Saturday, May 1, 2010

Outfit Roundup: Thursday & Friday Nights

Just another quick entry to show off a couple of outfits from the past few days...

Vintage & Vinyl Stomp
I wore this to Stomp on Thursday night. I had a few dances (the tape on my shoes is for the dancing) and spent the night in very good company. I decided to wear one of the tops I bought from Freddies of Pinewood a few weeks ago.

Outfit details: ribbon - ?; earrings - gift; 1950s repro shirt - Freddies of Pinewood; belt - ?; 1930s crepe skirt - Red Ruby Vintage; socks - Big W; shoes - KMart.

Last night (being Friday) I went to an exhibition opening with a friend. I put this outfit on, first:

What I Didn't Wear Friday Night
(This is the dress I bought for 10$ last month).

but I've been feeling run down (like I might be getting a cold, alas) and nothing I wear feels comfortable, so I changed into this...

What I Actually Wore Friday Night
Outfit details: 1950s blouse - The Way We Wear Fair; red pencil skirt - op-shopped; stockings - Love Kylie; bracelet - Rubi Shoes; shoes - Big W.

I'm not sure how, when one is feeling uncomfortable, changing into a pencil skirt is at all logical but it worked!

Now I'm going to rest so that I will hopefully feel better for when I go to the roller derby tomorrow.

Andi B. Goode

P.S. I don't have anymore questions to answer on formspring...ask me some (please)!


  1. All three outfits are great. But I do prefer the pencil skirt over the dress :)

  2. love them all!The blue dress is so pretty!

  3. Gorgeous! A pencil skirt always makes you feel good i think :) xx

  4. wow what a great ten dollar find. it looks great on you.

  5. You look fantastic!! Are those Freddie's of Pinewood tops comfy? I wanted to buy some but was unsure of the fit.

  6. Gorgeous outfits! I love the brown gloves and shoes with the navy dress, brown and blue are one of my favourite colour combos :)

    I hope you're feeling better!

  7. You're so stylish and fierce! I just love all of your looks.

  8. Beautiful ouitfits all of them! You really have the most amazing wardrobe, it's so inspiring to see your outfits!
    I actually liked best the one you didn't weat, the blue colour is gorgeous, but I know what you mean about not feeling like dressing up when one's sick. Better to save the blue dress for a day when you'll feel like wearing it!

  9. emma: Thank-you. =] I kind of like the dress better but not for where I was going.
    art*deco*dame: Thanks! Yes, it's a new favourite.
    Stefanie: It certainly does.
    Justice Pirate: Thank-you. =D Yes, isn't it?
    Pink Champagne: Thanks. They're incredibly comfortable!
    esme and the lane way: Thank-you. =D Yes, I love that colour combo, too.
    Riikka: Aw, thank-you so much!
    Erika: Thanks! =D Yes, exactly - then I'll feel really good about wearing it.


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