Monday, May 3, 2010

Outfit: Roller Derby Sunday

Yesterday, I went to the roller derby to see the Salty Dolls v. the Mile Die Club (the former won, for those interested). I was still feeling unwell but, having pre-ordered a ticket, I went along anyway. I also wanted to support some of my lovely friends - the Radelaide Ragdolls - who performed a smokin' blues routine at halftime. 

Because I wasn't feeling well I went to my default comfortable, yet still vintage-esque, item of clothing: yes, that's right, my Freddies jeans! I think it may have been dangerous to buy these because I want to wear them all the time and I used to be a very, very, occasional trousers gal. Oh dear.

Roller Derby, Sunday

Outfit details: scarf - op-shop; sunglasses - op-shop; letter cardigan - Revival; belt - ?; 1940s repro t-shirt - Freddies of Pinewood; 1940s repro jeans - Freddies of Pinewood; shoes - KMart.

As you can see, I'm also wearing the other shirt I bought from Freddies. They're both incredibly comfortable and fit really well, too. I think this one I got in a large, because they didn't have medium, but the blue I got in a medium. And, as I said, they fit perfectly. Oh, and I was snapped by a newspaper - it may have been The Advertiser but I didn't listen properly - and they asked me all about my outfit but who knows if I'll make it in. I shall have to keep a check on the papers!

And here's a snap of the lovely ladies I mentioned. They did a really great job! I was nervous/excited for them and it went really well. Huzzah for the Radelaide Ragdolls!

Andi B. Goode


  1. great outfit, i like the bandana in your hair.

  2. Darling you look adorable in that outfit !! I have been feeling a bit blah myself latley and the scarf, jeans and shirt look has been appearing from out of my cupboard instead of summer sun dresses too ! Great to meet you here - hopefully one day we can meet in person - do you go to Wintersun or Greazefest by any chance? Looking forward to getting to know you here anyhow !! Vintage love, from me at Alice Jean's XX

  3. What a rockin' outfit! And what a cool event!

  4. they look like the cutest roller derby team! I love it! They are adorable. I love your outfit too! I am sure you had a great time.

  5. You look great! Fabulous colour co-ordination!

    Now... if I could only squeeze into my Freddies comfortably and look as cute as you ;)

  6. I feel the same about my Freddies, they're so comfy and you don't have to put too much effort into looking vintage with them that i want to wear them all the time!
    Love your sunglasses too! xx

  7. Oooh! I love this outfit so, so much! The perfect vintage-casual look, imho. ;) Those jeans are amazing; I have got to either procure a pair for myself (before the winter) or make jeans (scary!).

    ♥ Casey
    blog |

  8. You look great! I love looking at Casual Vintage outfits.

    I wish I had some Freddies.

  9. i just got home from my first rollerderby meeting! man i am nervous.

    do you like rollerderby... or i suppose i mean, do you think you'd ever play?

  10. I love the red and green. You look fantastic!

  11. Great casual outfit, I can see why you'd choose it over "dressier" clothes! It is rather dangerous with these comfy clothes, isn't it? =) I have a skirt, a simple blue wool skirt, that I've basically been wearing the entire winter. It's getting warmer now, and I'm a bit at a loss as to what to wear instead... =)

  12. You look great and thanks for introducing me to Freddies!!

  13. I love your outfits! Thank you for following my new blog. I will upload some pictures of my outfits soon!

    Greetings from Germany,

  14. Helen: Thanks. =D
    Kesenya: Thank-you. Oh, yes, that would be lovely! It's my dream to meet more of my lovely blogger friends one day!
    Baroness: Thanks! And, yes, it is.
    Atomic Bettie: Thanks! They're my favourite.
    Justice Pirate: They are cute but they were the dance team! Not the roller girls. =]
    Kally: Thank-you. =D
    Stefanie: That's it exactly. =] Too easy. ;]
    Casey: Hehe, thank-you! =D I'm sure if you made the jeans they'd look amazing.
    Angel: Thank-you. =] So do I.
    Julia: I answered the question on twitter - I wouldn't ever play. I've never been an active person, especially with sport. I'm also too scared of getting hurt! lol And too lazy to learn how to skate properly ;]
    Retro Chick: Thanks. =D
    Erika: Yes, it is dangerous. Hehe. But it's nice to have a comfy option!
    Rebecca: Thanks. =D
    Barn House Antiques: Thank-you! And you're welcome.
    Ruby: Aw, you're welcome. I look forward to it.

  15. I love the oufit in the first pic! Cute red cardi!

  16. Super cute – and the event sounds fun too. Fingers crossed you get in the paper!
    ps I hope you feel better soon :)

  17. Wow, I love this! One of my favourite outfits of yours. That head-scarf is gorgeous.

  18. I think that is a perfect outfit for the derby, since you never know if you will get stuck sitting on the floor... (at least here in the states)

  19. Gio Goi Shoes: Thank-you. =D
    Marianne: Thanks! =] It should be in there if there's enough room, apparently. And, I do feel better, thanks. =]
    Andrea: Aww, thank-you! =D I love wearing headscarves. ;]
    Meghan: It turned out that I did have to sit on the floor so it was lucky I wore this!

  20. You are stunning!! That outfit is the most adorable thing I've ever seen! Jealousy abounds :)

  21. I love the outfit. :-) You are giving me shirt envy to boot.

    Hope you got less bruised than the opposing team!

  22. Lily: Hehe, thank-you! *blush*
    Shallow Mallow: =D Thanks. Haha, no bruises on the audience, thankfully. ;]

  23. That outfit is adorable! Gah, I really need to get some of those jeans, I keep seeing them on my favorite bloggers looking absolutely fabulous. How much exactly do they cost?

  24. Kir: Thanks. =D I couldn't say, really, as the shipping/exchange rates would be different!


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