Friday, March 26, 2010

Shopping Finds + Two Outfits

I still feel like I'm being very slack with my blog but life is so distracting right now and I've never been very good at multi-tasking. In lieu of words, which I have practically no ability to string together right now, have pictures!

I bought this late 50s/early 60s dress for 35$ at Irving Baby when I went to town on Monday. I didn't have much hope for it when I picked it up off of the rack but it looked a million times better on (and I'm a lot happier about this fact than my expression would indicate - I just have an aversion to smiling in full length shots I take of myself) and I knew I had to take it home with me for it is perfect for Autumn! I've been told it's Autumn but Summer still seems to be clinging on with dear life. It did get a bit overcast today, though...

I stopped by Big Star as they are having a 50% off sale (my friends and I have been musing on the reason - are they closing? I sure hope not) and decided to take a look through the secondhand vinyl. I'm more excited about the George Formby record than anything else, to tell the truth. There were a few others I had to put back because I couldn't quite afford them like The Hollies and the soundtrack for It's Trad, Dad!

And I got this bowtie from Midwest Trader for 20$ (it should've been 30$ but the fella there thought that was too expensive and knocked the price down for lovely). I've wanted one like this for ages...ideally, I wanted a black one but I do love red. I plan on wearing it with a white blouse and a circle skirt and pretending I'm (a brunette) Doris Day.

Gingham Gal
I wore this on Wednesday to meet a friend for coffee. Although, I don't drink coffee so I had an iced chocolate instead. I usually wear this dress with the belt of the same fabric and my hair up in a ponytail but I decided I wanted it to look a little less Sandy and a bit more Pink Ladies on that occassion.

Outfit details: sunglasses - ?; necklace - from mum; dress - made by my mum; belt - gift; bracelet - Rubi Shoes; shoes - Big W.


All in Black
Yesterday I met up with another friend in town for more iced chocolate-y drinks, this time from Chocolate Bean, which I highly recommend to anyone in or visiting Adelaide. There are yummy vegan goodies, too! Sometimes it's nice to wear all black but I spent a good deal of my teen years (from maybe 17 to 19 or 20) wearing mainly black so I don't like to do it too often anymore.

Outfit details: hair scarf - hand-me-down; vintage Tiki pendant - Salvo's; bracelet - Cotton On; top - Target; belt - gift; pedal pushers - Big W; shoes - Big W; sunglasses - ?.

Second Day Curls
Second day curls. And I changed my glasses.

Two things I've noticed:
1. There is nothing vintage in either of those outfits. Actually, there is the scarf and the Tiki pendant.
2. I'm very good at taking the same photo of myself over and over. Very amusing!

Andi B. Goode

P.S. I didn't seem to have too much trouble with the words after, did I? I'd also like to say I'm trying to keep up with commenting on other blogs, replying to comments here and also answering questions on formspring but am currently failing. Apologies. At least I have an iPhone, now, and can tweet more often!


  1. Oh my god - that John Inman record!

    Also, the only song I can remember from Brideshead Revisited is that awful piece at the start of the episodes!

    I love the black outfit.

  2. I've wanted a bowtie like that for ages too! It's so cute. Very nice outfits as usual! x

  3. Rick Rack trim! How lovely!

    I also really love your Pink Ladies outfits - very sassy. It's amazing how versatile that dress can be with different hairstyles and accessories - it projects a totally different image.

  4. I really like that first dress, it suits you well.
    And I will have to try the vegan goodies at Coffee Bean! I have been there once for coffee quite a while ago but didnt know they had vegan sweets :)


  5. I love your Wednesday outfit. I also find that when using a tripod, I end up with 10 photos of mself doing the same pose.

  6. I'm so in love with the first dress! That's exactly the kind of 1950s dress I'm looking for. The colors are perfect for autumn, and you look great in it.
    the renegade bean

  7. Oh my goodness - I'm seriously coveting your glasses! They are brilliant...


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