Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Dream Cardi, Got Me Dreaming Sweet Dreams

Just a short post to introduce you all to my new cardigan; it may not actually be my dream cardi (as suggested by the title), but it is dreamy:


It's not often that I find anything decent in op-shops, anymore. So, when I saw this lovely (for only 4$) I snapped it up straight away. It's definitely 1950s style but I'm not sure when this actually dates to. There's a little hole on one of the sleeves and some discolouration but with something this cute, and this cheap, it really doesn't matter!



It fits me almost perfectly and it's a little itchy but I'm willing to make allowances. I'm just dying for some 1940s (or 40s style) knitwear but it's so hard to find! And I'm more than willing to knit my own (once I can figure out how to work with vintage patterns) but it's so expensive to knit up a whole sweater! 

Or, perhaps, it just seems more expensive because I'm rather a bit strapped for cash, at the moment. Have been thinking of selling some of my 70s/80s, etc. I no longer want/need on etsy, maybe, and perhaps setting up an account to sell prints of my artwork, seeing as no one wants to employ me, at the moment. Thoughts?

Ahem. Anyway, isn't my new cardigan lovely?

Andi B. Goode


  1. It's gorgeous!

    You know I think you should open an etsy shop for vintage!

    One for your artwork would be great too! You could even sell greeting cards with some of your photos on the front.


  2. An amazing cardigan over an amzing dress. I love the detais. A perfect look to go to the cinema

  3. Oh that's gorgeous, I love that pearl detail!

  4. Indead a dreamy cardigan :) I'm also looking for 40's (and 50's) cardigans. Cardigans is actually a weak spot in my wardrobe...

  5. Your new cardigan is lovely! I remember being rather startled by the cost of yarn when I began looking into taking up knitting. However, it's totally worth it to invest a bit in good quality yarn. Ehmm, if one has the means to do so... Setting up a shop sounds like a good idea! =) I hope you'll find a job soon!

  6. might as well start with the selling to help out. That is like what I have been doing. I have had about 10 things in my shop if even that and have sold 3 but they are mainly things that I haven't worn in a long time (over a few years).

  7. You might try looking at places like Elann.com or Yarn.com for yarn. 40s sweaters use very little yarn so if you can find it discounted, the cost of making a whole sweater isn't too bad.

  8. 40s knitwear is so difficult to find isn't it? I have tried for so long to find some but to no avail :(

    Your cardi is indeed very dreamy, I just love all the detail that goes into vintage cardis with the beading.

    I say yes to setting up an etsy shop! Even if it doesn't go as plan as least you can say you tried. Good luck!

  9. That is indeed a dreamy cardi!

    Regarding the Etsy shop - I say go for it! It would be pretty cool to offer both vintage as well as your own artwork.

  10. Very very pretty cardigan! Great find :)

    (Maybe you could sell your things through your blog? Just a though)

  11. Awesome cardi. I have been on the hunt for nice knits lately - but you're right, it is pretty difficult!

    I think you should go for the etsy shop! There aren't enough aussie sellers!! Besides, you take gorgeous photos and have great style - you're sure to be a success.

    Don't fret too much about not finding work just yet - something perfect will come along eventually :)

  12. Gorgeous!! I adore beaded cardigans--what a fantastic find!

    lol. I know what you mean about being strapped for cash. ;) lol. Anyway, I think setting up an Etsy shop would be a brilliant idea!

    ♥ Casey
    blog | elegantmusings.com

  13. Oh that cardi really is so sweet!!! what a find for so cheap :)

    I think the etsy shop is a great idea, what have you got to lose? i'd certainly consider buying one of your prints!

  14. Pretty! I'm completely addicted to my little beaded cardigan (as you can probably tell from my last week of outfit shots). Hehe!

  15. Love your style Andi! You do vintage so well!

  16. gorgeous cardy. Yes, do an esty shop, you have a great eye for outfits and you could really do something neat with it. Even if you get a normal job, Etsy could tick over in the background. You go girl!

  17. $4. Wow, what a steal.

  18. Oh, the cardigan is so pretty! I really love the colour, and the pearl detail is great. A totally dreamy outfit. :-)

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  20. Love the beading work on your cardi! I love the color too! That's a steal! :)

  21. Lovely cardigan. I have problems finding good knitwear. I'd go for an etsy account, I'd do it if I only had the time! (I have some material for this one accessory idea I have, I've had the stuff for two years and still not gotten started..!)


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