Wednesday, May 19, 2010


I find myself, yet again, utterly lacking in inspiration. Not just in blogging but in life in general. I struggle with anxiety (mainly brought on by ‘social phobia’ apparently) and mild depression (I suppose this is the correct way to ‘label’ it but it does sound absurd to use words like ‘mild’ as though depression were a headache or a cold) that I feel is often linked to my anxiety.

I don’t often write about this publicly on the internet nor do I talk about it a lot, in general*, (though more than I used to) but I think it helps explain my lack of inspiration. I’m going through a period of what I’m sure Jane Austen would call ‘low spirits’ and am, therefore, finding it difficult to find both motivation and inspiration.

So, what I’m asking of you today, dear readers, is to make some suggestions – anything you’d like to see that I don’t generally blog about or, perhaps, more of something I already do. I’d prefer it to stay in the vintage/fashion theme that I’ve used for the rest of my blog – of course, if there are questions about any other part of my life you’d like answered, feel free to leave me one on formspring. I’d be more than happy to answer (most) anything anyone is curious about. Feel free to ask me to blog about anything you may have been curious to see, even if you think it may be a bit of a challenge. I know it can be hard to suggest things - in fact, I know I never do when others ask because I just can't think of anything! - but if you can think of something I'd very much appreciate it.

I have a list of ideas for back up blog entries but none of them are appealing to me at the moment. Though I could probably fill up a hundred entries with all of the things I’ve got my eye on at etsy, right now! Mustn’t spend!

Thanks in advance, dear readers!

Andi B. Goode

*I think one of the reasons is that I don't want people to think I'm fishing for sympathy when I'm just trying to be honest - I'm sure a lot of you feel the same way!


  1. Same boat, girl. Seriously, same boat. I love your blog and I really, really enjoyed your camera post. It's neat to see the other stuff you're passionate about. I'd like to hear more about those things too, along with what you're wearing when you enjoy those things : )
    ha ha

    So yeah, more on the stuff that makes you happy. It might help in the depression department, too. : )

  2. Do you cook/bake much? You could post about things you like to cook. I think I've seen you say that you're a vegetarian? Hmm stuff like that kind of strays from your aesthetic but you might be able to work it in somehow!

    Something about the gender politics of vintage fashion and sewing? I read this the other day which I found interesting, maybe that could prompt you somewhat.

    Vintage interiors you find inspiring/appealing?

    Other websites/bloggers you like? Maybe some kind of "blogger spotlight" to introduce your readers to little-known blogs?

    Aaand I hope you know that you shouldn't feel like we all expect something of you and you don't have to hold yourself to anybody to continually produce amazing content - just post what you know and love and anything you find inspiring or amazing or interesting and thought provoking. Either way I'll keep reading. You're one of my favourite bloggers and such a perfect change from all the pretentious nonsense. xoxo <3 Hang in there from a fellow Adelaidean :)

  3. I'm sorry to hear about your struggle with anxiety and depression. Many of the people I'm closest to struggle with these same issues so if you ever need someone to talk to, I'm here. :)

    You seem to have such amazing vintage collections so perhaps you could do posts to showcase your favorite dresses, shoes, handbags? Loved the hat and camera posts!

  4. Sorry to hear you are feeling that way, it is more natural and common than modern advertising wants us to believe. After all, they make out you will feel better if you had a new t.v/used different tooth paste/installed a odour eliminator. The end result is we get the idea that we are ONLY supposed to be happy - it just doesn't work that way!

    Creative types go through cycles including a low period. I do too.

    like the others say, give us some more of your collections/stuff that makes you happy. Maybe a wish list of lovely things or destinations.

    Look after yourself

  5. Hi Andi,

    I suffer from anxiety too. For the most of last year, I couldn't even get on a bus without completely freaking out. It sounds ridiculous but alot of it was brought on by people staring at me beause of the way I dress, I could hear people talking about me like I wasn't even there, and it made me completely paranoid. As for being happy...who is? Just know that you are inspirational to lots of people and anything that you write on here the masses will lap up! Maybe more of the things that inspire you, people, music, things you liked growing up that shaped how you got to be where you are today.

    Take Care, and chin up! J x

  6. Hey Andi,

    you seem to like music just as much as I do! I'm posting a music post today and maybe you could post some of your faves as well. Maybe you want to help to spread the word about the best music ever ;)

  7. Consider going to garage sales and posting what you find. As a vintage buyer and seller I always find that stuff interesting and I'm sure lots of your other readers would too :)

  8. dear darling Andi! You are DEFINITELY not alone! I don't think you need to do anything differently with your blog....unless you want to! I LOVE to see your outfits and posts about all the lovely events you've been to. I love knowing your movie and music choices, of course. Most importantly, I just really like your style! I go through inspiration blocks all the time (blogging is a creative outlet and some times I get blogger's block, as I do with other things). My suggestion is blog when you feel like it and don't when you don't! I myself am trying to reduce quantity/number of posts per week. I am hoping it will allow for improved quality.

    Final note: I totally relate to you about the issues you noted. The way I deal these days is by not being too hard on myself or forcing myself to do things if I'm just not feeling it. If you need down time, take it. We'll be here whenever you feel inspired! xoxo

  9. I would love more music/film recommendations from you! Always on the lookout for new things to try.

    As for your other issues, I think you should feel safe talking about them here - you'd be surprised at how many people are going through the same things. We are just brought up not to talk about it, which really makes things so much more difficult, as one ends up assuming that they are alone in their situation, or that they should be ashamed of feeling the way they do. When I first began to struggle with depression and the urge to harm myself, 'emo' fashion/lifestyle movement was just coming out, and I was terrified of being labeled an "attention seeker", so I just kept my problems to myself. My family is very WASP-y too, and I always felt like my mother was ashamed of my grandmother (who suffers debilitating depression/anxiety - it seems to run in the women of our family) and recently refused to discuss the fact that my cousin was committed to an institution after suffering a psychotic break. It really is a shame that society is still so uncomfortable talking about these things, as mental health is something which really depends on the support of others.

    What I'm saying, I guess, is that there are a lot of us going through the same thing - and I think that if you're down, or upset, that you shouldn't feel bad for wanting to share that or wanting to reach out. The people that I have met here really do understand, and they're all ready to support you :)

  10. Sorry to hear that, girl. Here's a suggestion; the wish list
    I guess we all dream about making that fab catch on the fleamarket. I mean I'm always drooling over dresses from films and old pics that seriously think that I one day might find on a garage sale. It kind of makes me keep on looking.

    It would be fun to know what you have on your top five wish list?

  11. I just starting following your blog yesterday and I really like it. I don't have any specific ideas for post topics other than to say keep up what you're doing. I suffer from social phobia as well, and use blogging as a way to try to overcome it.

  12. I don't think you should change a thing about your blog my girl, it's fantastic the way it is! I like seeing your outfit posts, and also films, i love discovering new films.
    I go through periods where i really can't be bothered to do any blogging or i don't know what the hell to blog about. I just take a break, do other stuff that makes me happy and the inspiration usually comes back. *big hugs*

  13. oh i love your blog just the way it is! i think it's great when you post about whatever you want, it's all bloody interesting to me!

  14. I don't have mild depression or anything, but I'm totally with you on the blog post inspiration thing. I have no idea what to post. Which is awful because I LOVE blogging and my blog. I'm just at a loss of what to do. :/

  15. Don't feel alone...
    I think all creative and artistic people go through periods of great inspiration, where you have great ideas just flowing out of your head and you can't stop thinking about them; where everything inspires you and triggers your creativity.
    Then comes a dry period, where nothing interests you and everything seems dull and "uninspirational". You keep trying to get inspired but nothing seems to help!
    I know this has happened to me and I am in a "dry period" too, but I always come out of it sooner or later and end up more creative then before!
    And it helps me know myself better than before...
    So don't get discouraged!!

  16. Trust me when I say that I will say a prayer that you overcome this issue. It is never easy to come out and say that you have a problem, but don't forget you will always have people willing to help you.

    For inspiration, I would suggest maybe taking pictures of what you wear, anything really happy in your life and anything that makes you feel happy.

  17. I have similar issues with anxiety and depression, and it affects my creativity and inspiration in much the same way.

    Just take some time to yourself, the blog should be fun, not an obligation.

  18. Dear Andi -

    As a fellow anxiety sufferer and fellow swing dancer, may I recommend more posts about the swing dance scene in your town? That, of course, would mean you'd have to go out dancing more, which has always helped my anxiety....

    Others have mentioned enjoying the camera post; I did, as well, and wonder what other vintage goodies you have collected that we might enjoy seeing?

    I have been going through a dry spell in my own blog and am working my way back to better blogdom. Sisters in struggle, unite! lol


  19. Aw, I hope you feel better soon! I think it's awesome that despite being anxious about social situations you throw yourself into them (dancing, etc.).

    I feel the same way right now, blog-wise. My life has been bouncing all over the place and it's too easy for two weeks to pass by without posting anything, and when I finally want to update I don't know what to do anymore. Maybe it doesn't come "naturally" to me.

    I think it'd be really fun if you did more posts on dancing - not "ANDI GO DANCE MORE" but maybe videos of new steps you're learning or how you got started?

  20. I love your outfit posts. They inspire me to do more of my own. But, being a lindy hopper as well, I would love pictures of you and your friends dancing. I know that may be a hard one because you are so busy having fun that you dont want to take pictures! Beside that, we all have our moments of depression and I think dressing the way we do sometimes makes it worse because of the comments we get out in public. I know I'm always on the offensive. But just keep doing what makes you happy and it'll all turn out ok in the end.

  21. I've dealt with depression too most of my life, where I was prescribed a lot of anti-depressants in high school (which didn't work!). I've learned to manage it by getting exercise regularly (about 3-4 times a week for about 1 hr to 3 hrs per time) since then, and it's helped tremendously. I've been off meds now for about 10 yrs or so. I've just been maintaining regular physical exercise and that's helped to keep me on an even keel.

    Maybe some physical activity that you enjoy would help? You mention dancing a lot, so maybe do more of that?

    Your blog is a great source of inspiration for all things vintage and it's great to see such honest posts.

  22. I completely understand. I've been working through depression myself over the last three months and I know it just doesn't work to try to just "snap out of it" and a of people don't get that.

    I found a great exercise that can be used as a sort of quick fix (as much of a quick fix as you can get) in this book Yoga for Depression. Take one deep breath while saying to yourself "I am not my depressed/anxious/etc. mood", hold the breath for 3 counts, and as you release it, repeat "I am" 6 times. It works to get you through a lot of tough moments so you can get a task done or something.

    Post about music. Music often has a happy effect. Best of luck and take care of yourself. And just from skimming through the comments, it seems you've built a really supportive community in the blogosphere. They're behind computers, but they do care. You're really lucky.

  23. I've only just started reading your blog and I can't resist responding to your request here. I'd love to read more about the dancing nights you go to - how you got into it, what you do (well, dance, I'm assuming...), was it hard to pick up, what your favourite types of dance are, etc. The outfits you wear to your dance nights always look amazing and I'd be fascinated to hear the stories that go with them.

  24. Just wanted to say I always enjoy reading your blog, your outfits are always so lovely and just that little bit different! I love seeing what you have been up to over your weekend aswell, you get up to such exciting things, Adelaide seems to have some really great things on! Take care :)


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