Friday, April 9, 2010

Three New Dresses

Yesterday I went out shopping with my mother and got three new (to me, but actually old) dresses. Well, I got one dress and picked the other two up today. They're all from Exclusive Vintage at Prospect, which is one of my favourite shops. If there was a website for it I would link but, alas, there is not.

L-R: 1940s day dress (it somehow reminds me a little of this one, which makes me rather happy as that one has always been a wee bit snug around the hips and I've decided to let it go) 45$; 1940s winter dress (it's NOS but has what is probably some moth damage so we're going to patch it) 10$; 1930s dress with some sun damage (I'm the last gal to take a dress up, usually, especially one as old as this but this length - i.e. dragging on the ground - just isn't wearable so I'm taking it up a bit and am going to attempt making a purse with the remaining fabric. And by 'I' I do mean 'mum') 65$. The two 1940s dresses could be later as she had some similar dresses dated later but these weren't dated; everything from the style to the placement of the zip screams 40s to me, though.

I didn't realise until I was taking these photos that the first two dresses are both made by the same place.

Velvet bow on the 1930s dress. I need to buy some black velvet ribbon to wear in my hair, too.

Detail of embroidered pattern on bodice.

Detail of embroidered pattern on collar.

Andi B. Goode


  1. I'm always jealous of your dresses... amazing discoveries !

  2. I am so impressed with these finds! Lucky you! Can't wait to see photos of them on.

  3. Hi Andi
    Great finds! The embroidery on the two dresses is lovely.


  4. Lovely dresses! You are so lucky you have a store near you that sells vintage clothing. I have to buy everything online and it is always a guessing game whether or not it will fit.


  5. Wow! These are all lovely, but the navy one is my favourite. Lovely details!

    Sarah Louise

  6. wow congrats! i'm soooo envy! if you ever want to sell the green one, please let me know!

  7. I loooove those embroidered details. Lucky you. What a trio of good finds.

  8. Love the new dresses!!! Great finds!

  9. What charmingly wonderful finds! I adore the little details on each of them - and the chipper hue of that pink frock in particular. Congrats on your many wonderful "new" frocks, they're fantastic!

    Scores of hugs!
    ♥ Jessica


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