Friday, May 21, 2010

Outfit: Stomp Stomp Stomp

As I mentioned in the last post, I was out Lindy Hoppin' all night at Stomp, the weekly social swing night but I've only just uploaded the photo of what I wore:

Stompin' at the Savoy
Outfit details: hair scarf - Good Will; earrings - gift; vintage sweater - Irving Baby; belt - ?; vintage skirt - Salvo's; socks - Big W; saddle shoes - Payless.

The pink & the red clashed a little more in reality but I almost always like pink & red, when the lights are dim no one can tell the difference anyway. 

I only ever really get the chance to take one or two photos before I realise I'm running late and always forget to take detail shots. Never mind! 

Andi B. Goode

P.S. I'm working on some of your suggestions - I'm really glad a lot of you wanted me to share my favourite music!


  1. I must say I really like your new saddle shoes! I think I need to get myself a pair, too...

  2. Such a cool outfit, love the bobby-sox look!!
    From Carys of La Ville Inconnue

  3. so fun, i love the shoes. It's great that you go social dancing all the time. We just go to classes...

  4. Ina: Thanks! Oh, you should. =D
    Carys: Hehe, thank-you. I'm pretty stuck on that look, right now.
    Franca: Thanks! =D Aw, that's a pity. I totally prefer social dancing to classes, right now. But at least you're still dancing!

  5. I always love when you're smiling in a photo. This Stomp night sounds like soo much fun :)

  6. You're styling is really cool!

  7. Definitely didn't clash in real life. It was dark inside, anyway.

    I'm Earanee, by the way. I was standing next to you for the birthday dances. Blonde girl in the 40s slacks and floral cardigan. I used to read your blog a while back and just though to have a look at it again to double check that you were who I thought. I was going to ask you, but Jarryd distracted me. Hello!!

  8. I really really adore this look! it's so casual and comfy, i bet, but so vintage darling too, perfect for a night out dancing :)
    You really do make it look so sweet!
    It's awesome you're enjoying the stomp nights, i haven't worked the courage up to go to one yet! I really should soon.

  9. you look adorable!!!!! do a lindy hop for me!

  10. You wore this to go swing dancing!? Amazing. You must have knocked them out when they saw you in that amazing outfit. ADORABLE!

  11. i adore your outfit!!! i too, need to get me a pair of saddle shoes! you're an inspiration hun! :-)

  12. Love the outfit! I love Lindy Hop too, I'm going dancing tommorrow...looking at your blog I can hardly wait :)

  13. @Erin Smith

    Come to Stomp! Best decision I ever made. I had one of their flyers for about 3 years before I actually rocked up, and I kicked myself for having left it that long before going.

  14. Very cute! I'm definitely thinking of getting saddle shoes, but it sucks to think about wearing socks, now that it's finally 70 degrees nearly every day. I'm dying to take lindy hop/swing classes, and now that I'm graduated and unemployed, I might actually have time to do it.

  15. You look great. love the saddle shoes.

  16. Emma: Hehe, thanks! It's so hard, usually, because I have to wait 10 seconds for the timer to go off ;] Stomp is great.
    Ruby: Thank-you!
    Earanee: Oh, hi! That's awesome. =D
    Erin: Thanks. =] Oh, you definitely should come to Stomp!!
    Justice Pirate: Hehe, thanks. Will do ;]
    Graham: Aww. Hehe, thank-you! =]
    Atomic Mama: Thanks. =]
    Rosalee: Aw, thank-you! I think everyone should have saddle shoes ;]
    Rebecca Jean: Thanks =]
    The lady: Thank-you! Have fun. =D
    Vintage Baroness: Thanks =D
    Madame Dollface: Thanks! I like to wear it like that when I'm feeling lazy ;]
    d.funkt: Aw, you can still wear socks. I wore socks a lot in summer when it was about 100 here. =] Oh, definitely take up swing dancing! It's great.
    Anastasia: Thank-you. =]

  17. Lol! At least you do manage to get some photos before you go dancing, I basically never do that, all my dance-outfit pictures are post-dancing =)
    I tend to have the same thought about colours, or stray hair that doesn't quite want to stay in the hairdo: In the dim light and the movements of the dance, who's gonna notice?
    Great outfit, the skirt looks perfect for dancing!

  18. Erika: Oh, yes, I would look quite a sight after dancing. Hehe. But your photos always look lovely! =D Yeah, it was really comfy to dance in.


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