Monday, February 22, 2010

War Notes

On Saturday I went to the Garden of Unearthly Delights to see Lili La Scala's show, War Notes. It was such a beautiful show - Lili has one of the sweetest, loveliest voices I have ever heard. She, herself, is also absolutely beautiful and a lovely lady to boot (I spoke to her briefly after the show). I'd also like to mention that the venue itself is quite gorgeous - I think it was the 'Salon Perdu' tent, which I think is in place of the Spiegeltent this year. I'm not sure.

Anyway, not bad for what is essentially a tent, huh?

One man came over to me before the show started and asked if I'd dressed for the show. I told him I just dress like this all of the time.

Outfit details: sunglasses - Salvo's; 1940s dress - etsy; bracelet - Rubi Shoes; shoes - KMart.

As well as singing some absolutely gorgeous war songs - such as We'll Gather Lilacs, penned by Ivor Novello, We'll Meet Again, I'll Be Seeing You (which is definitely one of my favourites) and Wish Me Luck As You Wave Me Goodbye - the show was highlighted by letters written by soldiers, who have died in Afghanistan, to their loved ones back home. I should add that if you go to see this show, take a handkerchief or some tissues. It's very moving.

Luckily, Lili lightened the mood a couple of times, like when she sang We're Going to Hang Out the Washing on the Siegfried Line and had a couple of fellas from the audience (who are in another show I really want to see) hold up a washing line and got members of the audience to pin up some unmentionables. I got to pin up a pair of rather large knickers!

Here's Lili with the washing basket, handing things out.

And a rather poor photo showing the finished line.

I managed to muster up the courage to ask her for a photo after the show and she was so lovely. She said she liked my dress and that it's always nice to meet another vintage lover.

(I need a new camera - mine is not dealing well in low light at all anymore.)

So, anyone who is Adelaide, please, please, please go see one of Lili's remaining shows. You can find details here. I promise you won't be disappointed!

Andi B. Goode


  1. Speigletent always comes to Melbourne in the middle of my exam period! Grr! I've only ever been once before (to a corset fashion parade) but you're so right, the interior is lovely.

  2. Gorgeous dress! And how brave of you to ask for a photo, I always get all self-conciouss in those situations and ends up wishing I'd had the nerve =)
    She seems lika very talented and beautiful lady, I love her 30s style!

  3. I love the Speigletent, it's always part of MLX but can be a bitch to lindy on. But it looks so good at night

  4. I cant wait to go to the Fringe! I always love even just visiting the garden. We thought we might head to there tomorrow night :)
    The tents are amazing arent they!


  5. It's seems to be a wonderfull show as your dress.

  6. Oh how fun! You look so snazzy for the event (isn't it always amusing when people ask you if you just dressed up for that day, and when you reply that you dress like this constantly, the look of their faces?! hehe!). I adore your dress!

    Seeing this event is making me envy you so much. We don't seem to have a whole lot in our city that is this sort of thing (at least, in the part of town I'd want to go after dark ;). Such a pity!!!

    ♥ Casey
    blog |

  7. This looks great. I hope the show comes to Melbourne :)

  8. The venue is gorgeous and the show sounds absolutely lovely, I wish there was something like that here. And your dress is absolutely beautiful!

  9. You 2 make quite a pair! I can see what draws you to her.

    Well you looked absolutely ideal. I clicked on the first photo to see the pattern of the dress better... and the sunglasses. Marvelous both.

  10. I would love to go to a night like this, it sounds wonderful. And i adore your dress! x

  11. woah, there is a spiegeltent right next to where i live in belgium, the word means 'mirror tent'... i love it there, they have concerts and a couple i kno< got married in it.


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