Sunday, May 2, 2010

Style Icons {Ethel Mertz}

I haven't done one of my style icon posts for a while - I think the last one was on my mum - but hopefully this will be the first of many more to come.

Now, everyone loves Lucy (at least, I like to think that they do) and why shouldn't they? But I happen to think Lucy's best gal pal, Ethel Mertz, is just as cute and stylish as Lucy herself. So, this is my little tribute to one of the best best friends in history: Ethel!


I've always not-so-secretly loved Ethel's hair.



I also love her facial expressions.



And she has some very cute dresses that I wish were in my own wardrobe.

Here's a video of Lucy & Ethel being incredibly cute, that I just adore (and check out Ethel's snazzy ensemble, too).

What other friend would be willing to be the back end of a horse for her pal?



I grew up watching I Love Lucy. I still haven't seen every episode (would you believe it's not available on DVD in Australia?) but I have a few VHS tapes full of episodes my sister taped from TV that I've practically worn out. The show is a big part of my personal history and it never fails to make me laugh, even when I know what's coming! Ethel is a very important ingredient of the show, just as each character is. I love the friendship between Lucy and Ethel - they fight but always make up, they get up to mischief, they sing, they dance and, gosh, who could want for a better friendship?

Hopefully, this becomes a regular feature again (along with Silver Screen Sunday) because I like to share more than just my own outfits with you all. I think sharing my other interests, even if they're still vintage themed, helps to get to know more about me and getting to know little things about other people is one of the things I love about the blogs I read.

Andi B. Goode


  1. Yes! I used to watch this with my mom all the time. My sister has every season the show.

  2. I love Lucy too!Did you know poor Vivian Vance was required to weigh I think 15 or 20 more pounds than Lucy?

  3. Love it! Ethel doesn't get enough love. I read Vivian Vance's biography last year and it was great!

  4. I hated that they always tried to make Ethel look so old! She was so pretty

  5. I love this post! Ethel ruled.

  6. I love Ethel's trousers in the video!

  7. I would never have thought of Ethel as a style icon, but now that you mention it, her outfits are rather nice.

    @art*deco*dame What a shame to make Ethel so frumpy!

  8. Thank you - I am lucky enough to have it on DVD and you have prompted me to dig them out again

  9. To be honest I've only ever watched a few episodes ever cause I don't have pay tv and as you said its on dvd in Aus yet. Is there a Reject Shop in Adelaide? Cause I work there part time and they get some episodes of Lucy, not seasons on dvd for like $2 if you have one near you suss it out!

  10. They were awesome together, such great friends! I agree about her hair too! xx

  11. I'm so happy to see more Ethel fans! =D
    art*deco*dame: I didn't know that!!
    Danielle: Ooh, I've not read her biography. That'd be really interesting, though.
    MadameDollface: I have found a few of those before. =]

  12. I always thought Ethel had better clothes than Lucy! I love her!

  13. Christine: So glad we think alike =D


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