Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Musical Interlude {Nik, really}

Quite a while ago I asked you all for some suggestions on things I could blog about (just to mix it up a little) and I think Jenny of Yesterday Girl said I could maybe write a little about things that I liked growing up that shaped who I am. So, today, because I am too lazy to get around to blogging the kazillion other things I want to, I thought I would share a music video with you. (I wasn't really sure what to use as a title for this post so I just stuck with my 'musical interlude' theme).

(You have to wait about 20 seconds before the video starts).

I would watch this over & over - I had two VHS tapes with videos my sister had recorded from the TV in the mid-late 80s. The second lot of music videos were on the end of a tape that had Rocky Horror Picture Show and some episodes of Family Ties on it. This was my favourite of all the videos on there. I loved the story of the video but I mostly loved the costumes (in the first half) - the not-exactly-accurate-but-very-colourful 1980s take on 50s and 60s fashions really caught my eye. 

My favourite movie as a child was Grease (actually, it was tied with Rocky Horror Picture Show)*, so I suppose it's only natural that something like this would please me. I would watch the video, rewind the tape, watch it again over & over. I'm surprised the tape hasn't worn out! (I still have it). I'm not sure how much it shaped me but it does, at least, show that I've always had an eye for vintage-style fashions (even though I didn't realise they weren't accurate as a little girl - though there are a couple of girls in there with rather amazing beehives I'm a little bit envious of!)

What music videos, pictures, movies, etc., did my lovely readers like growing up that may have contributed to their love of vintage now?

Andi B. Goode

*I say 'as a child' but they haven't actually changed since I was 5 years old.


  1. Wow, I love these costumes, this is such a cool video! I really can't think of anything that might have contributed to my love of vintage, I wish I could!
    From Carys of La Ville Inconnue

  2. That video is so awesome! I love the 80s does 50s costumes. I think that the two movies that made me love vintage were "How To Marry a Millionaire" and "Thoroughly Modern Millie" (I actually wore out my VHS copy). And also watching reruns of Perry Mason since I was two.

  3. Fun music video! Thanks for sharing this bit of your childhood memories.

    I always put up videos in my blog when I'm feeling a bit lazy too. But, it's not really cheating because we all enjoy it!

  4. Ooh! There were two vintage-themed music videos that I loved when I was in high school.

    I Knew the Bride When She Used to Rock and Roll, by Nick Lowe

    Its a mess of 80s meets 50s but its still great. Please note that the bride's dress is 50s from the waist up...and its a micro mini.

    ...and Stand By by Roman Holiday.

    Again, a mess of 80's meets 50s? 40s? Its hard to tell what they're going for but I remember thinking at the time that it was SO vintage. At any rate, I LOVE this song! Husband got me the 45 for my birthday last year. Love!

    And then of course there's the movie Absolute Beginners.

    Its a totally mixed up but gorgeous sartorial mess. Its too bad this isn't a better movie, because its so pretty. I wish they'd done better justice to the book. OH well.

  5. As a kid, I had an early love for big hair, red lips and cat eye shaped liner. My dad was very fond of the old Warner Brother and Tex Avery cartoons,he would record them and watch them back with me. I also loved watching old Hollywood movies with him, such as Casablanca and Gone with the Wind, so I guess my dad was the first person to influence my love of vintage looks and styles. His appreciation of 'old stuff' (as my mom would say) inspired me to appreciate and treasure the things that came before me.

  6. Nik Kershaw always makes me smile! Me and Ulrika from Freelancer's Fashionblog had this thing for Nik Kershaw a few years back, so she even gave me a CD for my birthday. It really started out as a joke, but then suddenly we were listening to Nik Kershaw on our pre-parties before going out. :D

  7. Carys: Glad you enjoyed it! =D That's OK. Thanks for the comment!
    The Frog's Eyebrows: I love them too! Oh, awesome. =] I love both of those films.
    Sarsaparilla: You're welcome. Glad you enjoyed it!
    Gabriella: Ooh, thanks for sharing those! I've never seen either. Hehe.
    Ivey Scarlette: Oh, wow, awesome. I love Tex Avery but never watched any of his as a kid. Thanks for sharing!
    ina: That's a great story - thanks for sharing that. =D Glad I'm not the only Nik Kershaw lover, then. Hehe.


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