Sunday, February 21, 2010

Style Icons {Samantha Stewart}

I had a few ideas in mind for my second Style Icon post but then I started re-watching Foyle's War, this week, and remembered how inspiring and lovely the character of Samantha Stewart is. Played by Honeysuckle Weeks, which is one of the prettiest names I have ever heard, Sam is a cheerful and enthusiastic young woman who joined the Mechanised Transport Corps (MTC) at the outset of the war and was seconded to the police force to become Foyle's driver. Wikipedia has a little write-up on her character here.

Apparently there are a few anachronisms in the show but the show's creator seems to have striven to keep it as historically accurate as possible - I couldn't tell you whether or not it was 100% accurate but the characters and the stories are fantastic and Sam is easily my favourite, not least because she's just plain adorable (and uses words like 'tickety-boo').

Sam 06

Sam 20

Sam 21
She also always has the cutest hair!

As well as looking fantastic in her uniform, she makes quite a few appearances in civvies.

Sam 01

Sam 03

I think I like that she never looks over-the-top glamorous, which makes her character all that more believable for me.

Sam 10
I still haven't got a snood - I really need one.

Sam 14

Sam 16
I love the detail of the embroidered flower on her sleeve.

Sam 08
You can just barely see that the embroidered design is picked up just above the hem, too.

Sam 27
I'm more than a little bit in love with this coat - it looks like a blanket...

Sam 26

Sam 35

Sam 29
But I think this dress has got to be one of my favourites from her wardrobe...

Sam 33
because look at the buttons sewn along the neckline! How gorgeous is that? (As an aside, the fella with her is Joe Farnetti, who is probably my favourite of her beaus because he's also a little bit adorable.)

Sam 31
I also think that Honeysuckle Weeks has one of the most beautiful smiles.

Sam isn't just Foyle's driver - not only does she help him solve cases (she goes undercover at least once) but she does other things to help the war effort, too, like helping out some Land Girls in one episode.

Sam 25
That would be the expression I'd be sporting if I had to do any of the kind of work Land Girls had to do, I must admit!

I love seeing strong and interesting female characters who can be a strong character without having to 'compete' with the male characters and Samantha Stewart is definitely one of those women. Plus, I really like her style - actually, there are a lot of very inspiring outfits in the series but I decided to focus on Sam for this post.

I hope this was as fun to read as it was for me to write/compile - if you haven't watched Foyle's War, I strongly suggest you do so (even if you have a strong dislike for detective shows/murder mysteries, at least give it a go!).

Andi B. Goode

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  1. DROOLSVILLE! The dresses, THAT COAT!!! Swoon!

  2. Foyle's War is one of my favorite tv shows and I love all the WWII British fashion

  3. Jill: My sentiments exactly!
    Vintage Scientist: Hurrah. Another fan. =D

  4. I adore Foyle's War!! Foyle is by far my favorite British inspector.

    And I love that coat, and that button-neckline!! I never even really noticed her wardrobe until you mentioned it, but it really is so cute! Ah, now I want to go re-watch the series... Netflix here I come ;-D

  5. I had never heard of Foyles War but I need to hunt it down now! Ah, and get a TV... but you've sold it to me!

  6. Oh I LOVE Foyle's War! Sam is a a great character, it's so sad when Foyle retires and she has to go do other work (I think she does a stint in a bomb factory? But I've only seen that part of the show erratically so I could be muddled...)

  7. I just discovered Foyle's war two months ago, when theystarted showing a re-run on TV, and it's my favorite time of the week! I love the whole thing, the characters, the detective stories, but also that the story is set in WW2 but isn't primarly focused on the war. I love seeing about all the small and big things going on in everyday-life while the war is far awayand yet so near. So interesting!
    And, of course, I love love love the outfits! Sam is my favorite as well, she's... adorable isn't the word, she has more go than to just be adorable... in Swedish I would say "k├Ąck" but have no idea how to translate it! =)

  8. I think they were called blanket coats...pretty sure my gran mentioned them!!

    I like that snood very much, it's kind of just right, I have purchased a few and not keen on them, I think I'll make my own :-)

  9. Love this series, I was delighted to see Liz Frazer in a small part as a hairdresser, she was in the Avengers and lots of great 60s films.

  10. I love Foyle's War, we have some seasons on DVD. I was so sad when it ended..!

  11. Where did you find those photos???
    Love the post! Foyles war is a lovely serie that makes me think it´s the real life!
    If you love Sam you find her playing a small part in one of the poirot films "Cards on the table" with David Suchet!

  12. These are awesome screen grabs! I've heard of Foyle's War, though I've never seen it. I have heard of Honeysuckle Weeks, however, because she was in an awesome 1994 BBC miniseries called "A Dark Adapted Eye." It was based on a Ruth Rendell (writing as Barbara Vine) mystery that takes place during WWII and late 1940s. The costumes were outstanding and like Foyle's War, they did a good job of representing daily wear AND being eye-catching at the same time. I think that's really the film that first launched my interesting in mid-century fashion. It's hard to find on DVD, but I definitely recommend watching it.
    the renegade bean

  13. I never got into Foyle's War when it first appeared but I'm now going to rent it from my library. Thank you!

  14. I love love love this series and I also adore Sam's character. We bought the box sets a few years ago and dig them out every now and again - fun to watch on cold wintry Sundays, all snuggled up on the couch, doncha think?

  15. Foyle's War!!! I couldn't agree with you more. Any time there's a period piece mystery with pretty clothes, I am THERE. And Sam is a great character, too.


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