Thursday, April 15, 2010

Recent (Online) Purchases

I keep telling myself that I am going to save my money (for what, though, I am not sure - I'd love to take a trip to Melbourne in the near future, so perhaps for that) yet I seem to be unable to. I think it could have something to do with the fact that I keep buying things with it. It does seem to be the most logical explanation. Here are a few things I've bought online in the past week:

1940s Green and White Striped top from Freddies of Pinewood.

Pale Blue Rebecca top from Freddies of Pinewood.

1940s Dress from Vivien of Holloway. This is the style...

and this is the print I got it in.

A ticket to see Wanda Jackson!! I could vomit or cry I am so excited. Sorry for the horrible images that may conjure in your mind but I can't wait! She's playing here in June. I've heard that she's still as rockin' as ever so I'm sure to have a grand time. I just need to plan an appropriately themed outfit for the occasion.

I think this suit would be just the ticket, don't you? Unfortunately, I am far too poor to buy it but perhaps I'll find something else that will do.

Andi B. Goode


  1. wow, these are some FANTASTIC purchases! Exciting news about the concert!!!

  2. Ahh, shopping is always fun! I have that striped tee from Freddies but mine is the red and white stripe!

  3. the dress from Vivianne Of Holloway is just fab!!
    Like your blog!

    best regards all the way from Sweden. :)

  4. oh, i've been looking at the striped one from Freddies. Let me know if it's comfy!

  5. Fantastic purchases, all of them!
    I've been eyeing those striped tops as well, and the Vivien of Holloway dress is going to look lovely on you.

    I've seen Wanda several times, and she is a doll!

  6. I really love that sand dollar print on your dress - can't wait to see an outfit post featuring it!

  7. Wanda was so beautifull in youth.
    I've see the embroidered suit. It's wonderfull but absolutely not affordable. An H Bar C shirt with a scarf will do it for few money in a crowded show no one will see the bottom, only the embroidered shoulders ;)????? No ??? ;)

  8. Andi darling you have such a wonderful wit, I actually began laughing so much (in agreement) over your take on what happens to money that my husband asked me what was so funny (and the cat gave me a rather curious look ;D). Thank you for the big smile - and the gorgeous vintage inspiration in those wonderful images!

    Wishing you a blissful Thursday, honey!
    ♥ Jessica

  9. Great purchases!! Love the first one!

  10. OMG! Wanda is amazing. Sooo amazing in person still. I saw her just a few weeks ago. She's still hip and even covered Amy Winehouse. Oh, I'm so happy for you!

  11. Can't wait to see the V.o.H dress on you!

    That suit is pretty mad...but I can't really focus properly on it cos I'm so distracted by that model's CRAZY HAIR! I've seen her before somewhere (Solanah's blog? Can't remember), it just scares me.

  12. Cool, I love Wanda Jackson!
    Love your new buys too :) It's hot today in Melbourne, and it's reminded me once again that i DO NOT have enough tops!

  13. OH Yeah Wanda Jackson is nuts!!! She dances the WHOLE time I don't know how she doe it! She rocks out and she always wears this fringe red shirt.

  14. you look smashing in that '1940s Dress from Vivien of Holloway'...and yes, that suit is the ticket! nice blog! SJ xx

  15. I have the blue rebecca top too! I have another one in pink but it was a bit too pink on me, I felt like a little piggy. (But I'm going to wear it anyway :)

  16. Found your blog through a link on "Oranges and Apples"--you have fabulous personal style! Wanda Jackson is playing here in London, Ontario in July with a local country band, and I am definitely going--saw here here a few years back and she still kicks ass (in a rockabilly way, of course!)

  17. That green striped top is fab.


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