Thursday, June 3, 2010

Musical Interlude {Sparkle Moore}

A while ago, now, my friend gave me a whole heap of songs she had downloaded - mainly rockabilly and related tunes. One of my favourite finds, whilst going through all of the songs, was a series of compilations called 'Hot Boppin' Girls'. I think it's fair to say that the average person thinks of  musicians like Elvis Presley, Gene Vincent, Eddie Cochran et al when they think about 1950s rockabilly and that, with a few exceptions, women get pretty much overlooked. 

So, a compilation dedicated to female rockabilly singers got me really excited (I'm sure there are other compilations out there but this series is all I have) - there are tunes from gals like Ruth Brown, Barbara Pittman, Ella Mae Morse and lots of others. One of my favourites is a lady by the name of Sparkle Moore. And not least because she dressed in men's clothing and often sported a pompadour. You can read a teensy little bit about her here at Wikipedia.

I think this is my favourite picture!

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Here are a couple of her songs (she didn't record many, which is a pity):

This was the B-Side to her single Rock-A-Bop.

While I'm by no means an aficionado, I think one of the reasons I've come to love rockabilly and hillbilly/country music so much is that, unlike most popular music, it's so common to see women playing musical instruments! And I love seeing that. I have a feeling Sparkle would have rocked just as hard as Gene Vincent when she toured with him in 1956, don't you think?

Andi B. Goode

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  1. Odd, I'd never even heard about her before! Thank you so much for introducing her!

  2. WOW! She's amazing:D Thanks for sharing...

  3. I'd never heard of her but I really like Killer! Thanks for the post!
    ^.^ -Cheri

  4. Great post!! One of my all time favorite female artists is Wynona Carr. If you dont know her definitely check her out. She's right up there with Ruth Brown for me.

  5. This is really neat - I had no idea she existed. What awesome pics and I love the songs!!! Thanks so much for sharing. I can't get over how awesome she looks in these pics!

  6. woow thanks for introducing her!

  7. Thank you for this post! I was just wishing the other day that I had more female singers on my "retro" playlist :)

  8. she also runs a vintage shop now called ' the girl cant help it ' shes fab !

  9. I love,love,love Sparkle Moore!di

  10. I didn't know this and really love it - so thanks for this!

  11. Wow! I was not familiar with any of the girls of Rockabilly. Thank you so much!


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