Monday, April 26, 2010

Ruby Woo Vintage Stall

Sorry for the lack of posting the past few days - I had been getting things ready to sell at the North Adelaide Vintage & Fashion Fair, yesterday. I shared a stall with the gorgeous Ruby (under the name Ruby Woo, hence the title of this post), which I mentioned a few days ago. The day went rather well - I made quite a bit of profit and had a lot of fun, even though it was exhausting. I even managed to take a few photos. First, a couple of outfit shots:

Outfit details: scarf/headband - church op-shop; cardigan - Cotton On; blouse - Cotton On; 1940s repro jeans - Freddies of Pinewood; shoes - Kmart.


For a few weeks I had begun to despair of finding a decent plaid coat for this winter...until I found this one! And I found it at K-Mart, of all places. I would like to have vintage coats but I have found them, thus far, to be too heavy for me, both in terms of weight and warmth - I overheat easily and I like to be able to layer so heavy coats would keep me too warm. 

Enough rambling about coats - how would you like some photos from the fair?

A view of the hall earlier in the day. I'm starting to feel like I live at the Estonian Hall - my Lindy Hop classes are there, too.

Here I am with one of the other two girls who shared the stall with us. Eva or Eve. I can't remember which!

 Ruby & Andi! I wish I hadn't been sitting on the small chair...I am short but not that short?

I was very good for most of the day and didn't buy anything...until right near the very end when I bought these...
Sailor Sweater
This darling sweater was at the stall next to ours just calling to me. How could I not get it? And, at 10$, it was a steal. I was thinking of, perhaps, replacing the buttons. The gold ones are nice but maybe something contrasting would be nicer?

Sailor Sweater
And look at the sailor style collar. Isn't it lovely? The lady I bought it from said her grandma knit it but took really good care of everything - it looks practically new. My mum told me it would have been machine knitted. She used to have a knitting machine, too, but it stopped working.

I also bought this set of cards. Now I just have to find an Ethel to my Lucy to play with me! (Or, perhaps, a Lucy to my Ethel? Hmmm.)

On the subject of purchases, here are some shoes I bought the other day:

New (Secondhand) Shoes
I've wanted shoes like this for ages...of course, I find them when Summer finally appears to be over! Oh well.

New (Secondhand) Shoes

So, yesterday was successful, fun and exhausting.  Now I'm just trying not to spend all the money I made!

Andi B. Goode

P.S. A couple of people asked what it means when I write 'remixed' next to something in an outfit description. On wardrobe_remix most people indicate when they have used a certain item in an outfit before by writing 'remixed' next to it. What it means on my blog is that I was too lazy to edit the description when I copied and pasted it from flickr.


  1. You look good in the Freddies of Pinwoods. I like them and I've been thinking of getting myself a pair of their dungarees, but I haven't seen any pictures on how they look from back, so I'm not quite sure yet... Maybe I just have to give it a shot :)

  2. I really really really like those Utility Jeans...

  3. The plaid coat is so dope! I love it.

    And, uh, you and the girls are so cute I really wish I could have been there.

  4. Woauh i love your red and blue hat !! so stunning !! But who's the girl beyond you ?? hi hi hi hi ;)

    No i'm joking !!! Great pics and seems you have fun with cool girlz.


  5. love the pops of red in your outfit! Drooling over that gorgeous sailor collar sweater. Great find with the coat, too!

  6. Those espadrilles are great! I hope you got them on sale at least, since it's end of season!

  7. How cuuute do you look, oh my gosh!

  8. I adore those shoes.
    that looked like it was fun to be at.

  9. I love your Freddies... definitely going to have to invest in a pair of those... :)

    Wish I would've made it to the stall... oh well, there is always next time


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