Thursday, April 22, 2010

Autumn/Winter Wishlist

I’ve been putting together a bit of a wishlist, so I thought I might just share it. It's not actually entirely an Autumn/Winter wishlist but I think it shall suffice as one.

Cute, yet simple, repro dresses for swing dancing. I like the Ceylon dress pattern from Colette Patterns.

Lots and lots of plaid dresses. (I can't remember where I got this image from - let me know if it's yours!)

And a plaid coat, too. I wish I could have the exact coat Sam Stewart has in the next two images. (Also don't remember where I got the image above from, either. Edit: The Vintage Baroness tells me this is from the Life Magazine online archives.)

I'd also like a Pendleton 49'er, which can be found here at If anyone has one could you tell me if they're worth the cost?
A 40s style suspender skirt, also mainly for swing dancing. (Image source? Edit: Fleur tells me this image is from a Daily Mail article on vintage girls and that the skirt is from ReVamp Vintage.)

More jeans from Freddies of Pinewood. I want a pair of the classics next.

Novelty knits. (From a scan of Australian 1940s magazines I found online somewhere.)

A muff like this one from Coquette Faux Furriers.

Mittens! You can find this pattern here.

Lots and lots of cute socks like these and these from Sock Dreams. There are a whole lot more in my Amazon wishlist, too.

There are probably a kazillion other things I could add to this list (that's the official number - I counted) but these are the stand-out things at present.

Also, I've added a page on fun things in Adelaide. I plan on adding headings and more things to it but I basically just wanted to add a page because I just realised that I could! You can get to it anytime you want by clicking the tab underneath my header.

Andi B. Goode


  1. Well, that definitely just added a few more things to my wish list too :) I love the suspender skirt. I can not wait for it to cool down properly... stupid weather should make up its mind.

  2. I have the Ceylon pattern waiting to be made, heh! It is gorgeous, though, so must give it a go soon.

    It always amuses me that when we are waiting for summer in Europe, you guys are having autumn. :P

  3. Wonderful wish list! I've only watched a couple episodes of Foyle's War so far and I can't wait until the plaid coat pops up. I have now added a few things to mine and I now wish that I was heading into autumn instead of summer.

  4. What a tasty wish list !

    Funny for the jacket, check my last post ;)

  5. Oooh, that suspender skirt in light blue is so cute - I must keep an eye out for similar coloured fabric when I'm in lincraft (I'm whipping one up in a kinda burgundy shade right now.)

  6. The pic with the suspender skirt is from a Daily Mail article about vintage girls. I do believe the skirt is from though! :)

  7. plaid coats are yummmy (that image of black and white gal is from Life magazine online archives) ;) You've got great taste gal.

  8. $150 USD for a Pendleton?! Hell no that's not worth the cost! I suppose they are even more expensive off the Pendleton website; but you can buy nice genuine vintage ones (in way better colours!) off of Ebay or Etsy for less than $100, generally less than $70. I just got one for $50 including shipping in bright red/green/navy.

  9. PLAID! I love plaid. :) Found my first vintage plaid coat a month or so ago, and can't wait to wear it!

  10. I love my Pendleton, you should surely buy one. I found mine at eBay for very good price, keep looking!

  11. I'd swap spring and summer this year if it meant I could have even just a couple of the amazing treasures from your wish list (nearly all of which I'm pining for, too!). I really hope you're able to get many of these divine pieces, sweetie!

    Oodles of hugs & thanks for your gorgeous comments!
    ♥ Jessica

  12. That's a little steep for that coat. Pendelton's are easy to find, (though, maybe not as easy in Australia as they are in the Pacific Northwest) and generally far cheaper.

  13. Just found your blog. I love that you also have tons of socks from Sock Dreams on your wishlist. I got $100 worth of socks for Christmas this year!

    Also, I have a 50's Pendleton jacket if you're interested. It's a different colorway than the one you pictured. Let me know if you're interested and I'll send pics.

  14. I always think it's so strange how you get winter when spring is warming up to summer over here... Although you of course never get as near to freezing our butts of like we do :)

    And plaid for autumn/winter always feels so very right indeed. I have my plaid Big Beautiful Barbara Brown dress but that I can't wear in spring since it feels too much like autumn...


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