Thursday, July 29, 2010

Recent Purchases and a (Lazy) Outfit

Gosh, it's been nearly a week since my last post. I hate when that happens! Oh well. Anyway, even though I've been trying my hardest not to spend any money, I've still been buying things sporadically. So, these aren't exactly recent purchases, I suppose...but take a look, anyway.

This amazing dress from Twila Jean (here on etsy) arrived, yesterday. I uploaded a twitpic of myself in it but don't have a proper shot, yet, as it's not really the right weather, here, for this dress.

I know I mentioned that I couldn't afford any Heyday pants at present, but I got some money for a bit of work I did and decided it ought to go to good use. So I bought these!

Yesterday, I happened to be near Dangerfield and noticed a couple of things I'd been eyeing for ages were on sale. So, I took the only logical course of action and bought them!

I have a penchant for leopard print...I used to have all sorts of things in it but I mainly have handbags now. This is the latest addition to my collection and was marked down from 35$ to 20$.

This was nearly half price (I wouldn't have paid its original price of 88$) and it seems to be fairly good quality. I'm taking it out for a test drive, tonight. 

I also bought these pants from Mary Deluxe (they're a little tight but I have put on weight due to some medication I was on, but no longer need...hopefully they'll fit after that), which came with a lovely card and some extra goodies - getting that parcel certainly brightened up my day! And I bought this dress a while ago, but haven't been able to wear it, yet - I replaced the buttons but I still need to fix the hem.

As an added bonus to this post, here's an outfit shot of the sort of thing I wear when I'm too lazy to get dressed 'properly':

Lazy Day Outfit

Whenever I just can't be bothered I put on my Freddies and put my hair up in a scarf and I'm set to go! (Oh dear, I just noticed that Freddies now have ladies' shorts!! Eep.)

Andi B. Goode


  1. I love the sailor pants!! And your lazy outfit still looks fantastic to me :) My lazy outfit, unfortunately, is just sweats and a t-shirt!

  2. Kate: I can't wait to get them! Hehe. And thanks. =D That's my lazy going out lazy 'around the house' outfit is just like yours.

  3. Ohhh, I love those Heyday pants! Can't wait to see what you style them with, when you get your pair :)

  4. this post was hilarious! thanks for sharing the love of my etsy shop! that dress looks SO cute on you!!

  5. Girl Friday: They're great aren't they? Hee. Thanks =D
    Twila Jean: Haha, thanks! Aw, and you're very welcome. =D

  6. Nyahahaha. Heyday pants! Win.
    I can't wait to see you in them.

  7. Amazing!
    If that's just your "lazy outfit", I wonder what you are able to do when you decide to actually dress up! :-D

  8. Nice dresses, specially the first. Perfect to go shoping to the supermarket.

  9. Helloooo!! Your trousers are on their way! Cant wait to see how you go with them!

  10. oooh, I want those trousers too! You're gonna look great! Even greater!

  11. Looking fab, even on your "can't be bothered" days! I love dangerfield/revival designs but they are seriously not worth the near $100 they ask for most pieces. That's why I live at the Dangerfield/Revial clearance outlet! I get to pick through the tacky stuff that nobody else wanted - lucky for me I have 'terrible taste' according to modern fashion, so I get the best bits for as low as $5 a pop!

  12. Glad to see I'm not the only one who falls back on utility jeans when I can't be bothered!
    Love the summer dress - it looks a lot better on you than it did on the model!

  13. Great finds.. That dress is so cute I did have an eye on it but sadly no funds it's probably better on you anyway;)

  14. How come it's so tempting to spend when you're trying to save?! Ack! I have that problem all too often... :p The dress you bought from Twila Jean is perfect!!! You look gorgeous! :) Hopefully the weather will warm up soon so you can wear it. ;)

    Every time I see a picture of you sporting your Freddies jeans, I am reminded I really need to get cracking on my jeans project. *sigh* I just love this style of jeans so much!

    Oh, and that leopard bag has me drooling! I adore leopard print things (I had a pair of faux ponyhair leopard print flats years ago and wore them to the point of holes in the soles! ;); and the bag is pretty much 100% perfect, imho!

    ♥ Casey
    blog |

  15. looks great! I look forward to seeing you in the dress!!

  16. I´ve been wanting to by a pair of Heydays too for a long time. I think you´ll be happy that you did! I must say Andi your jeans outfit looks super cool - all you need is a motorcyckle boy and your all set to go! ;)

  17. Hey Andi, I have to say I adore the gorgeous blue and white dress! Your lucky you saw it before I did ;)
    The dangerfield bag is awesome too, I can imagine it would go well with so many of your outfits.


  18. I have had my eye on those sailor pants from Heyday for a while now, but I can't afford them just yet boo! Make sure you show us piccies when you get them!

  19. Man, I wish I looked as cute when I'm lazy. And congrats on your purchases. I'd be stoked with those Heyday pants and the Twila Jean dress.

  20. Oh you got the heyday pants!Hooray!
    Can't wait to see pics ,i so want some of those.
    I got my freddies this week but unfortunately they are too big:( so i'll have to wait a bit longer to wear them.I bought the same shirt but in pink.
    Inspired by your fabulous self i found & bought a pair of vintage saddle shoes for $17 U.S ,i was so thrilled!
    That leopard bag is soooo sweet,you have such great taste!

  21. Earanee: hehe, thanks. ;] I'm sure I'll wear them out dancing an awful lot!
    PaperDoll: Aw, hehe thanks.
    Xavi: Thanks. I wouldn't bother getting that dressed up for the supermarket haha
    Shona: Yay! Can't wait to get them =D
    Franca: Thanks =D They're such a great design, aren't they?
    Miss Emmi: Thanks. Oh, yes, I's outrageous. Aw, darn you! I wish I could go to the clearance outlet more than once every two years or so. lol
    Lauren: Thanks =] Yeah, they're probably the best thing I've ever bought. Haha.
    Heidi: Aw, hehe, thank-you. I'm sure that's not true. ;]
    Eep. So many comments! Will reply to more later on...

  22. Cute finds! Can totally relate to the days of Freddies dungarees and scarves!


  23. casey: I do not know - it is one of life's great mysteries! Hehe. And thanks =D
    They're great, aren't they? I can't wait to see when you eventually make yours - I always love seeing your new projects!
    Hehe, glad to see another leopard print fan!
    Justice Pirate: Thanks =D
    Clara: Thanks =]
    Diva: Thank-you! =] I'm sure I will. Hehe, good idea ;] Maybe a nice young Marlon Brando?
    Rose: Thanks. Hehe, I sure am ;]
    Yesterday Girl: I know what you mean ;]
    Stefanie: They're gorgeous - I was lucky I had a little extra cash. Thanks!
    Mary: Aw, hehe, thank-you! I think you always look cute.
    Mrs Cleaver: Thanks! Aw, that's a pity - hope you get them sorted out soon! And yay for saddle shoes! =D
    Syd: Thanks, doll. Hehe glad to hear it!

  24. lol awesome, I know you. :) Well, I've seen you around. Swing Sesh yay. I've always admired your lovely clothes!
    At least, I hope that's you, or that's just plain embarrassing.

  25. Living: Oh, really? Hi! I'm guessing it'd be me. Haha. Hurrah for Swing Sesh indeed. And thank-you. =]


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