Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Lazy Summer Days

I thought I had best do my 'lazy Summer vintage' post before the season comes to its official end. I'm not the kind of girl who thrives in hot weather, in fact you could say I get downright pathetic about it! I whinge and I'm the first to admit that (I'll also admit that I cannot stand cold weather, either - I like it mild) but I also don't want to have to set my hair or wear stockings, etc. And with temperatures reaching up to, and sometimes over, 40 Celsius/104 Fahrenheit can you really blame me?

So, what do I do to keep my 'vintage' look when it seems like far too much effort on a sweltering day to do anything at all?

Let's start with hair - my staples for summer are plaits and ponytails.

Plaits are probably my favourite 'lazy' hair because they're so versatile. I like wearing them up on my head, as in the picture above (there may be one or two closer images here, and I once did a post on vintagehair, which you can see here), which is super easy to do - once you've got your hair in the two plaits just pull one up on top of your hair and pin it, then repeat with the other side. They're also fun to just wear down with ribbons in them.

Also, before I go on, many have asked how I do my bangs - I can't offer you any better source on how to do them than Fleur's tutorial. I've directed many a person to this tutorial because I couldn't explain it better myself.

Now, onto the ponytail, which is such a classic and also versatile look. My preference for ponytails is to always start with the faux bangs and I'll also quite often tuck the length of my ponytail under, as well, which I think makes a slightly more 'grown-up' (for lack of a better term) look. You can see it a little bit in this picture:

I'm your ch-ch-ch-ch-ch-cherry bomb!

And one of my favourite ponytail gals of the past (I couldn't mention ponytails without sharing a picture of her!) -
Image sourced here.

Tales of Retro-modern housewife also has a couple of nifty ideas for a quick vintage do that starts with a ponytail!

The great thing about these two types of hairstyles is that I still feel able to wear a lot of my summer wardrobe without feeling less 'vintage'.

This still from The Pajama Game is a great inspiration for a Summer outfit - what's better than a pretty, light-coloured dress and a ponytail? (Go here for my Silver Screen Sunday post on this film.)
For something even more casual you could take a leaf out of Jean Peters' look in Niagara. (Go here for my Silver Screen Sunday post on this film.)

Penny Loafers & Bobby Socks

Shoes and socks are great for Summer, though I will admit there are some days when I couldn't bear to wear them, and especially great for dancing.

Many have asked me how I can wear long dresses like the one pictured below in the hot weather but, to be honest, I find long dresses in a light material much cooler than shorter clothing that may cling to you:

Summer Holiday

Of course, there's always another alternative - the playsuit. Huzzah! And these two ladies are wearing their hair in plaits, too.

I can't remember where I found this image. Oops.

Playsuits are so much fun - they can be dressed up or down, too. Wear shoes and socks to dress it down or some wedges for something fancier. Vintage ones don't seem to be all that easy to come by (remember my excitement when I found this?) but Screen Siren put together a post about some very cute contemporary playsuits/rompers. And there are many cute repro rompers out there, these days.

I hope this was helpful or, at least, enjoyable. Summer, for me, is not an easy time to dress for - I much prefer Autumn and Spring. I shall leave you with a song that perfectly captures, I believe, the lazy feeling summer often brings.

Andi B. Goode


  1. I agree ... you can't go past a sweet cotton dress and a ponytail on a boiling hot day. I hope it cools down soon in Adelaide for you. We've had a really humid summer in Sydney so far, but nowhere near the temps you've been getting.

  2. I love a big blousey shirt tucked into a high waisted pencil skirt but sometimes is just gets too hot. Play suits and rompers seem to be the pot of gold under the rainbow for us Australian vintage fiends. I can't wait to see more of yours.

  3. It's only going to get worse in Feb! gah! My hair is currently too short to be tied back, but long enough that it's rather hot and uncomfortable on my neck, so I can't do plaits or ponytails like you've got on. Any suggestions?

    It's not too hard to stay cool in summer even wearing long pants/dresses, so long as they are made of natural fibres - you'd be amazed how many girls I overhear complaining about the heat when their maxi dresses are made of polyester junk! *shakes head*

  4. Summer in Adelaide is such a trial to the vintage girl... I am a winter lady all the way! Sometimes it gets so I can't wear anything without a strappy top, and then I default to the 'singlet-and-big-skirt' outfit. Love the playsuit! So rare to find a nice one! xo

  5. PS. Miss Emmi, I am with you on the polyester junk!

  6. I have to say I am the same, too hot or too cold is not good! Today we went to the zoo and i couldnt believe how hot i was and it was only 31 degrees.


  7. I just looked at all your hair photos and they are divine!! I'm thinking I may even do some plaits myself tomorrow :)

    And by the way, That mauve dress is absolutely stunning!! xoxo

  8. Yikes! 40 degrees is way too hot for me. But thank you for the great tips! I've often found linen the perfect material when it's that hot, even better than thin cotton. Something to cover the head is also great, I think. A scarf, a straw hat or perhaps even a fancy lace parasol.

    Here we're currentley at the other end of the scale, one week ago we had -20 celsius, snow and hard winds. Now it's thankfully a bit better... Still snowing, but -6 and little wind =)

    Hope it'll cool off for you soon! Do you get long spring/falls? Or is it over in a matter of weeks?

  9. Ilove your blog. im definately going to be taking on these tips for my summer ahead. I love the heat i should come over your side! xo

  10. noting down all your warm weather tips for when our summer hits here (apparently, it's quite humid, so will definitely be grateful for these pointers). I was planning to start growing my hair again for next summer, but now I'm thinking my 30s 'do is going to be the best thing to keep cool. Now time to start amassing cool cottons :) You look just perfect in every outfit, doll!

  11. This post is full of great ideas! I also wilt in the summer and it's even harder for me to find hot weather outfits I like because I hate baring my upper arms (they are the palest and meatiest part of my body). I love your blue dress (the one with the red shoes) -- that's the kind of summer dress I go looking for. Also, I agree about long dresses being much more comfortable than short ones. For one thing, your legs don't get stuck against subway/bus seats (eww!).
    the renegade bean

  12. I can't believe I never knew you were in Australia. I was confused for a moment, given the "summer" theme as it's winter up here.

    Anyway, I'm continuing to enjoy your style and the way you find inspiration from the silver screen. It's endlessly fascinating, especially for a movie junkie like me.

    Great styles, great track.

  13. Pefect timing for this post! In So. California it's already nearing 80F! I'm am totally a winter girl and anything above about 75 makes me whine like a four year old! haha! I love your advice. Last summer I'm pretty sure I lived in braids/plaits.

  14. What a great post! I haven't pin curled my hair since mid December, I blame the heat :)

  15. Great tips! Being in Texas there are so many days that get well above 100 degrees as well that everyone is really just doing good to have clothes on much look good in them! You look lovely as usual despite the heat!

  16. I love all of your outfits so much! :D And I can't wait until summertime, so I can start wearing braids and ponytails with pretty dresses! :) You've given me so much summery inspiration!

  17. i would rather wear a dress then shorts anyways.

  18. Andi darling, you continually inspire me on a level that few others ever have. Your taste in vintage pieces and ability to so elegantly pull together outfits is so fantastic! Thank you for sharing all of these fabulous looks with us, I loved them all!

    Wishing you a splendid Thursday & blissfully wonderful month of February!
    ♥ Jessica

  19. Love your summer looks, we are in the midst of winter doldrums so it was refreshingly sunny, especially the tres cute romper.
    Marie @ Lemondrop ViNtAge

  20. I HATE having to set my hair when it's hot, so i shall be following these tips! I am not a summer person, i much prefer autumn. Much nicer when you're not sticky and sweaty! xx

  21. I love your play suit. I'm still trying to find one


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