great you've put the word out there for suggestions :)
    Hmmm... Thrifty shopping would be a real help. Also, maybe the staples of a vintage girl's wardrobe/beauty case? Personally, I'd really like some help in terms of finding great vintage bargains. Unfortunately, I'm not in Adelaide, but any on-line shopping tips would be great. There is so much rubbish on the market that is 'vintage' and so much more that is quite dear :(.I'm currently looking for a nice pair of cat eye sun glasses and seamed stockings...Any pointers?

  11. I am at loss as to the dress- its is gorgeous as it is. I would suggest a wide sash, but that will probably not help with the princess/little girl feeling.

    Post the hats! I would also love to know about the cost of vintage, and the stocking review would be helpful.

  12. Gorgeous dress – and I don't think you look too little girl at all. I think that with the length, it actually looks really elegant.

    And I would love to see your hats! ANd of course I love the outfit posts :)

  13. I dont think it makes you look like a little girl at all either :-D

    Though if you do want to change it...maybe some stockings as others have mentioned with a cuban heel and a real vampy hairdo. Pair it with red or navy and a sparkly clutch?

    On the blog posts...well I know I said hats before and I still definitely think you should do a post on them...but seeing more of your art would be FAB too! :-D

  14. I think you look very beautiful and very feminine in this dress. It is soo pretty! :o) And I love the shoes you are wearing in this picture - the are a great fit for the dress. I would recommend pearl earings to not look girlie... :o)

    I would love to hear about the lazy summer wear - I also tend to get lazy in the summer and also can't get warm enough with vintage in the winther - but you would know about that in warn Australia i persume... ;o)

    hugs Dorthe

  15. Lovely dress! Some of this has already been said but here comes some things I can think of that makes anything seem less girly and more elegant: a proper hairdo, hat or fascinator, gloves, an elegant purse, sexy shoes and seamed stockings.

    As for posts, I'm new to your blog and didn't even know you're a fellow swing dancer! So of course I'd love to read about that, perhaps even see some photos of the Lindy hop scene in Australia =) As a hat lover, I'd love to see your hats! And vintage family photos also seems fun =)

  16. I like it as it is, but i'd maybe add a leopared stole to match your purse and possibly some strappy heels, the shoes you have on are smashing, but add to the girlie feel, to make it all woman add strappy heels!

  17. A crinoline soudns like a plan.

    I'd love to read more about swing dancing and the cost of vintage!

  18. I agree with the seamed stcking idea. Could you wear a vintage broach too? I was thinking a circle pin, but I don't know if that is the right era.

  19. I love this dress! It looks brilliant on you too! If I were wearing it, I would add a belt (probably in a dark colour to match my shoes/bag) and shorted in by an inch so it sat just on the knee - which may seem sacrlege, but I just prefer the shape that way.

    I often add a little neck scarf and coloured tights in winter - which could be a bold colour to toughen it up a bit?

    Lastly - and again - perhaps an unkind suggestion for such a lovely dress, but I have gotten into dyeing dresses. I found I had a lot of things that I loved the shape/fabric, but the colour just didn't feel like me. Maybe a bolder colour like burgendy might do the trick? Just get lots of advice and read all the instructions on the dye-packets. :)

    I love the old family photo idea!

  20. I do like Rebeccak's idea of dyeing it, is it the colour that doesn't work for you or the general fit/look? A deeper colour might really oomph it up. If it was my dress I'd probably wear it with a low slung, really wide studded belt but that doesn't seem like it'd be your style. Such a lovely, lovely dress though!

    I'd love some vintage shopping in Adelaide tips, maybe some tips on good thrift shops you often hit up too? (though i can understand not wanting to share those, hee!)

  21. I guess all good things must come to an end, but I wouldn't part with that dress if I were you. It's a perfect fit and an unusual color.

    Wow... I'm impressed with the other commenters' suggestions!

    As for things I'd like to see on the blog, I enjoy it as-is. It's fantastic. However, I always enjoy a good post about your style icons.

  22. One of the things I like about your blog is all the pictures of you and what you wear.

    With that said, because you would like to expand your repertoire, I think ALL the ideas you suggested would be an interesting read. I would LOVE to hear about your swing dancing, some of your inspirations, and anything else your creative brain can come up with.

    Remember, it is YOUR blog and we all already love it, so just start with one idea and see how it goes.

    Thanks doll,
    The Glamorous Housewife

  23. Vamp it up. Those black pumps and some sparkly jewelry and red lipstick! Maybe.. :)

  24. Seamed stocknings and a updo! Mabey the one i´m thinking of is called "piggyback"? Well, thats wats it´s called in sweden anyway ;)
    I found a tutourila here

  25. lovely dress. Would like to hear more about your music tastes and your rocker days!

    And hair tutorials. And makeup!

    Paloma Faith's style reminds me of you, don't know if you've heard/seen her.

    happy new year

  26. An updo and some sky high heels, but it really does look fabulous and very very ladylike as it is! x

  27. What a gorgeous dress. I'd love to hear about the music you listen to! I post about movies too and love when you post yours. . although yours are so much nicer because I do vasts amount of movies in one entry that probably hardly anyone bothers to look at while you do a single film at a time which is so nice. Keep it up! all of what you post!

  28. That dress is perfection on you! stunning!

  29. Shame about the drop waist, i was going to suggest a belt too. Maybe some different shoes, red like other people have said? Although i think the dress looks lovely as it is :)

    As to your blog, i would love to see photos that have given you outfit or hair inspiration. And please continue with the outfit posts! xx

  30. Vegan friendly vintage inspired shoes pleeeeeeeeeease. Pleeeeeeeease.

  31. I lovvvve that dress Andi! And it looks really nice on you too. I would say your hair down with the dress would make you look a bit 'little girl'. As someone else suggested, a brooch would be a nice addition. And i think those shoes your wearing go well.
    As for what I like about your blog, probably the thing i like most it seeing all the lovely dresses you come across, and the great outfits you put together. It would be great to know where you like to shop in Adelaide too :)


  32. I don't think it look little girl going to a party. However I wonder if a waisted jacket in beige cotton or linen would work plus a brooch and some seriously vampy shoes?

  33. Your dress is perfect! Everyone needs a little girl dress to wear once in a while. But I do agree with the different shoes suggestion and add a little pair of gloves too. I would love to see more of your music and style icons and a stocking review would be invaluable. And family photos are always awesome.


I read and greatly appreciate each and every comment. Thank-you! x