Sunday, April 11, 2010

It's Cooling Down (Two Outfits)

I really ought to be back to my usual Sunday posting - i.e. Style Icons and Silver Screen Sundays - but I'm still feeling a little out-of-step after my blogging break. I will start off again, next week but, for now, have a couple of outfit shots!

Yesterday was my cousin's wedding. I mainly agreed to go because I'd never been to a wedding before - no one told me I would be spending at least 7 hours of my life there, though! On the plus side it was at Carrick Hill, which is a gorgeous old homestead. On the downside, I didn't get to go into the house at all so I shall have to go back soon as I haven't been there in years. The invitation said 'formal' dress and I wasn't sure what that meant for 2010 so I went with this:

Wedding Outfit
Outfit details: vintage brooch in hair - ?; earrings, necklace & bracelet - Diva; 1950s/60s dress - Antique Market; vintage fully fashioned stockings - Antique Market; shoes - Rubi Shoes.

Wedding Hair

The hairdresser - an older gentleman with a very impressive beard - complimented me on my whole look and said it was lovely to see someone dressed like me, how '50s I was, etc. It was all very lovely, even if he did tell me he'd have done my hair a bit differently for the '50s. But he was very friendly so I didn't mind.

This dress turned out to not be the best choice because it ended up being bloody freezing! Now, I'm happy Autumn seems to have finally arrived but I felt awfully uncomfortable for most of the day/night as I didn't take a coat with me. I'm just glad I didn't wear a capped sleeve dress, like I was going to.

This next outfit is from today - Mum and I went for an outing to the Fisherman's Wharf Markets at Port Adelaide. I bought a couple of books and some vintage stockings in a lovely box (which I neglected to take a photo of).

To Market To Market!
Outfit details: scarf - op-shop; cardigan - Valley Girl; 1940s repro jeans - Freddies of Pinewood; shoes - KMart.

I'm still completely in love with my Freddies. I'm considering getting one of the classic pairs and some dungarees, too. I'm wondering what the black and grey look like in real life - if anyone has them and has pictures to share (or direct me to) I'd be very grateful! I know I've seen some of my favourite bloggers in them but don't feel much like searching right now.

I also have another outfit to show you, from today, but that goes with the post I'm going to do on the North Adelaide Vintage & Fashion Fair (I need to photograph my spoils to make it complete), which should be coming in the next couple of days.

Andi B. Goode

P.S. I'm rather loving this Sailor Jerry flickr set, right now.


  1. ooch! Beautiful - you and the Sailor Jerry set :D x

  2. I love Freddies too. I have a pair of the classics but they are in dark blue and you can see some pics of them in my flickr...I too was thinking about buying other colours as they are great for days when I don't want to think about dresses and sotckings and the whole rigmarole!!

  3. I have the dungarees in black and the classics (I think) in grey - I can take pictures to show you, if you like? I much prefer the black - I have a bit of trouble making the grey work for me.

  4. i looove my dungarees too, i want to wear them all the time! i must buy another pair soon, black i think and mabye the dungarees

  5. fantastic looks!! Gotta check out the Sailor Jerry set right now :)

  6. I saw a pair labeled "black" at VivaLasVegas, but they were just a super dark blue...nothing black about them at all. So I'm not sure if they were labeled wrong, or that is what black looks like.

    Love the red and white caridgan!

  7. You looks so beautiful in each outfit, one is pure elegance and ladylike charm, the other exudes scores of playful, jubilant fun (that makes me wish I had a duplicate of the exact same ensemble!).

    Tons of hugs, sweet dear!
    ♥ Jessica

  8. You look so gorgeous! :) It's a shame that it was cold and uncomfortable, but at least you looked stunning! :)

  9. Is that a smile?

    Glad to see that you're happy.


  10. ohhh Carrick Hill! Thats where im going to get married one day. Im not yet engaged but ive already told my bf thats where it will be :) Its so lovely there but I can understand you would have been freezing outdoors, but it paid off because you looked lovely and your hair looks great too.
    Fishermans warf markets is always great, i bet you would have loved the vintage shop upstairs.


  11. you look just as smashing in pants as you do in dresses! love it.

    love the blue dress, a perfect colour and cut on you. i love dresses with bustlines like that.


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