Monday, April 12, 2010

North Adelaide Vintage & Fashion Fair

On Sunday, being yesterday, I finally made it along to another North Adelaide Vintage & Fashion Fair. I went to the first one but haven't made it back since (not from lack of time, but rather lack of funds), so I was looking forward to getting back. Unfortunately, I didn't find much of interest that I could actually afford (there were some to-die-for handmade 1950s skirts but each cost at least 100$) but I did have a jolly good time, nonetheless and even managed to take some photos!

First, though, a look at what I wore:

Vintage Fashion Fair
Outfit details: beret - gift; earrings - Diva; necklace - North Adelaide Vintage & Fashion Fair; 1940s dress - Exclusive Vintage; gloves - Salvo's; stockings -; shoes - Spend-Less.

And now some photos of the fair itself:

OK, I never said they were good photos! I'm actually ridiculously shy about taking photos in places like this so I tend to end up with blurry shots like these.

I think the nicest part of the day was seeing these two lovely ladies:

L-R Gabrielle of Adventures of a sequin cat, Ruby of Tales of the Red Lipped Lady and yours truly, of course. It was great to meet Ruby properly and to see Gabrielle again after rather a long time. Hurrah for Adelaide bloggers, I say!

I didn't pick up much but I did find some copies of Australian Home Journal and, out of quite a few, picked these two (the original patterns are still with them) because I liked the pictures on the front best. I also bought a cocktail shaker (not pictured) even though I don't drink. I've just always wanted a cocktail shaker.

So, despite not finding a whole lot I still had a swell day and I'd recommend going along to one if you can. There's often entertainment, too - this time there were a couple of burlesque routines performed by the ever amazing Luna Eclipse and Sapphire Snow of Peaches 'n' Gin Burlesque. They have a show on this Friday at Nexus and I highly recommend going along if you're in Adelaide. You can buy tickets here. And with that little plug I bid you all adieu until next time.

Andi B. Goode

P.S. A little question regarding tags - do many of you use them? I think I need to make mine a little more useful. I realised that this question is a little ambiguous - I did mean to ask if any of you use my tags to find other entries and could my tags be more helpful in that.


  1. Oooh, all three of you look gorgeous. And it looks like a great fair. Sydney's bi-annual one is happening this weekend!
    And yes, I use tags. Not sure how useful they are, I guess it is more habit than anything else.

  2. Wouah !!! Definitively your best outfit. This dress was made for you. It's simply PERFECT with the black gloves and hat.

  3. Wow, your dress is simply amazing!x

  4. You look gorgeous Andi!

    Ooh I love those home journals, they're full of ads for slimming power for fatties and weight gain powder for thinnies!

  5. Your outfit is lovely, I so wish I could find a beret that suited me so well.
    I enjoyed the shopping photos, that looks like a fab vintage place to shop!
    Marie @ Lemondrop ViNtAge
    Spring Shabby Apple Dress giveaway

  6. those magazines with patterns are SO cool!
    i am hoping we can organize a vintage expo up here.

  7. you sound like such a shy gal! but i would never guess from how we interact online. i find it endearing.

    this looks like a lovely time, my favourite kind of afternoons are spent in places like these.

    i use tags, but mostly for my own purposes. i find them very helpful.

  8. Oh I do love your dress! And yes I know what you mean about being shy about taking photos at those kind of things. I always am too!

  9. What a stunning dress, I'm on the search for a similar style here for the winter. I use tags on my regular posts eg: inspiration, gloves, daily outfits etc. I dont tend to bother on my random posts other wise I would end up with some random tags that only link to one post.

    XX Rosina Lee

  10. You look flawless and gorgeous as always! Your'e good with the details (which are really important for the whole impression)
    I also adore your denimlook in the post before! So cute with that dark denim, crispy white and red cardigan+matching shoes, scarf and lips. Perfect!
    To get an authentic and comfortable ordinary-daylook vintagestyle is sometimes the hardest thing.

  11. Gorgeous dress! Actually, gorgeous dresses – your recent finds are absolutely wonderful!

    I started using tags a few months ago, and I've no idea if they are useful or not!

  12. I have got to get to one of these! I'll try for the next one - I don't have to open the store until 12 on Sundays and I literally drive right past the fair on my way to work, I've just never left my house early enough to stop in at the fair. Because I'm lazy.

  13. Looking gorgeous as always, Andi! That shade of greeny-blue in the suit contrasts beautifully with your dark hair.

    I've put pictures of my Freddies up on my blog for you - hope it helps you make up your mind about the colours!

  14. Adelaide is so small! I stumbled across this blog from Ruby's and i can see myself talking to her in one of your photos! AAAND i'm pretty sure we were both at a group interview for lush a little while ago. odd adelaide. anywho, just thought i'd say that i love your style :D


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