Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Outfit: Oxford Flats & Gingham

I went to town, today, to spend some of the money I made on Sunday and so I'd have an excuse to wear my new shoes and my new dress.

Oxford Flats & Gingham

Outfit details: ribbon - ?; dress - etsy; socks - Holeproof; oxford style flats - Rubi Shoes.

I felt slightly school-girlish due to a mix of the pattern of the dress and wearing socks & shoes (wearing a ribbon in my hair probably didn't help any) but I don't mind all that much. The main trouble was finding a cardigan to go with the outfit! I ended up with a red one but it didn't suit very well - maybe something in a darker brown (like the shoes?) or a navy blue. Hmmm.

In terms of shopping I've finally bought myself some MAC lipstick (Ruby Woo) because almost everyone seems to love it so much that I felt I ought to give it a go, even if it is rather a bit expensive. The lady also sold me some lipliner, which I do like to use, anyway. I thought I was doing well and not spending too much...until I bought myself a whole lot of DVDs: a couple of Poirots, Cadillac Records, the most recent adaptation of Persuasion, and a 3 disc set that had a couple of Dirk Bogarde films in it, for those of you who are interested to know! I'm definitely going to (eventually) screencap the Poirots & Cadillac Records. I might even do Persuasion, actually.

Andi B. Goode


  1. Hi Andie, for the uninitiated like myself, what is screencapping please?

  2. What were the ladies at MAC in the city like? I desperately want to go and buy some higher-end makeup but I get super intimidated by the sales ladies in there.

  3. ruby woo is the way to go baby! if you don't like it's mattness (it can be a bit dry for some lips), mix it with a lipstick brush and some gloss on the top side of your hand before you apply it x

  4. I'm excited to see your ventures in mac! Also love the outfit! I have a slight obsession with oxfords/wingtips/brogues.

  5. I saw that dress on etsy! it was in my favourites! I am so glad you have it! It is so beautiful.

  6. I love Ruby Woo, and Russian Red for Mac... Russain Red is a little dark for me depending on what I am wearing though, because I am blonde... I still cant beat Revlon's Fire and Ice tho... :)

  7. You look fantastic! You could try a navy blue cardigan as a nice contrast to the brown. Will you be posting a review of your foray into MAC?

  8. I bought my first MAC lipstick about 2 weeks ago too! I love it :)

  9. ooh now that's super lovely!!! I want it all!


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